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  1. Do you recall where we can find this unofficial timeline ? That would be helpful to answer your question. In the meantime, the wiki has a page dedicated to the calculation of events. This page could do with an update but that's a good start.
  2. @Ran @The Dragon Demands @The Bard of Banefort @Annara Snow Francesca Orsi (HBO's head of drama) just did an interview with Deadline. In it she confirmed HBO is prepared to have reshoot or rewrite after the strike if necessary. HBO's position is clear on the matter, there is no breach of the rules for Ryan and the other writers while the strike is still going on. Also, 1) While nothing is confirmed as of yet, it seems like the Regency Era might be on the table to be adapted afterall, we'll see. 2) Ideally HBO wants a three season run for The Hedge Knight with each season adapting one of the three novellas. No surprise here but it still good to hear. 3) Other projects are still in discussion at HBO, including the Snow show.
  3. From a quick A Search of Ice and Fire, it seems to be a type a silk usually worn by the Dornish and Dothraki that is better against the heat of the sun compared to regular silk. Though I confess I'm not sure how it works since I'm not familiar with the term "sandsilk". If what I understood is correct, then I vote for creating a sandsilk topic within the silk article. And also add a sandsilk redirect to the silk article.
  4. They took their time in the pre-production to organize the structure of show and review GRRM and HBO's notes on their different drafts. I should hope so they had firm complete scripts by the time they started filming (1 month or so prior to the start of the strike).
  5. @Fullbuster It might appease your mind to know both Ryan Condal and Sara Hess were on set in Spain this week. Per the WGA guidelines, the hyphenated creatives (in this case producer-writer) are allowed to work on set so long as it is for their other job titles, not as writers. That's the rules officially anyway, but in practise if a scene really doesn't work and Ryan or Sara witness it they will not leave it as is.
  6. Daeron the Daring was not featured/mentioned in season 1 because they didn't know if they would be able to have a season 2 (backlash after the ending of GOT) and they knew the different timejumps/actor changes would be challenging for the casual audience (Sapochnik wanted to change names to make things easier). If the general audience already has a problem to keep track of the characters on screen, it is not surprising they prefer to not add an other Targaryen we won't see on screen in season 1. So if they are not adapting the conflict, I too hope they at least mention it and name drop the "Red Kraken" and do not repeat the Daeron situation again. There are already too much battle to adapt, I'm sure some of the battles will be scrapped or combined. For example the Reach campaign: Honeywine -> has to be adapted Submission of the Shield -> scrapped/mentioned only, unless they want to give Daeron/Tessarion more screen time Submission of the west of the Reach (Old Oak & Goldengrove) -> scrapped, although I would like it to be mentioned just so it explains how the Highower host basically by pass Highgarden. Longtable & Bitterbridge -> after Goldengrove the Hightowers travel east towards Longtable and the rose road. I imagine the siege of Longtable & the sack of Bitterbridge will be combined in the show. The death of Maelor Targaryen & Ser Rickard Thorne on the bridge would be even more tragic if we can see the Hightower camp on the other side of the river instead of it being thirty leagues away at Longtable. Also Daeron is a sympathetic character among the greens, having him snap and burning Bitterbridge after learning of his nephew's death only a few hundred yards away from him makes sense to me. Tumbleton 1 & 2 -> have to be adapted separately but they will be filmed together if they are in the same season. That's my assumption as well at the moment. So long as the audience has two or three characters/banners they can identified by armies then we're good. I've never heard of that ending for Alicent before but I like it. Well so long as they don't have Alicent pushing Jaehaera to kill Aegon III like in the books. The green propaganda is a subtle way to show Otto's politicking and him favoring "letters" to "action".
  7. I'm not confident he will be included. Dalton Greyjoy vs the Westerlands is a subplot that can easily be ignored.
  8. They probably felt safe enough with Leowyn Corbray as Protector of the Realm and the other black Regents and Kingsguards around Aegon III.
  9. There you go, I fix the quote for you.
  10. I'm still in denial about the Fall of King's Landing being the season 2 finale. Even with the Battle of the Gullet being moved to season 3, that feels too rush. I'm really hoping Emma is not there to film scenes for the Fall. If Matt Smith shows up too then that would be the last nail in the coffin for me but until that happens or we actually see Emma filming scenes, I choose to beleive HBO is just screwing with the leakers.
  11. I forgot about the Cargyl twins. I would put their duel in episode 3 then. I wonder if they will fill the Kingsguards' slot in the show or not. Right now Rhaenyra has three (Lorent Marbrand, Erryk Cargyll and Steffon Darklyn) and Aegon II has three (Criston Cole, Arryk Cargyll, unnamed 7th Viserys' Kingsguard). Old Harrold Westerling's whereabouts are unknown. I'm guessing the unnamed Kingsguard is either Willis Fell or Rickard Thorne. After the Blood and Cheese incident and the Cargyll twins duel, both monarchs should fill up their Kings/Queensguard for more security. Jace would be back on Dragonstone by episode 3 or 4. It's not like he has anything to do before the Sowing of the Seeds in the last few episodes of the season. I'm sure HBO wouldn't mind spending a bit more time in Winterfell, especially if they cut the Three Sisters and White Harbor part of Jace's voyage. Book-Jace had several stops and stayed for a substantial amount of time in Winterfell (hunting, training, growing friendship with Cregan, growing romance with Sara Snow) so I would be surprised to have him come back to Dragonstone as early as episode 2. Basically what I'm trying to say is more Stark time and less time of Jace doing nothing on Dragonstone before the Sowing of the Seeds. I'm intrigued by how the Velaryon dynamic (Corlys/Rhaenys/Velaryon fleet/Seasmoke/Laenor/Addam and Alyn) will be depicted this season but I have no idea how they will do it. Is the fact that Rhaenys dies "early" a way to not complicate things too much with Corlys's bastards ?
  12. At first I was agreeing with you until I saw the funeral scene they filmed today with the herald saying "Behold, the work of Rhaenyra the Cruel". @The Dragon Demands is right I'm afraid, the greens will use Jaehaerys's funeral as a propaganda tool against Rhaenyra, just like they will do later on with Meleys' head.
  13. Here is my guess on how the first half the season will be structured if the Battle of Rook's Rest is indeed the final scenes of episode 4. Episode 1 : King's Landing: return of Aemond, scenes between Helaena and her children, arrival of Gwayne Hightower and his appointment in the City Watch under Luthor Largent, green council scenes with Aegon II showing sign he is not all that excited with Otto's slow planning and wants more bold moves like what Aemond did at Storm's End. And a seemingly harmless servant is walking around the castle with his rat traps. Dragonstone: early plans for Blood & Cheese, Daemon leaves for the riverlands. Eyrie: Jace meets with Jeyne Arryn and leaves for Winterfell. Oldtown: introduction of Ormund Hightower, Daeron the Daring and Tessarion, they learn about Viserys's death and the crowning of Aegon II. Ormund starts gathering his army. Episode 2: Winterfell: Jace meets with Cregan Stark at the start of the episode and learns about his brother's death towards the end of the episode. King's Landing: Mysaria receives instruction from Daemon "A Son for a Son", she organizes a meeting between Blood and Cheese and sends them to the Red Keep. Jaehaerys is killed. Riverlands: Blackwoods vs Brackens, Daemon takes Harrenhal and meets Simon Strong and Alys Rivers. Episode 3 : King's Landing: Funeral for Jaehaerys. A furious Aegon wants action and not letters, he gives the Handship to Criston Cole. With Daemon at Harrenhal, Rhaenyra at Dragonstone, the Velaryon fleet blockade and the black lords in the northern part of the crownlands, King's Landing is at risk to be surrounded. As they don't have the number to deal with the East and West problem right now, Aegon leaves north to deal with those black lords in the crownlands. Dragonstone: introduction of Addam and Alyn in the Velaryon fleet. Winterfell: Jace leaves Winterfell having won over Cregan Stark. Oldtown: Ormund and his army leave Oldtown, Daeron is left behind. Episode 4: Crownlands: Aegon II and his army arrive at Rook's Rest and there are mentions of the submitting of Rosby, Stokeworth and Duskendale. So that the action is focalised on the imminent battle of Rook's Rest. Ravens are seen flying away from the maester's tower but Criston Cole says it is not important as he has a plan. Dragonstone: Staunton's raven arrives at Dragonstone, after discussions Rhaenys volunteers to go aid Rook's Rest.
  14. I don't remember the rules on what is allowed to be discussed on this forum regarding the leaks information coming from the set. Since exterior filming for HOTD season 2 has started this week in Spain, more leaks are bond to arrive soon. Is there already a thread devoted to this kind of information ?
  15. We are told Daemon quickly grew bored of his offices as master of coin and master of laws. He was a man of action not a man of governance. Best case scenario, he would be an absentee monarch with a competent Hand like Robert and Jon Arryn. Worst case scenario, his boredom could transform into frustration and anger. From that point on who knows what Daemon is capable to do.
  16. It might be a mistake. I remember Cersei wearing Jaime's clothes when they were young but I don't know if Jaime ever wore Cersei's.
  17. Graham is a busy actor and wasn't given anything particular to do during season 1. Honestly, I wouldn't be surprised if we learn someday he didn't have a great time on set. Obviously it is too early to tell either way but not having him back after making Harrold's fate uncertain on purpose would be a disappointement. I don't see a lot of options for Harrold moving forward apart from going to Dragonstone or commiting suicide by the sword (like Criston Cole almost did at the end of episode 5).
  18. @Werthead How accurate do you think the "Journeys" map from The Lands of Ice and Fire is ? I ask because to me there is a blunt error for the Davos' journey. His off-page trip to convince the stormlords to join Stannis during the time of AGOT, is shown on the map as Dragonstone -> along the coast then Straits of Tarth to Evenfall Hall (House Tarth) -> regain the mainland and going upriver to Haystack Hall (House Errol) then going back to Dragonstone. But in the prologue of ACOK Davos says the following : We don't know where Parchments (House Penrose) is but Stonehelm (House Swann) is futher to the south on Cape Wrath and is not shown on the "Journeys" map.
  19. Do you think the Blood and Cheese incident will be a choice between Jaehaerys and Jaehaera then ? "A son for a son" changed into "A child for a child" in the show ? It could work of course but that would be disappointing for book readers that they managed to include everyone except a toddler we only need to see in two or three scenes.
  20. While I agree with you @LazarKg the location for Wendish Town seems off on the Wiki, we don't have a precise location for it either. Your argument makes sense but before editing the article, I'd like to have @Ran's opinion on the subject. Especially since he is the most qualify to explain how the locations of Mummer's Ford and Stone Mill were chosen for the AWOIAF app and how accurate should we consider these information. Also the location of Mummer's Ford and Sherrer should definitively be switched on the speculative map you provided. The text points out that MF is upriver compared to Sherrer, meaning that MF is nearer to the source of the Red Fork (in the mountains close to Hornvale) than Sherrer is.
  21. I don't, it seems pretty clear to me that he is already born by the end of season 1. We are done with time jumps and Helaena is not pregnant by the end of season 1. Plus Aegon and Helaena are already shown to have three children in the opening credits. Given the age gap between the twins and Maelor, he was most likely napping and looked after by his wet nurse in his nursery when we saw the twins playing on the floor next to Helaena.
  22. Yes but it seems to me the Battle at the Red Fork, the Retaking of Rook's Rest and the Fall of King's Landing occured at the same time or near enough as makes no matter as GRRM would put it. I don't think the Mootons are mentioned to have joined Daemon at Harrenhal with the other black riverlords, tough perhaps they did. Unless I am misremembering something we don't hear about Daemon commanding the riverlords at all in between the Burning Mill/Stone Hedge and King's Landing, he just hangs out at Harrenhal with them. The riverlords who showed initiative in the field were only protecting their lands: The Vances and Pipers defended their lands from the westermen invasion and lost the battle, just like they did at the start of the War of the Five Kings. The Mootons saw an opportunity to take back Rook's Rest, which lies close to their lands, and took it.
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