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  1. I may be a bit late to this topic, but it seems clear to me that Queen Jaehaera was killed by a faceless man hired by Alyn Velaryon and his allies. During discussion of the peace delegation to Braavos, we get the curious tidbit about Ser Denys Harte being rumored to have hired a faceless man. As someone on reddit noted, the minor House Harte is only mentioned in a few places. Probably the most prominent mention is of Hazel Harte, the mother of Daenaera Velaryon - the girl who went on to replace Jaehaera. We also get repeated references to Alyn Velaryon sending out messages to his wife while he's circling Westeros to engage with the Greyjoy fleet between the news of Jaehaera's death and the eventual selection of his ward Daenaera as queen. Of course, soon afterward Alyn benefited from a second mysterious death that also fit the faceless men m.o. - that of Dalton Greyjoy. While being killed by a salt wife is perfectly plausible, the lack of clear details or motive in the murder, and the fact that the killer disappeared into the waves after the attack both suggest a faceless man killing. If so, Martin seems like he's hinting that this second murder was arranged through the message that Alyn sent to his wife Baela from Oldtown. While he was no coward, he may have anticipated that any engagement would obliterate the Velaryon fleet as Lord Peake had intended, and decided to go for a less honorable end to the war instead.