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  1. I don't know if you had time to look at the problem since but he still persists.
  2. That's a really good point. Everything seems to indicate Rhaella died in between 73 and 101 AC then.
  3. If so, I wonder if Rhaella survived all the way to the Great Council of 101 AC (she would have been 59), because Fire & Blood tells us the assembled lords discussed 14 claims but only cites 13 claimants. Maybe Rhaella was the 14th claimant.
  4. Cassandra was the oldest and according to Borros she had not flower yet in 129 AC. Either Borros doesn't know what he is talking about, or the girls are more on the side of being early teens.
  5. If I remember correctly, I raised this point in the past. At the time @Rhaenys_Targaryen said the text does not permit us to refute the possibility of Boremund being a widower in 80 AC, and thus Borros being born before 80 AC. The text says:
  6. I wasn't asking anyone in particular, the question was addressed to whoever want to answer. I was just wondering if that would be okay with everybody if I specify the description of the Rowan's sigil on the wiki. That's all.
  7. Do you agree that the golden tree on House Rowan's coat-of-arms is an apple tree ?
  8. Are Jhiqui and Irri sisters ? Or are they not related but simply share the same backstory ?
  9. I have also noticed the same thing. For example, House of the Dragon.
  10. Why is the Iron Throne named so despite the fact it was created with the steel swords of Aegon's ennemies ? Yes steel is made with iron but shouldn't it be more accurate to call it the "Steel Throne" ?
  11. Fair enough. I just thought since it was the last battle of the war, and she became pregnant with Glendon at that time, she probably did not travel far.
  12. Where is it said that the Pussywillows (the brothel where Penny Jenny goes to after the Redgrass Field and where Glendon Flowers was raised) is located in King's Landing ? This information is used in the wiki pages for Penny Jenny and Glendon Flowers. And in the page for the Pussywillows, however, it notes the location is unknown but there is a redlink category "Places in King's Landing". If anything, the entry for Penny Jenny in AWOIAF as "the riverlands" for her place of death. So I would place the Pussywillows somewhere in the riverlands (probably near the border with the Reach and Crownlands as to not be too far from the Redgrass Field, whose precise location is also unknown) rather than King's Landing. Also the Pussywillows had an old squire that lived nearby to train young Glendon but no knight to knght him until Ser Morgan Dunstable of Tumbler's Falls (a place known to be in the riverlands) showed up at the brothel one day. If the Pussywillows was in King's Landing, Glendon wouldn't lack of squires and knights around to train and knight him. What say you, people ?
  13. The detail in the MUSH I find the most interesting about Torrhen Manderly is that the Jeyne Manderly who marries Rickon Stark, the son and heir of Lord Cregan Stark, was one of his daughters. In the end of Fire & Blood, there is a mention of Torrhen sending letters to his daughters. It seems after he lost favor with Aegon III, Torrhen worked to get closer with the Starks. I doubt Torrhen died in 139 AC as Jeyne was 9 and Rickon was 11 at the time, but it's not like early betrothal/marriage are uncommon in Westeros either.
  14. I have never thought of Daemon being attracted to men as well as women, what makes you think that ? Which male(s) character(s) do you think Daemon had a thing for ?
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