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  1. You are comparing a fantasy nuclear weapon to a dog bite.
  2. No fic necessary, Drogon already gave her an orgasm on their first flight together.
  3. i think Drogon is her third husband. Bride of fire.
  4. ha, I think they're eating people (and heads). They got their first taste of human flesh now. Barristan doubts they'll stick to slavers. They should aspire to be more like Silverwing, just flew off to a lake and never bothered anyone. Dany needs to deal with her fire monkeys.
  5. "It is great honor to be eaten by khaleesi's dragon." - Dany cult members, probably More dragons should be like Silverwing and Grey Ghost, just chilling out. A random man vs. nature casualty isnt as bad as having them right in the middle of a city or using them as flying monkeys for invasions.
  6. Dany has more responsibilities because she wants to be queen and took the job. Arya wants to be a little gutter rat who is good with a sword. Dany wants to rule entire nations and keep her dragon children in the thick of it. I think she is more responsible because she is taking on more responsibility. Simple. It would be better for everyone if Dany threw rocks at those baby dragons like Arya did with Nymeria. Then maybe they would fear humans and become wild dragons that just ate horses in the Dothraki Sea.
  7. Using dragons won't result in good laws, prosperity, help her rule, establish peace. It's like baked in to the narrative that if she uses them she will fail. See here?
  8. "save the day" sounds like jealousy. Jon being alive is a threat to a favorite character and there is fear that he will steal Dany's thunder.
  9. Yeah, it sounds like it will be pretty bad by the end of the Boltons. But it's the perfect project for Sansa to start working on, when she gets there.
  10. “Oh sure, dragons are cool too,” he chuckles. “But maybe not on our doorstep” (x)
  11. Haha I know. In my head she gets better at it because she never has dragons.
  12. Its fun. It reminds me of Cher x Josh in Clueless. I also like the contrast of prissy Sansa with a wildling and Jon is half of one.
  13. never happening but I like: Ned x Cersei Sansa x Gerris Sansa x Jon Oberyn x Me Brienne x Cat Dany x soft power canon ships I like, a lot: Jaime x Cersei Ned x Cat Bran x Meera???
  14. I just didnt like how in his moment of agony, she's like "oh he wasn't a real dragon." That was insufferable.
  15. Or maybe he met Aerys and learned of his plans for the North: “In 264 AC, a visit to King’s Landing by Lord Rickard Stark of Winterfell awakened his interest in the North, and he hatched a plan to build a new Wall a hundred leagues north of the existing one and claim all the lands between.” Rickard, to himself: What a wack job.
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