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  1. GRRM has explained in the past that in order to construct a character in his mind he has to know his/her name first. But he does not always bother to give a name to his historical character. From the different time he was asked, it's clear he has not settled on a name for Doran, Elia, and Oberyn's mother for example.
  2. @The Wondering Wolf We don't need your conversation with Elio, I think I found a passage in The Rise of the Dragon that clarify things somewhat. There is clearly a built up of at the minimum a few days (if not weeks) between the news of Daemon's death reaching King's Landing and Helaena "committing suicide" and the following riots. Thank you for pointing that out, I was wrong to go with the TWOIAF passage and will delete my edits regarding the erroneous dates later.
  3. I wasn't aware there is uncertainty about the dates since there are no contradiction between the different books (TWOIAF, Fire & Blood and The Rise of the Dragon). What are the source that say the events at King's Landing (Helaena's death, riots, storming of the Dragonpit, Rhaenyra leaving the city) do not start on the same day as the Battle above the Gods Eye ?
  4. Ok thank you. Is the information in this book (the text not the art) considered just as canon as Fire & Blood then ? Like for example, the small details I've just saw @Lord Varys mention in this thread ?
  5. Wait there is new info in that book ? I might be a little out of the loop here. Wasn't this book simply a condensed version of Fire & Blood but with more art ?
  6. @Ran The making of HOTD book confirmed the first episode is set in 112 AC. But I'll source this information of the page for more clarity.
  7. @Loraq Thank you for pointing out the mistakes. I've fixed them.
  8. I've added the heraldry for several characters/Houses on those pages yesterday and today. The majority of the heraldry are working just fine but somehow those three bug.
  9. @Ran @Abjiklam The wiki seems to have a problem recently to create smaller heraldry (see Codd heraldry here or Daeron and Valarr heraldry here).
  10. Hi guys, the House of the Dragon article on the Wiki apparently has a template error somewhere as a category called "Pages containing cite templates with deprecated parameters" appears. Does anyone know where the problem come from ?
  11. @Ran I'd like to create an article for the collection of laws passed by Jaehaerys I Targaryen. I'm a bit confused on the following quote. Is the entire collection of laws simply called the "Books of Law" and one big part of it is called the "Great Code of Septon Barth" ? Or the other way around ? Also I am right to assume its those laws who were later reformed by Viserys II ?
  12. @Takiedevushkikakzvezdy We don't have any indication for Ethan Glover's age. He could be younger than Brandon like he could be older, we don't know. As far as picture goes this is the only one available on the wiki for him.
  13. @Abjiklam and @Ran It was only a proposition on my part. If you don't agree, then don't bother with it. I'm okay with leaving it as it is.
  14. I think we can keep the amount of information pretty low by linking the characters to their articles on the GOT wiki. Even though I made the family tree for those characters, I think we should delete them too. I'd like to replace them with the template "Tree list" to make it appear more like the appendices at the end of the books. However, I don't know how to create this template to use it in the ASOIAF wiki.
  15. Most of the GOT characters mentions are just a mention. We don’t have any/a lot of details about them. So @direpupy‘s idea of gathering all of that in one article is pretty good in my opinion. As for Middleton and Yore, we don’t know their precise locations, either in the riverlands or the crownlands. I think we should use the unknown region template instead of the crownlands one. Technically the Blackwater Rush has sources and tributaries in the westerlands too. But given the direction of the army marching and the fact that the westerlands was all in for the Greens, I doubt Garrick Hall of Middleton and Moslander of Yore were westermen.
  16. All right I think I have deleted all the information coming from the RPG guide now. I've only left the articles and mentions to unnamed seats that have been given names in the guide (Castle Lychester, Harroway Tower, Mormont Keep, Oakenshield Castle and Pebbleton Tower). Also @The Wondering Wolf you have created a page for a recent Lord Darry two years ago. I'm not sure about his canonicity anymore.
  17. I currently deleting information coming from the Green Ronin Campaign guide from the Wiki as we've established that it should not be counted as a semi-canon source. I'm facing a dilemma concerning Marq Grafton. Information from the canon: Marq Grafton is slain by Robert Baratheon at Gulltown during Robert's Rebellion. (ADWD, Davos I) An unnamed Lord Grafton stayed loyal to Aerys II and opposed the rebels. (TWOIAF, The Fall of the Dragons: Robert's Rebellion) Gerold Grafton is the current Lord of Gulltown. (AFFC, Appendix) Information from the RPG guide: Marq Grafton, instead named "Randyll Grafton", was the Lord of Gulltown during Robert's Rebellion. Gerold Grafton is Marq's son and became Lord of Gulltown after his father was killed by Robert Baratheon. I think it's safe to say that the father-son connection between Marq and Gerold should be deleted. But I'm not so sure about Marq's statuts as Lord of Gulltown or not. While the books does not specify Marq was the unnamed Lord Grafton from TWOIAF, according to the French wiki GRRM read ADWD Davos I in a convention as a sample chapter years before the publication of ADWD. In this early version of the chapter, Marq was called "Randyll Grafton" (like the RPG guide which was published before ADWD) and was indeed the Lord of Gulltown. I have not been able to verify this information. @Ran @zionius @The Wondering Wolf, does any of you know anything about this early version of the chapter ? Should Marq Grafton still be considered to be the Lord of Gulltown during Robert's Rebellion who stayed loyal to Aerys II ? Or should this information be deleted too ? Also, the different Westerosi kingdoms articles use the 2005 RPG "A Game of Thrones" Game as a reference for the numbers of military strengh. Is this source accurate ?
  18. Since when Asha Greyjoy has aunts ? As far as we know, Lady Alannys (Asha's mother) has two siblings: Gwynesse and Rodrik. By his own admission (in AFFC, The Kraken's Daughter) Rodrik is a widower, so an aunt by marriage is not possible. That leave us with only one aunt, Gwynesse. Either it's a small mistake or Alannys, Gwynesse and Rodrik have at least one other sister. Thoughts ?
  19. I think it would be a waste to disregard those sigils entirely but we have to stick to the canon information. So we have to make a change. I propose a compromise: we delete all the unsourced sigils from the articles and replace them with a note explaining and linking to the image of their probable heraldry. It's kinda like what we did to the Targaryens before the Conquest and why we don't display the Targaryen heraldry for them anymore. For the case of Blackshield, I agree using the Night’s Watch heraldry is confusing. I’m guessing whoever made the edit at the time made it to be coherent with the other mystery knights heraldry (Duncan the Tall/Gallows Knight and the Knight of the Laughing Tree). I like how @Abjiklam added the wood texture to some heraldry (Bennis of the Brown Shield, House Sparr, House Uffering, and House Woodwright). I wonder if it is possible to do the same but in black for Blackshield in a way to be at the same time accurate and different enough from the Night's Watch heraldry. I don't know if Blackshield just used some oaken shield and paint it black or if he used natural black wood found in the Ice and Fire world (ironwood, ebony, nightwood or black-barked tree) but it would be cool to see those details somehow.
  20. @Alyx Rivers Blackshield/Bastard of Uplands should also be on that list. I don't think we have a source for him adopting the reversed Mullendore sigil.
  21. After Daemon's return to the capital in 111 AC, he apparently regain a place on the small council. What does "his seat" refer to here ? Was he reinstated as master of coin/master of laws or just on the small council as simply an advisor ? I know the Commander of the City Watch doesn't have a permanent seat on the small council but maybe Daemon did. Any insight would be appreciated.
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