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  1. Rose of Red Lake

    Jon's Small Council and Kingsguard

    Yeah but...I think there's plenty of time for her to muck it up like Stannis did. It's the way of people who want power, they trip over themselves.
  2. Rose of Red Lake

    Targaryen princess who doesn't want to marry her brother in F&B v2

    I think its just a fact of their insularity and exceptional thinking. If they thought they were just like everyone else and interacted with the smallfolk and didn't care about ruling, like Aegon V and Duncan did, then a princess could theoretically exist who wants to marry a non-Targ. For example, Dany would probably marry Daario if she didnt think she had a duty to marry someone higher ranked. But she's culturally like her brother, exposed to incest as a norm, and believes in her right to rule. Rhaella and Naerys seemed like they would be ok with a Targ sibling who wasn't a jerkoff rapist.
  3. Rose of Red Lake

    Jon's Small Council and Kingsguard

    Yeah bending the knee meant nothing. Which is funny, did Dany think he had the same authority over Winterfell as Torrhen? Did Jon know about this?
  4. Rose of Red Lake

    Which minor houses do you want to see more of?

    Estermont, because they're the only one with George's signature symbol, the turtle.
  5. Rose of Red Lake

    George hates hero worship

    I think the majority of readers disagree that Jon is acting "illegally" (whatever that means), because they are quite reasonable about how Ramsay can't just continue to do whatever he wants. Ramsay terrorized women, raped them, chased them with his dogs, psychologically tortured them. Then it escalates when he rapes Jeyne. None of that is Jon's fault. In fact he feels its his responsibility to stop it. GRRM: "We've always had a class of protectors...Of course, the way it often worked out is the people the peasants often needed the most protection from were their own protectors" How is Jon threatening the smallfolk? How is Jon terrorizing them in the name of "protection?" Like what really matters here.
  6. Rose of Red Lake

    Sansa's first impressions of Daenerys?

    Its because they're desperate for Dany to be part of the Stark family and fear that Dany is doomed if Sansa, Arya, or Bran don't accept her because then Jon would have to choose them over her.
  7. Rose of Red Lake

    What is your theory on The Others?

    That they're unimportant to the overall narrative. They're just a device to force characters to make choices and to explore their varied reactions to an existential threat.
  8. Rose of Red Lake

    Jon's Small Council and Kingsguard

    I quite like this! Just make Sansa his queen consort and let the laws be decided by a council I do think Jon is going to rule BECAUSE he doesnt want to; in the show he was pushed into the KitN position. Why wouldn't it happen again with King of Westeros? It doesn't have to be on the Iron Throne, in King's Landing. I mean...new dynasty, new capital, new seat.
  9. Rose of Red Lake

    A castle made of snow

    There's still a lot of plot for him to do something to earn that death. He was supposed to burn down WF in the original outline. That was given to Theon but I think it could happen still. Tyrion snaps and does violent things, like with Shae. It wouldnt be turning bad. It would be like, he's been bad before and good before so what will he decide to do at this point?
  10. Rose of Red Lake

    A castle made of snow

    I think that is one of George's red herrings. Castle made of snow, as in the the one she built in the snow (or with Jon Snow). I think the giant will come in three's: 1. Sweetrobin's doll 2. Littlefinger 3. Tyrion - "giant of Lannister" is mentioned a total of nine times across the books
  11. Rose of Red Lake

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    So when the Starks and Jon "rebel" and take back Winterfell in future books, using any means necessary, you're going to be rooting against them because its...illegal? What an unfun reading experience you're going to have.
  12. Rose of Red Lake


    Speculation on several ways the story could tie it back in: Sam could give it to Tormund because Randyll hated wildlings so much. Giantsbane, wielder of Heartsbane! Sam could execute Dany with it after she burns down King's Landing. What goes around comes around. Sam could kill the Night King with it. Sam could keep it as part of his authority once he becomes Warden of the South, and just be satisfied that he got everything his father didn't want him to have.
  13. Rose of Red Lake

    What is the role of Gendry?

    The Hammer prophecy in Fire and Blood could apply to Gendry too. I can't believe he's walking around Dragonstone calling himself Robert Baratheon's son AND using a warhammer that has a stag sigil on it! Now Dany has two people with claims that she has to neutralize.
  14. Rose of Red Lake

    The Child of Jon Snow & Daenerys

    Women talking about their infertility is not "foreshadowing" them having a child. Its just people hearing a woman saying that and denying the reality. I think someone said it well on these forums: Dany having a child is like Bran walking again. Plus there is far more relevant book foreshadowing that her dynasty is walking dead and wont be resurrected; she is the last dragon and Aerys is the last dragonking.
  15. Rose of Red Lake

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    Yes, please. I don't like to think how GRRM was oblivious and needed a fan to point out a version that ticked all the parallels and foreshadowing boxes better like I described. I'd rather credit the author with making these connections than a fan, but if its true my esteem of George as an author has gone down a little. He talks about meticulously layering in subtle foreshadowing but needs fans to help him do it? Basic.