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  1. I still don't understand this one. Why did Alysanne do this ? She had a good relationship with Lord Alaric Stark but he died 15 years prior to this betrothal. Did Alysanne really think the best option to maintain a good relationship with the North was to betroth her 15 years old daughter to an elderly lord ? Why not betroth Viserra to Theomore's grandson (or his great-grandson Desmond depending on the timeline) instead ?
  2. The Dothraki call him that out of ignorance. They just assume all Westerosi are descendants of Andals. That's as simple as that.
  3. Hello and welcome. I'm guessing you are talking about creating a page that gathers all the pictures depicting a particular character, in you're case Beth Cassel. For example, this one for Arya Stark: https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Category:Images_of_Arya_Stark If so, you have to create a "Category page" in the wiki. Simply enter the phrase "Category: Images of Beth Cassel" in the search bar of the wiki and create the new page from there. Then you only have to edit the picture of Beth you've uploaded to enter that category to link the two pages with each other and you're done.
  4. @StarksInTheNorth The app states the following:
  5. Viserys I was plump at first and then he became so fat later in life that it caused him health issues (not so fat as Aegon IV though). They casted Paddy Considine to play him and he is neither plump nor fat. I agree chances are not in favor of seeing chubby Helaena on screens. I wonder if they will bother to make Aegon II and/or Rhaenyra fatter as the series progresses.
  6. Narratively speaking this change nothing to the story. We know nothing about Corlys's brothers and they are not in the picture when Vaemond puts forth his claim to Driftmark.
  7. Lollys is a woman in her early 30s from one of the most powerful Houses of the Crownlands. Morros Slynt is a teenager and the grandson of a butcher. Yes Morros' father was named Lord of Harrenhal recently but this is an empty title so long as the castle is occupied by the king's ennemies. Tyrion and Littlefinger are nobleborn and have money, unlike Morros.
  8. My personal headcanon is that Hugh's father saved Jon Arryn's life during Robert's Rebellion. As a favor for his late father, Jon took young Hugh under his wing and named him his squire. Or something like this.
  9. Do you guys think HOTD will also finish its seasons with a "big episode 9" and a "aftermath episode 10" like GOT did (at least in the ealier seasons) ?
  10. The calculation for Glendon Flowers’s birth has him being born in either 196 or 197 AC. How come the 196 AC option still stands when we know the First Blackfyre Rebellion started and ended in 196 and lasted almost a year. Glendon was born 9 months after the Redgrassfield which occurred near the end of 196 AC, so the 196 AC option isn’t valid.
  11. The Great Tourney of 111 AC ? If so THE green and black dresses are coming. Interesting news even with the prop mistake.
  12. Seems like it which is a good think since the gay Laenor and Strong boys storylines directly feeds into the overall narative of Greens Vs. Blacks. I wonder how homophobic they will portray the characters. Will they give them the same "yeah he is gay, what of it ?" attitude as they gave to Olenna in GOT (in scenes such as this one) ? Grand Maester Mellos had this atitude in the books too, but I doubt they will all share his point of view. Speaking of Mellos, do you guys think we will see him ? Viserys had 3 Grand Maesters during his time: Runciter (101-112), Mellos (112-127) and Orwyle (127-131). Orwyle is clearly the most important of the three. I wonder if they will combine the three and just have Orwyle being the Grand Maester during the entire run of the show, like Pycelle was for GOT.
  13. Was the green gold stag on gold green field (variant of the Baratheon sigil with Tyrell colors) Renly's personal coat-of-arms ? Edit: Fixed colors
  14. @Ran Do we even know if Jast’s sons are from his marriage with Lanna ? They are only mentioned once in the text (ACOK Sansa III) and not in the appendices. These sons could be bastards or from a previous marriage for all we know. Timeline-wise, it’s possible for Lanna to have sons old enough to go to war with their father but not the likeliest situation. In order to go to war, these sons would be at the bear minimum 8 year old squires in 299 AC, so born no later than ~291 AC. With Lanna’s grandfather, Damon Lannister, being born in 244 or 245 AC that would mean Damon became a great-grandfather (Damon > Damion > Lanna > Lanna’s sons) at ~47 years at the maximum. That seems pretty early, no ?
  15. @The Wondering Wolf @Ran Do we know if the part about Ellard's brother sending letters to the Citadel has been completely scratched off or we should consider it to be moved to "Alaric's brother" ?
  16. Wex Pyke, Ethan Glover, Domeric Bolton, ... the list goes on. Even Lord Tytos Blackwood offers Jaime Lannister to take his son (Edmund "Ben" Blackwood) as his squire and we all know the Blackwoods don't seek knighthood.
  17. @Ran Ok thank you. I won’t put my edit back up again. Concerning the melting-pot of cultures in Dorne, I seem to remember you once sent a list of Southron Houses that could potentially being changed to followers of the Old Gods to GRRM. IIRC the goal was to flesh out this part of the world building and give us other examples of Old Gods whorshippers south of the Neck apart from House Blackwood (+ minor unnamed Houses). I could be wrong but I beleive House Yronwood and House Wyl were on your list. To your knowledge, did anything ever came out of that ?
  18. I'm not aware of that. If we stop editing the wiki for fear of little mistakes and future retcon, then we would not edit anything anymore. That's a bit silly to think like that in my opinion. Let us wait on others opinions on the matter and we will see. If you are correct, at least I would have learned something new today. Thanks.
  19. @direpupy I took information from the ADWD appendix to determine the birth order of Lord Anders Yronwood's children (thus Ynys > Cletus > Gwyneth), just like we have always done for siblings listed in the appendices. I don't understand what is wrong with that.
  20. Request your account and that little edit could be your first.
  21. Who says there are no castle in the southern riverlands ? It is not like we know every House and every castle in Westeros, we just know those GRRM needs to tell his story (and others for world building). If I had to guess, I'd say the seat of Houses Blanetree, Terrick, Deddings, Lychester, and Wayn are located in this region. My reasoning is that during the reign of Maegor the Cruel those riverlands Houses were particulary pious and fought against Maegor. Visenya put all these castles to the flame in one night with Vhagar, which implies those riverlands Houses are relatively close to each other. I think the region of the southern riverlands, next to the important religious town of Stoney Sept, is a good fit for GRRM to place all theses Houses. Given that when the riverlands is invaded by the westermen (during the Dance of the Dragons and the War of the Five Kings), the first two Houses to face the invaders were both times the Vances of Wayfarer's Rest and the Pipers of Pinkmaiden. This makes me think that Wayfarer's Rest is located near the westerlands border and the Red Fork but the Vances of Atranta could be from the southern riverlands. Also we don't know who rules Stoney Sept. Is it owned by the Faith itself and not a lord ? Historically there was a chapter of the Warrior's Sons in the town that seems important. In ASOS we learn of a certain Ser Wilbert: If Tom of Sevenstreams believes this Ser Wilbert has the right to edict a lawful decree in the town, it means he controls the town, right ?
  22. I should reread these passages to be fresh before answering you. But from what I gather from your and @Nittanian's comments, there is a debate whether these events concern one or several Lord Staunton. Yeah, it is possible to have several Lords Staunton with such close set of dates. I don't know how to prove it one way or the other, however. Do you want to create up to 4 Lords Staunton at that time ? I think the disclaimer idea and a little edit of the current article is the easier and more practical answer here.
  23. @The Grey Wolf Strikes Back @The Wondering Wolf Good catch guys, I went and checked the text. The wiki made a mistake it is not 64 but 46. I will correct it.
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