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  1. Xeno of Carcosa

    Size of the islands Elissa Farman discovered

    The biggest was a third the size of Dragonstone, but there were three of them, and they're in the tropics. Even if the others two islands were a lot smaller, then collectively they'd still probably add up to more than half the size of Dragonstone, which had a castle, port, villages, and was able to support several dragons. Plus they're in the tropics, so edible plants would be much more abundant and able to grow back faster to support more people. Seeing as Eustace Hightower still made a fortune from what they got there, I'm surprised some enterprising traders didn't manage to set up an outpost there.
  2. Xeno of Carcosa

    Plot line that GRRM avoided

    Then again, the Velaryons went to Driftmark before the Targaryens moved to Dragonstone, and they weren't dragon riders back then either... the descriptions of Corys in the context of the other Velaryons makes it seem like sailing has a similar connection for them as flying does for the Targaryens.
  3. Xeno of Carcosa

    Watership Down

    Looking forward to this being released soon, though not confident that they'll be able to capture the essence of it. Most of all would love an adaptation of the rabbit myths though (El-ahrairah, etc.)!
  4. Xeno of Carcosa


    Hi, love the TV show, have read Dunk & Egg and the Targaryen novellas, which I'm enjoying rereading as part of Fire and Blood (about 3/4 of the way through!). Great to see a traditional forum like this thriving!
  5. Xeno of Carcosa

    The Earthsea Series by Ursula K. Le Guin

    Absolutely brilliant, haven't read the novels for a long time, and looking at the comments makes me want to try to go back and read deeper into their meaning. That said, I've recently read some of the Earthsea short stories: The Word of Unbinding and The Rule of Names both had nice twists, but the much more recent (2014) Daughter of Odren was much darker. Just saw that a new one "Firelight" was published earlier this year.