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  1. @The Dragon Demands Interesting but still show canon only. Since dragons can change sex, do you think the Valyrians represented their deities as gender neutral/fluid (I don't know what the appropriate term would be in ASOIAF) ?
  2. I have not seen EW's article yet but the final trailer just got leaked online. I wouldn't be surprise if HBO release it officially today instead of tomorrow with the WB presentation. Edit: HBO released it.
  3. I don't think so, the "Long Night" is a pretty generic term to describe a bad period after all. I'm not very well versed in Tolkien's legendarium but I don't think Martin explicitly referenced Tolkien here, it seems to be more of a coïncidence to me. When I think of Tolkien homages/references in ASOIAF, I think more of Sauron Salt-Tongue, House Roxton of the Rings, or Ser Gladden Wylde. But I'm sure they are other references I did not catch.
  4. Rhaena should not be moving from Dragonstone apart from when she leaves for the Vale. I don't see Jace and Baela coming with her, so yeah it is probably a scene related to the dragonseed/dragon on or in the Dragonmount. My best guest would be a scene where she talks about the dragon eggs she is going to take with her in the Vale while Baela and Jace talk about how the dragonseeds are doing.
  5. For another population analysis, there is this one by Werthead: https://atlasoficeandfireblog.wordpress.com/2016/03/06/the-population-of-the-seven-kingdoms
  6. It is a show only information. Sometimes stuff is just was it is, there is no hidden meanings behind it.
  7. It would be nice to have confirmation so we can connect the dots correctly. Apart from the Beesburys, the Cranes are also all over the place. I wonder if there is a story behind the double Florent-Crane marriages.
  8. The distance between King's Landing and Tumbleton varies. Which one is correct ? 50 or 60 leagues ?
  9. I don't think Lothar is pure evil, he is just an intelligent and cunning guy with poor moral. If it benefits him he will do it. I genuinely like the idea of Lothar ending up Lord of the Crossing. This is based on the "Frey civil war" idea where Edwyn and Black Walder split the Frey family in two factions after the death of Lord Walder, each controlling one of the castles for a time and some Freys dying during the conflict and culminating with Lame Lothar on top at the end. The current Frey line of succession for the Twins is: Lord Walder > Stevron > Ryman > Edwyn > Walda1, 5 > Black Walder > Petyr Pimple > Perra1, 5 > Aegon Jinglebell > Maegelle1 > Walder Vance1, 5 > Patrek Vance1, 5 > Marianne Vance1, 5 > Walton > Steffon > Bryan5 > Fair Walda1 > Emmon4 > Cleos > Tywin4,5 > Willem4, 5 > Lyonel4 > Tion4, 5 > Red Walder4, 5 > Aenys > Aegon Bloodborn3 > Rhaegar > Robert5 > Jonos5 > White Walda1, 5 > Perianne1 > Harys Haigh1 > Walder Haigh1, 5 > Donnel Haigh1 > Alyn Haigh1, 5 > Jared > Tytos > Zachery2, 5 > Zia1, 5 > Kyra1 > Walder Goodbrook1, 5 > Jeyne Goodbrook1, 5 > Luceon2 > Hosteen > Arwood6 > Androw5, 6 > Alyn5, 6 > Ryella1, 5, 6 > Hostella1, 5, 6 > Symond > Alesander7 > Bradamar5, 8 > Alyx1 > Danwell6 > Merrett > Little Walder > Amerei1, 6 > Fat Walda1, 6 > Marissa1, 6 > Geremy > Sandor5 > Cynthea1, 5 > Raymund > Robert2 > Malwyn8 > Tywin5 > Jaime5 > Sarra1, 5 > Serra1, 5 > Cersei1, 5 > Lythene1 > Damon Vypren1 > Elyana Vypren1 > Rickard Vypren1, 5 > Lothar Legend Striketrough = Dead 1 = Female character or descendant of female character 2 = Took/Will take a vow barring them from succession (Septon, Septa, Maester, ..) 3 = Outlaw 4 = Members of House Frey of Riverrun, might be passed over now that they have their own castle 5 = Children, they would require a Regent to rule in their place 6 = Members of House Lannister of Darry or their household, might be passed over now that they have left the Twins 7 = Freys too close to the Starks and not trusted by the core family 8 = Away in Essos If we simplify the line of succession by deleting all the characters concerned by one of the points in the legend, it becomes: Lord Walder > Edwyn > Black Walder > Walton > Steffon > Hosteen > Raymund > Lothar. Edwyn and Black Walder are probably gonna end up killing each other. Hosteen is likely to die in the North in TWOW. I seriously don't think the BWB is done killing Freys and as the killer of Catelyn Stark, Raymund is probably the prime target they want to eliminate right now. That would only leave Walton and his son Steffon ahead of Lothar, the odds are not that bad for Lothar all things considered.
  10. No but it is a good quote too. Thinking about it now, we still don't know much about how the Valyrian Freehold was organised.
  11. @Nittanian Where would you put the Valyrian mages ? Their own category, or more akin to firemages or to pyromancers ? I don't remember where I heard this but I have a vague memory that the Dragonlords and Valyrian mages were the more powerful factions in the Valyrian Freehold and the practice of incest was more frequent with them compared to a common noble freedholder. I also believe those two factions intermingled at times, so that some members of Dragonlord families became mages and some mages married into dragonlord families. If any body can find a source for this it would be great; otherwise, disregard what I just said.
  12. The wiki states that Cohollo was Khal Drogo's Ko as well as bloodrider but is that true ? I can not find a source for this. Haggo and Qotho are only stated to be Drogo's bloodriders not his Kos. The titles of "Ko" and "bloodrider" are different in Dothraki culture. The former is a commander within a Khalasar and the latter is a personal guard/friend/trusted person in the immediate entourage of a Khal. I know Daenerys named Aggo, Jhogo and Rakharo both her Kos and her bloodriders at the end of AGOT so it is not unprecedented for a dothraki to hold both titles. But I always read this as Daenerys having no one else competent that she could rely upon to lead her little Khalasar with her so she decided to named her bloodriders as commanders as well.
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