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  1. Rose of Red Lake

    Dany and child murder

    "Doing something about slavery" wasnt even her goal, it flipped like a light switch. What slavery abolitionist decides to fight slavery on the day they couldn't afford to buy slaves? Its not bad per se, it's just weird. The biggest selling point for her is that she "has some dogs she needs to kill" in Westeros and that Unsullied wont kill children (lmaooo). There other things that are strange in that chapter too. Dany's response to Barristan's concerns about a slave army is a non-sequitur, the way Kraznyz is so over the top evil, the way the Plaza explodes into "blood and chaos" (alternative Targaryen House words?), how the chapter immediately following Dany's cry of "freedom!" is Sansa being forcibly married.
  2. Rose of Red Lake

    "Cursed" Targaryen Names

    Wait...are you expecting there to be more Targaryens to name?
  3. Rose of Red Lake

    The problem with Bran being king narrative wise

    GRRM seems to favor the idea of a bookish philosopher king rather than a militant conqueror. This fits Sam, Sansa, Tyrion, and Bran who love stories, histories, and myths. So these characters rising would be a f-you to the jockish warlords who see books and think they're for burning.
  4. Rose of Red Lake

    Could Dany conquer Dorne with a Dothraki horde?

    I thought he did scorch their castles? He just couldn't kill them all, because they ran away. The limitations of dragons will always be shown somehow. I think the main issue is that Dany won't be able to conquer Dorne and hold it because she doesn't know the landscape, climate, history, or people and so they can use that lack of knowledge against her. Girl doesn't even know how Dorne was brought into the 7k the first time.
  5. Rose of Red Lake

    Who got the most screwed over

    Yup, they could have introduced their own answer to the secrets for this universe, and made it interesting. But that would involve having an imagination.
  6. Rose of Red Lake

    Why didn’t Cersei do much in Season 8?

    I loved that actually, seeing Cersei hang on by a thread. I hope this happens in the books.
  7. Rose of Red Lake

    Dany and child murder

    Yeah if they were bedslaves or whatever I dont think she would care as much. So why not write a scene to "see how the sausage was made" in a scenario that didnt benefit her? Having it flip like a switch on the day she went to buy slaves is oddly fast and convenient. If the main focus was her evolving consciousness about the injustice of slavery it doesnt seem natural because she needed that army.
  8. Rose of Red Lake

    Dany and child murder

    Yeah it certainly gives me pause...to not fist pump my way through these chapters. I forgot! Dany had encountered Unsullied before Astapor. She had seen them in the Free Cities and knew that they were guards for magisters. No moral objections to the treatment of the Unsullied at that point when Jorah proposes she buy them, just an objection that the ones she had seen weren't manly enough. She thinks they're useless because they're fat and can't ride horses. If you look at the "servants" in Dany's first chapter, we are told: “They were slaves, a gift from one of the magister’s many Dothraki friends. There was no slavery in the free city of Pentos. Nonetheless, they were slaves." The Unsullied she saw were likely "nicely" treated slaves, which didn't bother her. Does that mean Dany turned the Unsullied into her nicely treated slaves? It's like the theme with sweetness being so sweet it turns sour/rotten. Some of these things sound too good to be true.
  9. Rose of Red Lake

    Dany and child murder

    I dont know why he gave Dany more contradictions in logic and lack of reflection--it could be just how he wants to write a conqueror. We don't have a POV for Robb but it seems like he gets less righteous as he goes along and shows more doubts about what he's doing. He's willing to try to correct for mistakes toward the end with his Westerling faux pas (maybe one could say this is a flaw in the other direction, not being cunning/ruthless enough?) Meanwhile, Dany gets more righteous and reflects less. Dany couldn't understand why Mirri would even want to backstab her. She told her point blank multiple times what not to do (don't go into the tent) and why she was pissed. If you're going to conqueror people, don't pretend like you're saving them at the same time! They're not going to say "oh thank you so much!" Everybody would be cool with imperialism and benevolent colonialism if that was the case. I dont even think she's an abolitionist, I think Slaver's Bay is just a situation in which she learns how to take what (she thinks) is hers and learns how to win with violence. It's not like Robb's or Dany's is a winning strategy in the long term anyway, which is why I brought up Robb losing. Robb definitely made mistakes, but the bigger mistake was Joffrey killing Ned, and Robb represents the North. It had huge consequences and caused the entire North to rebel. It's instantly sympathetic, to me at least, because the crown wouldn't let them do it.
  10. Rose of Red Lake

    Dany and child murder

    Follow-up question - if the slaves in Astapor had been treated relatively well, would Dany have cared? She arrived there to buy slaves. Would she have bought them if she could have paid for them, or if they were treated like the slaves she encountered with the Dothraki? Dany took her own slaves and even slapped one of them. Judgement day seems to only come on the whims of whatever Dany can afford or is offended by at that particular moment.
  11. Rose of Red Lake

    Dany and child murder

    His war started because he wanted to rescue his very-much-alive father. Then when he couldn't do that, he was elected as a king and did what his people wanted, declared independence from the crown. A Stark war for independence is as sympathetic as they come, but if you're not a Stark fan, there's no point in explaining why that's significant. You just don't get that attachment as a reader. Robb doesn't have a "Mirri" moment because he never claimed to sit high on his horse (so to speak) and act like Savior/Protector at the same time he was conquering their village. He was just like, "I'm going to kick some ass" and later "I'll retreat." Theon is the one who claimed to protect the Stark household at the same time he was beating them into submission, so Dany/Theon have more similarities. I dont really have to point to criticisms of the Starks, that's not what the post was about. If you'd like to compare Dany to the Starks and illustrate how both are equally contradictory, I guess we can discuss that here or maybe you can start your own thread?
  12. Rose of Red Lake

    Dany and child murder

    Robb isn’t a vehicle to explore social reformers who gain too much power, that seems like what Dany is a vehicle for. Its just poking holes in power fantasies. Sometimes critical thinking stops when it comes to Dany, and I think it’s amusing. I don’t think this is a relativist novel. At its core I think it’s still a fantasy novel with a problematic House like Tolkien’s Dark Numenoreans and a light house like the elves, only the dark/light imagery is switched to bait the reader. And the author will never fully allow for too much hero worship or hype, which Dany has in excess. There will be checks on the “power fantasy” that these leaders present, either through contradictions or major losses. Robb lost pretty badly and all that hype went down the drain. No one can be too fantastical or larger than life.
  13. Rose of Red Lake

    Timett will steal Alayne

    “platonic” father daughter kisses for a 13 year old?? It’s already crossed a line. Are you sure you want to defend that. I’m bracing myself for a DARK book. Fetishes aren’t just thrown in for people to act “rationally” about them. It’s possible he’ll slip up when it comes to his own protege. He’s already grooming her politically and sexually, which is gross as fuck. Whatever lessons are not worth the creeping molestation that, if GRRM is being realistic, only gets worse in these cases. I don’t even want him to “mildly” molest her (gag). Either way, I hope she gets the hell away from him before it gets worse and that’s why I think she’s primed for leaving.
  14. Rose of Red Lake

    Timett will steal Alayne

    That queue to Butterbumps was used to pry info from Sansa about Joffrey. She didn’t know that she would be entering a completely different convo, their plans to marry her off. If their own plan is to be Top Secret, they should tell her that. She doesn’t realize that her marriage prospect is “important intel” because she doesn’t know what’s happening to her half the time. Also, Sansa’s consent is not really present, because they sprung it on her, they offered a magical dream about HG, and she’s looking for any way out of there. They are romanticizing it, intentionally, to obfuscate what’s really going on, which is her being pawned again. It’s backwards to her development because she doesn’t see how things actually are. Which is partly her naivety and partly their manipulation. Just because Dontos is trying to delay that marriage doesn’t mean he’s wrong. I mean there has to be some motive. Maybe because their claim to Highgarden is “a bit dodgy” as Olenna says herself? That should have been a warning sign to Sansa. Marrying into an ancient house would secure their reputation as a legitimate noble family. It’s a soft power move, which Tywin stole—but did it way worse and hamfisted than the Tyrells. Maybe they also knew Robb was doomed and wanted to act fast. You think they genuinely wanted to make Sansa’s dreams come true, and that’s it?
  15. Rose of Red Lake

    Timett will steal Alayne

    Just revealing herself as the AMAZING SANSA and everyone bows in awe is cheesy, it’s like something Dany would do in Essos. I like the idea of her winning an army not JUST through her name, but through the love she displays to SR. He’s devoted to her because she mothers him, and he would do anything for her even as a bastard. Winning through kindness rather than fear or birthright is a big part of her arc. Fear and birthright usually only have short term benefits for characters, if at all.