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  1. @Loraq Thank you for pointing out the mistakes. I've fixed them.
  2. @Terrorthatflapsinthenight9 I'd say the Boltons control more land but the Manderlys are wealthier. @Lucia Targaryen For the riverlands, House Frey has the most men. They are look down due to being "only" 6 centuries old and having gained their power through cunning taxes with their bridge. The characters have a clear biais against the Freys but in reality they are very powerful, most of the Great Houses of the riverlands lost power overtime due to their infighting meanwhile the Freys were doing their thing and slowly accumulated wealth and power.
  3. I've added the heraldry for several characters/Houses on those pages yesterday and today. The majority of the heraldry are working just fine but somehow those three bug.
  4. @Ran @Abjiklam The wiki seems to have a problem recently to create smaller heraldry (see Codd heraldry here or Daeron and Valarr heraldry here).
  5. The Tyrells are seen by many in the Reach as upjump and not deserving of their status as the Great House ruling the region. During the first century of Targaryen rule, we see that several Tyrell lords are eager to please the Targaryens and to cement their place as rightful overlord of the Reach (Harlen during the First Dornish War, Theo consolidating their power and claim in the Reach, Martyn as master of coin). Obviously, the Tyrells were seen as rather weak during the Dance as their lord was a babe and their vassals fought each other as some took Rhaenyra/Blacks side and others took Aegon II/Greens side.
  6. @The Dragon Demands Sorry to say but I don't think they have updated the map. The old map is used in the official guide on the HBO House of the Dragon website. Also Rosby is misplaced on that map, a bit too much in the west.
  7. Yep we didn't have the intro in the end for the premiere. Sapochnik explained in an interview with Entertainment Weekly that he felt the intro would take away from the Great Council cold open. He didn't specify what it would look like obviously, but he did say the intro will be in the following episodes starting next week.
  8. Yep I hope the key for the safe where they put the original GOT pilot and the Bloodmoon pilot has a better security than that. Apparently, the episode got leaked from one of the screening premiere as it does not have the intro and is shorter than the runtime we are expecting.
  9. The episode got leaked, in a way the series already started.
  10. Some of those "critics" are really ridiculous. In one hand, they criticize the show about the Targaryen civil war for having too many Targaryens. Really ? What did you expect just two Targaryens like at the start of GOT (Viserys and Daenerys) ? They say they are confused and are not able to tell them apart due to similar names and similar hair color. But on the other hand, having less blond on screen by making the Velaryons black is also a problem. Condal and Sapochnik saw this problem ahead of time when they said "they didn't want to make a show about only blond people" (I'm paraphrasing here, I don't remember the exact quote). Either way, there will always be people to complain about everything. If something is popular nowadays, you have to either love it or hate it (In the Game of Entertainment, you love or you hate. There is no middle ground.). What a toxic climate, I missed the days where you could simply ignore something. Indifference is a far better opposite to love than hate in my opinion.
  11. At least Sapochnik and Condal own the fact they changed characters race unlike JD Payne and Patrick McKay with Rings of Power.
  12. Targaryens are lizard people not monkey people afterall.
  13. Time jump will only be in season 1. By the time of episode 8, all of the characters should have reach their final form so to speak. At least here the series is linear unlike The Witcher season 1. The audience might be desoriented at first when faced with a new actor playing an older version of a character but should be able to process this information after a few scenes with the new actor. I've heard from Grace Randolf (Beyond the Trailer) review that the show doesn't add title card like "X years later" after a jump which maybe they should have done to simplify the viewing experience to the more casual audience. But then again Vikings didn't do it either and the transition between child actors to older actors throughout the show worked well.
  14. Hi guys, the House of the Dragon article on the Wiki apparently has a template error somewhere as a category called "Pages containing cite templates with deprecated parameters" appears. Does anyone know where the problem come from ?
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