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  1. The hammer will also fall for the people who went completely in the opposite direction: the too ruthless types. It will fall like it did for Theon, Aerys, Balon, Tywin, Dareon, Viserys, ect. We know the "model" for leadership isn't Stoneheart, Boltons, Cersei, Walder Frey, ect. Gosh, maybe there's another way forward...whomever will show us the way?????
  2. I don't see the books as "medieval history," I see it as story and tropes. If unification was the end goal, we'd be rooting for the Empire in Star Wars. Even though they have a lot of "cool" characters, you know they're still the bad guys who want to unite the galaxy. In story terms, this is who the Targaryens represent in Westeros--although they are considerably more grey than the Empire (thank god). The Targaryen regime failed at unification; they couldn't hold it together because they used fear. Picture Theon insisting he's king of Winterfell even though the locals are like "da fuq?" Replace Theon with Daenerys. Repeat. It's just not tenable. If you want people to unify, you have to use other methods and respect the fact that they have a right to reject you if you push too hard. People will only unify if they want to. I just find so many examples in the books of a rejection of the Targaryen model. The Valyrian Freehold didn't even have a single king, and Westeros had four thousand years of peace without a Targaryen even stepping foot on the continent.
  3. Completely disagree, the books are showing us that fear has limited currency and doesn't last as long as other methods. In this world "love" doesn't mean passivity, it means using politics. You know, something other than a fist to the face or an army to spread terror. As for the OP's topic, the First Men aren't necessarily the Starks. We know that these groups split off and fought each other. I think Bran represents the alliance between the First Men and the Children, as well as Stark blood. He has it all. The fact is, the Starks rejected warging at some point, but they also respected other traditions of the First Men that they learned from the Children. They seemed to have moved away from primitivism, but perhaps a bit too far, and Bran is there to learn about the wisdom of the Old Way.
  4. If he was willing to disrespect his wife to her face I think showing up in Dorne again is just more of the same type of behavior. Total nutter.
  5. I think what's more important is how you win people over to bring the kingdoms together...not just the fact that it's One Ruler to Rule Them All. Aegon and successors kept hitting things with hammers.
  6. If Christopher Columbus or Cortes were conquering for themselves and not for the crown far away, you would have Aegon. Or maybe if George III left Britain and set up shop in Washington DC to rule over all of North America. Or if Ferdinand left Spain and ruled South America. Aegon. Historically significant, but not worth culturally celebrating. If people ever celebrated this, it would have to involve a lot of propaganda and fear to start. And if people celebrated it centuries later they would need to be ignorant of history and maybe a bit authoritarian-minded too.
  7. But you’re willing to call Rhaegar a rapist on even less evidence (and I agree, he is). Here we have a woman saying she doesn’t want any more pregnancies, and the dude saying no, we will have more. Do you know how often that means sexual intercourse? That maybe once out of those many times they have to have sex, he’s doing something she doesn’t want him to do? The odds are off the charts. So yes, he is a rapist. edit: If a woman says she doesn’t want any more pregnancies because of the toll on her body, that’s not an “argument.” The man is being coercive, not listening, not caring
  8. Regardless of how it went down, forced pregnancy is a form of rape. Reproductive coercion. He goes to jail, does not collect $200.
  9. He forced her to have more children when she said she was ready to stop.
  10. Ha, no, not a cat. But you could flip it and say, well it’s just a game so why did he act that way? Isn’t he older than a six year old? Anything that smacks of sore loser is not a good look especially as big orange baby Trump is throwing a tantrum and flipping the table after losing.
  11. Absolutely a rapist. Also, Jaeherys raped Alysanne, Jaehaerys II forced his children to marry each other. Irri does her “duty” to pleasure Dany so that’s also dubcon.
  12. I wish he wouldn’t have kicked over the game board. Immediate turn off.
  13. Gilligan says that if Walter had decided to take Elliot and Gretchen's money (and not cook meth) it would be a very short show. Meaning if he had made one decision to reject power, the outcome would have been completely different. Power may reveal, but it also has a causation effect.
  14. Um...Gilligan said that everyone on the show except Walt Jr. gets corrupted. Lord Varys argued that the Iron Throne has no symbolism, that it’s just a big chair, that Dany doesn’t want. Are ya’ll okay?
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