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  1. I've seen this process in other languages ASOIAF wiki and thought it could be done here too. I've not really considered that but better putting someone as alive until proven otherwise than dead and find out they are still alive later. Most of the characters that are concerned by this potnetial changes are those mentioned in the appendices.
  2. I have a suggestion to make regarding the family trees. How do you guys feel if we included the characters that have already died at the start of the books in brackets ? I'm only talking about the current family trees here, I would not touch the historical family trees. For example in the Tyrell family tree, only Lord Luthor, Ser Luthor (son of Moryn), Ser Quentin, Ser Victor and Lord Jon Bulwer would be in brackets. Thoughts ?
  3. Daeron was already confirmed right after the season 1 finale, he was even added to the family tree on the HBO character guide. I wonder how the general audience is gonna react to seeing a new son for Viserys and Alicent showing up out of nowhere since he was never mentionned in season 1. I'm hoping that Gwayne's introduction scene is him arriving to King's Landing and meeting with Otto and Alicent (maybe Lord Hobert died recently and Otto sent a raven to Oldtown asking his son to come to the capital to reinforce the Hightower presence at court). They discuss the situation in King's Landing (Otto appoints Gwayne to the City Watch under Luthor Largent) and in Oldtown and mention Daeron. The next scene mirrors Rhaenyra's introduction scene from season 1 as we see Daeron flying on Tessarion over Oldtown and landing at the Hightower where Lord Ormund greets him and announces him the death of his father. In just two scenes, all the Hightowers are set for the rest of the season.
  4. They are filming King's Landing and Harrenhal scenes right now, so announcing Gwayne Hightower, Alys Rivers and Simon Strong makes sense. The description for Alyn says he is part of the Velaryon fleet and was in the Stepstones. I would not be surprised if Addam did not join the Velaryon fleet and is still in Marilda's small merchant fleet at this time. If they are filming Velaryon fleet scenes right now or soon (I believe Steve Toussaint has started filming), they need Alyn but not Addam. No need to reveal who is playing Addam just yet.
  5. That's what happens when you care too much. They never gonna give us all the information at once, only one part at a time. Be patient my good Ser. Personally, I'm more curious on the Cregan Stark, Jeyne Arryn and Daeron Targaryen casting news than the dragonseeds who should appear later down the line this season.
  6. I don't think we will see the "Loyal" marking on Addam's Driftmark gravestone in the show, and I doubt we will see Ben Blackwood bringing back his body to Raventree Hall either. What I would do instead is having Ben bury Addam's body under a tree somewhere around Tumbleton in the aftermath of the battle with Ben putting a makeshift wooden seven pointed star with the carving "Loyal" on his tomb out of respect for him.
  7. In the pilot, Gwayne was a knight and Alicent was 14. So even though he never shown his face, he can't be younger than Alicent in the show. He was also described as "Otto's eldest son" in the show instead of "Alicent's youngest brother" in Fire & Blood. At the very minimum he would be 2 years older than Alicent, that way he would have been a freshly knighted 16 years old in the pilot (sort of a less talented Loras Tyrell of his day).
  8. I agree with you, the show made it so the War in the Stepstones had two phases (first with the dragonriders Daemon and Laenor; then just Corlys only). With Alyn seemingly been aged up a bit, having him join the second phase of the war makes sense.
  9. Having more Harrenhal scenes with Daemon interacting with Simon and/or Alys would be a good idea. It would make a bigger impact when Aemond takes back Harrenhal later on and executes Simon and takes Alys as a lover. Plus it's not like we have a lot of information on what Daemon was doing in Harrenhal apart from gattering the riverlords for the blacks.
  10. Having a 30 years old actor playing a character in his early 20s is not a big deal, so they just need to age up somewhat Addam and Alyn. Nobody was buying them as Laenor's bastard sons anyway, the show will make it that much clearer they are Corlys's. I have not problem with that, what I would have a problem is if: 1) the "Laenor is Addam" theory turns out to be true in the show. 2) Addam and Alyn are combined into one character, thus making changes to the "LOYAL!" subplot. Hopefully we will have a casting for Addam soon enough and everything will be clearer for everyone.
  11. I'd like to nominate a wild choice: Artos Stark. Artos was the first non Lord/King Stark to receive a statue in the crypt, before Ned commissioned statues for his siblings Brandon and Lyanna. Many fans I've speculated on why Artos got such a recognition and the consensus seems to be that he was a good regent for his nephew Edwyle. Artos was a fearsome warrior and took charge of the Stark host after his brother Lord Willam died in battle. Given that Willam and Artos were most likely boys during the She-Wolves of Winterfell event, that would them in their late 20s to early 30s by the time of Willam's death. Thus Willam's son, Edwyle, would be a boy when he inherited Winterfell in 226 AC. As the most senior male Stark of the main line (the twins Cregard and Torrhen Stark (not main line) as well as Lonnel Snow (a bastard) might still be alive by that time), Artos the Implacable was the best option to become Regent and rule the North in all but name for a few years. He must have done his job very well for Edwyle to break a thousands of years long tradition in Artos's honor.
  12. That's pretty pesimistic to have her die in childbirth but unfortunatly quite on brand from GRRM. I'd like her to live up to Maekar's reign if Elaena can go on at court up until her seventies so should Myriah. If the purpose of Baelor coming to Ashford was to show off the Targaryen power in the Reach and disuade the former Blackfyre suppoter to rebel again, I wouldn't want to bring my mentally challenged brother nor my bookish brother to them. It's better they stay at court. I'm not sure how having some female members of the royal family in the story would make it better. What do they bring to this tourney story ? Jena and Manfred could be siblings and we can have a scene with Baelor and/or Valarr interacting with his brother-in-law/uncle at Ashford. Manfred is a bit of a douche, he would contraste well with the honorable Baelor Breakspear (like Jaime Lannister and Ned Stark scenes from GOT season 1).
  13. I've always found the idea of adapting Dunk and Egg in live-action pretty impractical with all these casting difficulty cited above. I would have much prefered an animated adaptation in colorful style like the graphic novels. Plus in an animated format, we can finally have purple eyes Targaryen.
  14. Mace is not the oaf that he was depicted as on Game of Thrones but I don't think he is a secret genius either. He is probably on average guy who defers much to his cunning, capable and intelligent mother.
  15. @Annara Snow No new casting announcements but at least we have the confirmation all the main cast is returning for season 2: Warner Bros. Discovery Media Release.
  16. @Annara Snow Yes but that was the first season, HBO wanted people to speak about their new show. They announced Peter Dinklage and Sean Bean back in 2009 before filming the pilot, just like they announced Naomi Watts before filming the pilot for the Long Night. The big casting announcements we are hoping for are: First wave: Jeyne Arryn, Cregan Stark, Alys Rivers, Daeron Targaryen and Ormund Hightower. Second wave: Luthor Largent, Gwayne Hightower, the Dragonseeds, the Bracken and Blackwoods (+ if they adapt the Ironborn/Westerlands subplot: Dalton Greyjoy and Jeyne Westerling). Third wave: Torrhen Manderly (I wouldn't be surprised if they merge him with his brother together since all the things Medrick do during the war are the same as Torrhen, except that Torrhen is involved in the end with the Night's Watch prisoners and doesn't die from the Winter Fever just after the end of the war), the Reach Lords, Manfryd Mooton.
  17. I wouldn't look for any official casting news. GOT didn't disclose such information that far off the season airing, usually we learned that during the period of post-production or when the first teaser/trailer are released. That being said, we've always being able to learn/deduce some casting news before that period. I guess it's that time of year to look for the actors socials and stuff.
  18. On his IMDB page, Kieran Bew is listed as 6'1''. I don't know if that's correct but Largent is a good guess for a KL based male character who happens to be bigger than average. And like I said in a previous comment, we need to meet Largent this season even if the fall of King's Landing happens in season 3.
  19. I agree. Alicent and Viserys are portrayed as quite distant from their children which I don't really like.
  20. Personally I wouldn't mind that much, it's not like Helaena was that big a character in Fire & Blood anyway. But some people seem to be quite invested in her character, and I'm not sure that killing her off early would be a great option. I understand not wanting to have too many "mad queens" (in Helaena's case I'd rather say "depressed queen") but her death/suicide was the straw that broke the camel's back and triggered the riots in King's Landing. Given that they changed Aegon II's coronation ceremony at the Dragonpit, we had not a chance (yet) to see the smallfolk liking Helaena in the show. As things stand right now, her death wouldn't be impactful enough to trigger the riots. We really need more King's Landing smallfolk scenes in the future.
  21. Mysaria is presumably hidding in a secondary place in King's Landing after her place was burned by Larys's men and we have that blond kid at the fighting pits who may or may not be Gaemon Palehair. Either way, we are bound to see some KL scenes outside of the Red Keep. They could create some scenes with Gwayne Hightower and Luthor Largent to show us the state of the City Watch and the pro-Black side of Luthor which is important for the fall of the city.
  22. I think there is a difference between the members of the small council who have a title prior to their appointment and those who don't. If they don't have one, they are respectfully called "Lord" or "Lady" (e.g. Rego Draz, Varys, Nymeria Sand). Ser Tyland Lannister is not refer to as "Lord" but his actual title of "Ser". If I'm correct then Martyn Tyrell should be called "Lord" too. In a perfect version of the story, GRRM should have created more distintive titles. IIRC this is something he debated doing early on but in the end it didn't happen. Varys, Rego and Martyn should be refer to as "Master", the Lords Paramount should be Dukes, a title should be reserved for the minor nobility/gentry to show their status in the feudal system, etc. Oh well too bad.
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