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  1. Rose of Red Lake

    Books vs Show: How much difference?

    In the books, it will be more clear that Jon betrays Dany for the Starks, perhaps Sansa. Emilia suggested this in an interview this week: “She thinks she can have it all with him, that he can give her what she’s been craving her whole life. And he turns out to be not what she thought and he will choose someone over her.” - Emilia Clarke, LA Times Also foreshadowed in: “What if Daario has betrayed me and gone over to my enemies?” Three treasons will you know. “What if he met another woman, some princess of the Lhazarene?” - Daenerys, ADWD
  2. Dany probably burned that orphanage Margaery visited. "Madness...madness and stupidity"
  3. how is GRRM going to pull this off as a love story? Not only are they opposites/foils, there is still the idea that time will be compressed in the books. If he still plans for 7 books and for them to meet in the last one - is any real long lasting love even going to take hold. I just can't see it. Jaime/Cersei had a more convincing love story, even if it was fucked up. I really don't think Jon would be the one who has to be convinced to kill her, like a resistant audience member. I think Tyrion is more likely to play that role because he's more susceptible to the charms of pretty women. Either way, "audience stand in who defends Dany" fell to Jon and that felt piss-poor.
  4. She's not though. She's defending Dany all the way to the end. She's not admitting she didn't understand Dany.
  5. Emilia doesn't come across as the smartest bulb. She seems like she was fooled into it herself. I wouldn't be surprised, she was probably directed to think she's the hero because that's what Dany thinks. It doesn't make sense to tell her at any point that she's the villain in the end. That would ruin her characters' portrayal. "I wanted the person that he kills to not be a tyrannical dictator. It should just be a girl. It should be a human thing. And I think there's an enormous amount of that person left. She had every opportunity to recover from what happened in King's Landing." The person Jon kills really should be a tyrannical dictator. He should not be killing little girl Dany. I don't think she could recover from that at all.
  6. "Sansa, I know she massacred a million people but she's really a good queen. If you could just give her a chance. . ."
  7. They admitted they used this technique in the S7 Arya/Sansa fiasco. They said they write everything as if the twist would never happen. So Ayra threatens to cut off Sansa's face - ridiculous. In this case, Jon had to look like he's untroubled by mass murder and even rationalizes her decisions for her, offering the dumbest of excuses. He had to look like the blind follower while Tyrion (of all people) had to give JON SNOW a morality lesson and tell him she's a threat to his family (as if he doesn't fucking know that?). So yeah, they assassinate characters for cheap tricks.
  8. It was a tasteful choice to show us the view from the ground. Too often we've seen Dany burning people from above on her dragon, we know what that looks like. This time, only the victims mattered. After a mass killing in the U.S., when media images focus too much on the killers' face instead of the faces of the victims, it is seen as offensive.
  9. George had to have told them. In 2014 interviews he point blank says ice and fire are two rising threats coming to conquer Westeros like Philip of Macedon and the Third Reich. The Nazi imagery is on point.
  10. Rose of Red Lake

    Who was Daenerys turned into?

    The character development at the end of ADWD is exactly what happened in the show: At the end of ADWD: - Dany secures a victory in Meereen by ending slavery, and a surrender is marked by the a celebration at the opening of the fighting pits - Dany is clearly unhappy with this outcome even though it's the best deal she will get at this time (realistically). - Dany decides that her dragon is more important than peace, she thinks she's like a dragon "Dragons are fire made flesh and so am I" and hops on Drogon's back. - Dany closes her eyes from the smoke - HERE IS THE POV TRAP WHERE THE UNRELIABLE NARRATOR STARTS - and the next moment she opens them and she's high above them, flying away. We learn in Barristan's chapter what happened. Drogon burned 200 innocent bystanders. - Dany forgets the name of the child Drogon killed, she DOES have memories of the carnage in the fighting pits, but she ignores these images and thinks it was all worth it because her dragon flight was so thrilling. In S8: - Dany secures a victory in King's Landing, and a surrender is marked with the bells. - Dany is clearly unhappy with this outcome even though it's the best deal she will get at this time. - Dany decides that her dragon is more important than peace. - Drogon/Dany proceed to burn thousands and thousands of people. This time Dany is fully aware. Her eyes are open.
  11. Rose of Red Lake

    The purpose of R+L=J?

    Yeah Dany was being manipulative there. She was manipulative in E4 when she kept switching back and forth from sweet to mean, trying to get Jon to do what she wanted him to do. Removing fAegon explains Dany's reaction to R+L=J. She'll be weary of another male Targaryen claimant and by the time Jon reveals his parentage, she'll treat him like it's all his fault.
  12. Having Dany take away Northern independence, have the North ruled by a Targaryen again after all they've suffered, rewarding Dany with a kingdom that she didn't work for.
  13. Jaime in E2: I want to fight for the living Jaime in E5: I don't care for peasant scum