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  1. Jon stayed five years with the GC. That would place is fake-death around 289 AC. Viserys and Daenerys stayed in the house with the red door in Braavos until Willem Darry's death, which has been calculated to have occured in around 289 or 290 AC. So it is possible but unlikely Jon and Viserys meet at that time. I wonder if Jon knew Viserys and Daenerys were at Braavos. And if he knew, I wonder why did he choose to stay with the GC/to look after Aegon instead of joining them.
  2. @The Wondering Wolf @Ran Thank you for your answers. So Daeron and Daemion were at KL but didn't talk and thus didn't lose their tongue. Ok got it.
  3. I think I found an inconsistency in Fire & Blood. I'd like to have your inputs on the situation guys. Thanks. It seems to me from this quote that only Malentine, Rhogar and their 3 unnamed brothers got their tongues removed and became known thereafter as the "silent five". But earlier in the book, we learn that Vaemond's two sons, Daeron and Daemion, and his widow were also present when Viserys ordered the tongue removal. So were Daeron, Daemion and their mother present at King's Landing or not ? Did they got their tongue removed or not ? Using the "silent five" to refer to the tongueless Velaryons doesn't really make sense, if eight people actually got their tongue removed.
  4. That would work nicely with the time of Stannis and Selyse's marriage. Maybe the Lordship of Dragonstone was Robert's wedding gift ?
  5. I've been wondering the same thing myself while working on creating wiki pages for the streets in King's Landing. The north is not indicated in the KL map from The Lands of Ice and Fire, only in the ACOK map. I used this information to describe the locations of the streets. Should it be changed then ?
  6. The wiki page for House Farwyn of Sealskin Point presents it as the main branch of House Farwynd and the Farwynds of the Lonely Light being a cadet branch. Isn't it actually the reverse ? Fire & Blood told us the origin story for the Farwynds of the Lonely Light:
  7. I'm no gamer and I did not play to neither the Game of Thrones RPG nor the Blood of Dragons Mush. I apologise for my ignorance, I'm a bit confused, why does wiki pages exist for characters from the former but not the latter ? What's the difference ? Especially since some characters from BoD are part of the canon.
  8. The appendix in ADWD states that the ruler of Godsgrace is Lady Delonne Allyrion, so who is this Lord of Godsgrace ? Is it a mistake on George's part ? Is he her husband ? Did Delonne die off page during the span of ADWD and Ser Ryon Allyrion, Delonne's son and heir, became the new Lord of Godsgrace ? I don't know if George has ever clarified how the husbands of ruling ladies in Dorne are called. Are they called "Lord", "Consort" or something else ?
  9. Concerning the marriage of Lord Ronnel Arryn, there is this quote from TWOIAF: But in Fire and Blood we have the following: @Ran Does King/Lord Torrhen Stark now has several daughters (at least two) in the canon ?
  10. There are two houses with a very similar name, both from the westerlands: * House Broom * House Broome Are they really two separate houses ?
  11. Do you take the quote as he wasn't the head of House Bolton anymore and thus it wasn't him who became the first Lord of the Dreadfort ? If not I don't see why we should doubt he wasn't the first person to held this title.
  12. Should we put Rhaena Targaryen (daughter of Aenys I) as Lady of Dragonstone in the wiki ? Jaehaerys I Targaryen gifted her the lands but he never named her "Princess of Dragonstone" like heirs of the Iron Throne tends to be.
  13. That's true, I didn't think about that. The timeline also works for Ormund being Lyonel's grandson.
  14. Ormund Baratheon is described as Lyonel Baratheon's heir. Given that Lyonel had a daughter at that time, the only way for Ormund to be the heir would be he was in fact Lyonel's son, correct ? (since a daughter inherit before an uncle, a cousin or a nephew)
  15. It's too bad. I'll continue without it then. I didn't know the specific thread, thank you.
  16. Did Lord Beron Stark died in 212 AC ? Hi everyone, I'm currently working on calculating the years of births and deaths for the members of House Stark. If I could confirmed Beron's death in 212 AC, it would give me more information to work on. In The Mystery Knight (which takes place in 212 AC), Beron is said to gather swords to fight the Ironborn. But when Dunk and Egg will arrive in Winterfell at the beginning of D&E 4, Beron will be dying from a mortally wound he took fighting the Ironborn. I don't know how much time Dunk and Egg will take to go from Whitewalls to Winterfell but I'm guessing they will probably arrive in late 212 AC and witness Beron's death and burial. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  17. Hi everyone, Earlier this month @Gonzalo added the option "issue" to the character infoboxes. I desire to do the same with an option called “betrothed” for betrothals. I started to do it when @Rhaenys_Targaryen pointed out to me I should ask you opinions first. If my felow editors don’t approve, I’ll delete the edits I already did (sorry for not thinking of asking first). Obviously, I intend to only edit the official betrothals in the character infoboxes, not the ones mentioned as a possibility. For example, Brandon Stark & Catelyn Tully, Daryn Hornwood & Alys Karstark or Beric Dondarrion & Allyria Dayne are official betrothals unlike Brynden Tully & Bethany Redwyne or Daven Lannister & Desmera Redwyne. I don't know if pointed out the betrothals that successfully turned into a marriage is really necessary. However, those which didn't succed for a reason or an other (one of the betrothed died prematurely, the betrothal is annulled, ...) could be interesting. Examples: Joffrey Baratheon & Sansa Stark, Viserys Targaryen & Arianne Martell, Robert Baratheon & Lyanna Stark, Theomore Manderly & Viserra Targaryen, ... So what do you think?
  18. There are several terms in the books to describe a noble woman's entourage : lady-in-waiting, companion and handmaid. Are these terms equivalent ?
  19. No really. It's just an idea I had while editing some pages and seeing several examples of characters and ships named after other people. I guess it would be a compilation.
  20. Personally I prefer family tree rather than text because I'm more a visual type of person. I had the idea of creating a wiki page about all the namesakes in ASOIAF but I'm not sure if I grasp this concept correctly (English is not my first language). From what I understand, George used it for two different meaning: * Meaning 1: Someone or something (generally ships) who is specifically named after someone else. * Meaning 2: Two characters who share the same first name. Exemples 1) In ASOS, Catelyn III: We learn that Lord Rickard Karstark was named after Lord Rickard Stark. -> Meaning 1 2) In ADWD The Turncloak: When Theon is in the crypt in Winterfell and sees the statue of King Theon "The Hungry Wolf" Stark, Theon thinks of him as his namesake. -> Meaning 2, I don't think Balon Greyjoy named his son specifically after a Stark King, they just happen to have the same first name. So my question is this: Are "named after" and "namesake" interchangeable ? Thank you.
  21. Hey guys, I was wondering how to best present the conflicts during Aegon III's regency. Should we create a template with all them like for the Dance ? Or shoud we simply add them on the page about the regency ? Off the top of my head, these conflicts are: * The failed attack on Harrenhal by Ser Regis Groves and Ser Damon Darry (132 AC) * Cregan Stark vs Sylas the Grim (133 AC) * Alyn Velaryon and the Velaryon fleet against the fleet of the Sealord of Braavos (133 AC) * Westerlands/Ironborn conflict (130-134 AC) * War of succession after the death of Lord Dalton Greyjoy (133-134 AC) * War of succession after the death of Lady Jeyne Arryn (134-135 AC) * The "Secret Siege" (135 AC)
  22. @Rhaenys_Targaryen For the Karstark family tree, I added "daughters" to Arnolf Karstark and changed from 3 to 6 grandsons because of this quote from ADWD: I'm new to the wiki editing and I don't know how to respond directly via the wiki yet, so Rhaenys I answer you here. (I hope this is ok)
  23. Hi, I started to edit some page on the Wiki for the first time today and I saw afterward that people changed it back to what it was before my edit. I'm wondering why ? For Example, @Vaith you deleted the family tree I added to Medrick Manderly. Can I know why ? Was my edit unnecessary ? Thanks for the clarification. Good day to all.
  24. Ok. I just wanted to mention it so when someone update the wiki page for Cregan Stark, he/she can change that as well. (I don't have access to the edit on the wiki otherwise I would have done it myself.)
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