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  1. With the Daynes being all around the Rhaegar-Lyanna situation, I wonder if Rhaegar did not planned to have Lyanna hidding safely at Starfall, the seat of his best friend Arthur Dayne. He along with the three Kingsguards (Dayne, Whent and Hightower) and some other trusted guards escorted her there (explaining what the hell he was doing when the kingdom was at war) but something went bad with the baby on the way. The party was forced to stop and rest at this unnamed tower that Rhaegar renamed the Tower of Joy to reconfort Lyanna. Arthur made it to Starfall and brought back the wet nurse Wylla and midwives to prepare for Lyanna's childbirth. In the meantime, Rhaegar learned about the situation of the war and felt obligated to leave Lyanna and returned to King's Landing but left the Kingsguards with Lyanna.
  2. Well whether it was for love or for the pursuit of prophecy, Rhaegar did fuck it all up somewhere.
  3. @Frey family reunion I was gonna refute your point on Dagos being a former squire for Oberyn because I remembered him having sons and I had the impression he was a man of a certain age in ASOS. However, after looking into it both of Dagos's sons are not knighted, which most likely puts them on the younger side. Oberyn was in his mid 20s at the end of Robert's Rebellion, Dagos could totally have been his squire as a teen during the this time and have young sons now. A squire can be older than his mentor but that seems to be rare. The only example I have in mind is Olyvar Frey being two years older than Robb. It is possible the new squires for Sweetrobin (Gyles Grafton and Terrance Lynderly) are a bit older than him but there is no evidence for now. Kingsgrave is the closest castle to the Tower of Joy we have on the map but we don't know for sure the tower is within their domain.
  4. Yep sorry @GZ Bloodraven but they are right. Your "potentially canon" is simply called your "headcanon", whether you choose to believe that Robert killed a Tarly or not is up to you, but it has nothing to do with the book canon.
  5. The Tower of Joy was an unnamed tower in the moutains on the opposite side of Dorne. Unless Elia and/or Lewyn knew about it, I don't think Sunspear learned about it before everybody else once it became known after the war. Fun fact: the term "tower of joy" appears only once in all the books.
  6. @Annara Snow I agree with you. Right now they are trying to find the best compromise between what GRRM wants, what Condal wants (which seems to be close to GRRM's vision), and what HBO wants/is able to afford for this costly show. No one knew if season 1 was going to work in advance especially given the bad reception of the last seasons of GOT and the different timejumps/actor changes. It was a risky move that for the most part was successful and now is the time for them to decide on how to structure the reminder of the story. GRRM has been pretty clear he wants 4 seasons of 10 episodes. Well he would have preferred a 12 or 13 episodes first season to have more time to develop the characters but that didn't happen. He also wanted to start the series with Aemon and Baelon to which I disagree, starting with the Great Council was the better option. A lot of fans think the Regency era will be adapted as well but I don't think so. When the poeple behind the show talk about it, they describe it as the story of the Dance not its aftermath. Season 1 made it pretty clear that HOTD was Rhaenyra's story, she is the main character. Who narrates the Great Council prologue ? Rhaenyra. Who gets the first scene after the prologue ? Rhaenyra flying on Syrax. Who gets the last scene before the big timejump/cast change ? Rhaenyra being married to Laenor. Who gets the first scene after the big timejump/cast change ? Rhaenyra giving birth. Who gets the last shot of the season ? Rhaenyra learning about her son's death. It wouldn't make sense to have the show continue years after Rhaenyra's death since she is the focus of the show. The crowning/marriage of Aegon III is the perfect bittersweet ending in my opinion. By the last episode we should have the Greens accepting Corlys's peace deal, Cregan resigning his Handship, the 7 Regents (ex-Blacks and ex-Greens) being appointed and Aegon III being crowned and married to Jaehaera.
  7. They haven't attached anyone to this project yet, clearly we are at a very start of developpement. What we can be confidently sure about with this talk of a movie/series is that HBO is open to pretty much anything to milk the Ice and Fire world. I agree with most of you making a show on the Conquest is a bad idea, most of the characters are not fleshed out enough or are bearly character at all in Fire & Blood. It would require a lot of work especially for Aegon. If I were to adapt this era to screen, I would make a Conquest movie and ending it with Balerion forging the Iron Throne and Aegon looking at Dorne on a map. Then a 3 seasons series about Aegon and his sons's reigns (probably with shorter episodes, I don't think such a show need 10 episodes per season). Season 1: First Dornish War, season 2: Aenys's reign, and season 3: Maegor's reign and ending with young Jaehaerys being crowned.
  8. Done. Thanks. I also added that Lynara comes from Brandon's younger son to be more precise. Unfortunately, the first century genealogy of the Starks still has some unknowns.
  9. There is still difference of infobox sizes. I'm not sure I understand what your intent was either.
  10. https://www.westeros.org/Citadel/FAQ/Entry/Who_were_the_different_people_in_Meeras_story/
  11. We have a similar story with Aegon V's last Grand Maesters: Kaeth, Ellendor, Merion and Pycelle followed each other in a period of two years. It was Aegon who insisted the Conclave chose someone younger (early 40s Pycelle) after the old men kept on dying immediately after their appointment.
  12. @The Wondering Wolf There is definitely a case to be made that they are in fact one and the same. He would have been 11 years older than his niece Ceryse and have ruled as High Septon from at least 23 AC to his death in 43 AC. 23 AC: Speaks out against the idea of Maegor marrying Rhaena and convinced Aegon I to marry him to his own Hightower niece instead (marriage in 25 AC). 39 AC: Speaks out against Maegor taking Alys Harroway as a second wife. Polygamy aside, he would want Maegor to stay with his niece. This results on Septon Murmison becoming Hand and Maegor being exiled. 41 AC: Speaks out against incest marriage between Aegon the Uncrowned and Rhaena. 42 AC: Declares war against the sinful Maegor. 43 AC: Does not back down against Maegor and gets assassinated. The only issue I can possibly see in this scenario is that the High Septon from the Conquest died in 11 AC and Aegon I had six High Septons after him for the remainder of his reign. So that would mean that from 11 to at the latest 23 AC there were five different High Septons then Ceryse's uncle. Five consecutive High Septons in a period of maximum 12 years is rather a lot, especially since we don't hear about trouble or sickness in Oldtown at that time.
  13. @Ran Regarding your current effort on the characters images on the Wiki, I was wondering why not use the character portraits from the Mush for the book-canon characters such as: Alyn Velaryon Daena Targaryen Maron Martell Who owns the copyight for those portraits ?
  14. @Takiedevushkikakzvezdy Despite the Vale being conquered by the Andals first and knighthood being an Andal concept, it seems to have been the most popular in the Reach at first.
  15. That's true. Houses losing their power and titles is so rare in GRRM's world compared to the real-world Middle Ages that I forget it happens sometimes. We do have the example of the Swyfts who apparently went from Lordly House to Knightly House, so why not the Fossoways too. We know Aegon V had to deal with several uprisings during his reign (Lyonel Baratheon, Tytos Lannister's misrule in the Westerlands, the Rat, the Hawk, the Pig, ...). Maybe Derrick Fossoway was one of the lords that opposed Aegon's pro-smallfolk laws and rebelled, thus earning his black reputation and his "Bad Apple" moniker. After his rebellion was crushed he choose exile in Essos and years later he joined the Blackfyres to try to conquer Westeros.
  16. Jon being married to Mace's sister does point out to him being an important member of the Fossoway that's for sure. Tanton is the only survivor of the Battle of the Blackwater among the three named red Fossoways (Bryan and Edwyd being killed by Lothor Brune). So even if Tanton was not the lord at the start of the series, he has more chance to be now. I would really like to have a complete Fossoway tree to figure out how everyone is related. Leonette Fossoway is married to Garlan Tyrell who is half-Hightower on his mother side. Jeyne Green-Fossoway is married to Gunthor Hightower, uncle of Garlan Tyrell. Jon Green-Fossoway is married to Janna Tyrell, aunt of Garlan Tyrell. I hope for Cider Hall that Leonette is a Red-Fossoway otherwise they are being upstaged by the new branch of the family. They have Franklyn Flowers who seems like an interesting minor character on their side of the family but he wants to kill them as a revenge for the rape of his mother. I wouldn't call that a win. There is also Derrick "Bad Apple" Fossoway of the Band of Nine who doesn't sound like a sympathetic character and the one-time-mentioned Ser Arnell, where do they fit in all this ? I know but since there is no information for or against at the moment, I choose to believe it this way until new information comes out. Jon and Jeyne are the most common name in Westeros (even without counting their variants John, Jonos, Jonah, Jonel, Jonelle, Jonothor, Jayne, Jena, Jenny, Jennis) and we already have a set of Jon and Jeyne twins (Alyn Velaryon and Elaena Targaryen's bastards) so why not a other one ? There is also a Jeyne and Jennelyn set of twins.
  17. Most of the BTS sections are simply there to note that the subject of the article is a reference/homage made by GRRM to a friends of his or a writer he likes. For examples, 1) House Peake is named after author Mervyn Peake who wrote the Gormenghast series. GRRM named the lord of this house during the Blackfyre Rebellion "Gormon Peake". He named the seat of the Peakes "Starpike" possibly as a reference to "Steerpike" the main antagonist of this series. 2) House Jordayne has nothing to do with House Dayne but is a reference to the author Robert Jordan. The name of lord of the house, Trebor Jordayne, is simply Robert spelled backwards. BTS with information from GRRM's early drafts like those on the page of Maelys I Blackfyre and the Band of Nine are extremely rare. Which makes Reddit user gsteff's findings the more special.
  18. Speaking of Jon Fossoway, we still don't have a confirmation he is the head of the green Fossoway, right ? Currently, the heads of both the red and green Fossoway are unknown which is strange for a relatively important Houses. Note: I know there is no proof for this but in my headcanon, Jon and Jeyne Fossoway are twins grandchildren of Raymun Fossoway from The Hedge Knight.
  19. I don't think the unreliable narrator is plausible here as Sansa is simply hearing Pycelle reading out loud the list of names from a scroll to the court.
  20. I'm the one who added the draft information into a "behind the scenes" section for Maelys I Blackfyre. It is a fun piece of trivia. and gives a rare inside view on GRRM's work. Plus since it is in a different and separate section, it does not come into conflict with the canon information. I didn't except someone else to create new characters page for characters that never made it into the canon in the first place. I agree those pages are superfluous and should be deleted. I think the "behind the scenes" sections at the bottom of articles are enough.
  21. Note: My comment is not related to TV-show images but since this post has been growing outside of this scope lately, I think this is the right place to ask my question. I was wondering something concerning the depictions of Areo Hotah in the Wiki (link here). Despite the fact that we don't have a description regarding his facial hair or lack thereof in the books, all the art we currently have depicts him with a beard. It is wrong, right ? In Norvos only the Bearded Priests are allowed to have beards, the rest of the Norvoshi have mustache or no hair at all (TWOIAF, The Free Cities: Norvos). While Areo has been away from Norvos from decades now, when in doubt he always goes back to the teachings of the Bearded Priests ("Serve. Protect. Obey.") he learned in his youth. It seems to me Areo would not wear a beard which is sacrilegious from the Norvoshi point of view. Thoughts ?
  22. Given all the changes you made @Abjiklam these past few weeks on the Wiki to try to reorganise everything and simplify future changes, and this recent thread about character images, I was wondering if it is possible to create a tracking category for the characters that currently don't have an image in their pages ? If you guys are set on adding/creating new images, wouldn't a category like that be a good tool to have in the future ?
  23. I concur they look good. They definitely give a plus to the character pages without any art.
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