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  1. @direpupy If not, @Abjiklam has been consistent with creating coat of arms for the wiki. I'm guessing he will create one for Randor and the other missing personal arms in the future.
  2. @StarksInTheNorth @Rhaenys_Targaryen I have identified several mothers to which we can apply the "menopause rule" to give them a range for their year of births rather than "born in or before ... AC". Alys Stackspear: 193-233 AC Alyssa Blackwood: 217-254 AC Amarei Crakehall: 212-246 AC Annara Farring: 240-273 AC Bethany Rosby: 230-266 AC Cassana Estermont: 225-250 AC Cyrenna Swann: 196-237 AC Dyanna Dayne: 149-179 AC Elenda Baratheon: 79-97 AC Ella Lannister: 204-261 AC Ellyn Reyne: 190-228 AC Gilliane Glover: 57-96 AC Hazel Harte: 75-115 AC Jeyne Marbrand: 203-230 AC Marna Locke: 178-238 AC Melessa Florent: 235-271 AC Perra Royce: 187-222 AC Serenei of Lys: 126-172 AC Sylwa Paege: 236-274 AC Tanda Stokeworth: 213-252 AC Teora Kyndall: 157-197 AC Tyanna Wylde: 217-261 AC Valaena Velaryon: 77 BC - 40 BC
  3. Castle Darry is described as small. In my opinion, the Darrys were just more vocal about their support for House Targaryen than others. House Mooton is also a big Targaryen supporter in the riverlands but they have Maidenpool which is a port town of big regional importance plus they have place of culte with Jonquil's Pool. So the Mootons are very rich from trade and pilgrimage (historically they were/are? the wealthiest House in the riverlands). Unless the Darrys controlled fords/bridges to cross the Trident, I don't think they were that wealthy/powerful.
  4. @The Wondering Wolf I don't really know how the clans structure works as well. Apparently the Flints of Flint's Finger and Widow's Watch come from Flints younger son that left the mountains and settled elsewhere. Billy Burley fits that mould, and perhaps simply left the north to find a stable job in the riverlands. It is not like we haven't seen "long lost cousin" of noble descent with very low status (more or less indistinguishable from regular smallfolk if it wasn't for their noble name) in the story before: Podrick Payne, Brown Ben Plumm, Lothor Brune, Eddison Tollett, Nimble Dick Crabb, ...
  5. I think the reservation are due to the fact that he would be a Northmen from the mountain clans in service to a Riverlands House. This is not impossible of course, but rather unusual.
  6. @Isobel Harper Lothar is wrong here. This error has been listed in the errata.
  7. Do they ? Or is it more a Randyll Tarly thing ? We have Lady Ellyn Caron as a counter argument. It still seems weird to me Gyldayn did not mentioned Alan Tarly at the end of the war when we know 1) Alan was a Hightower hostage and 2) Samantha Tarly was instrumental in Lyonel Hightower accepting Corlys Velaryon' offer of peace.
  8. You're right, my bad. OK. If Alan came after Donald, I'm guessing they are father-son since Donald's daughters did not succeeded him.
  9. I have a question concerning the Tarlys around the Dance of the Dragons. We have two lords (Alan Tarly and Donald Tarly) but we don't know their relation. Donald is only mentioned once : Donald's wiki article states that he ruled during the reign of King Viserys I but this quote doesn't established that fact. The past tenses is used in the entire book as it is an historical book, not to say that Donald is deceased by the end of the Dance (tough it is possible). We know Alan ruled House Tarly during the first part of the Dance of the Dragons and was captured in the Battle of the Honeywine. We don't hear about him after that point. If we go by Blood of Dragons information (not canon), Alan died in captivity in 130 AC. In that scenario, it is possible for Donald to ruled after him and not before, right ?
  10. @StarksInTheNorth If you wish to have an editor account for the wiki, you can request one here. If not, tell me and I will edit it myself later because I agree with your observations at least for little Brandon and Alysanne's daughters. For the case of Beron, we are dealing with unpublished information here, thus subject to change (some people have even speculated in the past GRRM would change his mind and published "The Village Hero" before the "The She-Wolves of Winterfell"). I'm not sure how to deal with all that. @Rhaenys_Targaryen, you're the de facto authority with that kind of stuff, what do you think ? While I agree with your reasoning, nothing in the quote you selected states that Dunk & Egg didn't travel around Westeros after Maekar's coronation and stayed confined at King's Landing. Though in that scenario, Lord Dagon Greyjoy and his ironborn would have raided the west coast for more than a decade without the Targaryens stopping them (which we know they eventually did).
  11. Beric's father and Bryen Caron are possibilities. Another Stormlands House we should not dismiss is House Estermont. The genealogy of this House is a mess so it's difficult to point out someone in particular but if I had to guess I'd suggest Ser Lomas Estermont (who is either a brother or a cousin of Robert's mother) to be part of the small council. Lomas's son, Ser Andrew Estermont, squired for Stannis Baratheon.
  12. Yes I understand, I was just wondering that's all. We don't have any hair color description for House Redfort either (except for Horton's grey hair due to his age) but red hair is probably a good guess.
  13. Jon Connington does not know where Robert was the whole time, he just assumes Robert was moved from place to place under his nose because of his inaptitude to find him. Kevan Lannister describes young Jon as proud and seeking glory. Jon was furious that he failed to find Robert and convince himself the smallfolk must have been involved to justify the failure that really hurt his pride. Middle-aged Jon learned his lesson after his talk with Myles Toyne, he won't do the same mistake again in the future.. but I expect this new more Tywin-like Jon will do other mistakes instead. As far as Stoney Sept having one or several brothels. Come on, we are talking about a walled town not an isolate village. Stoney Sept was chosen as a rally point by Aegon I for his armies before marching to the Field of Fire and there was a chapter of the Faith Militant with hundreds of Warrior Sons in the town. Clearly Stoney Sept is a big town, do you really think the Peach is the only brothel ? Plus Jon says Robert hid in "a brothel" not "the brothel".
  14. In what way ? Because both agree that Robert spent time in a Stoney Sept’s brothel.
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