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  1. I think the 3 heads of the dragon, but "one of them does not necessarily have to BE a Targaryen" either applies to Aegon or Tyrion... He may ride a dragon and still not have that magical Aryan blood that everyone is obsessed with.
  2. He's also a little slow and doesn't even realize that Sansa's letters are being overseen by the queen and blames her for not giving key details. I think he's written as another doomed gullible Stark who goes South...but I can't really fault Robb too much, he's dead. Sansa is set up to be the smarter player. Cat's actions will bear out in the end. It was the correct choice, for the long term survival of House Stark.
  3. The promised hero was a dragon burning everyone. That was Tolkien's twist.
  4. That's funny, I see it completely the opposite. I think the "3 heads" riding dragons is too literal. Aegon being successful to gain people's support without dragons is an interesting contrast to Dany. But also, I think he is a piece. He is being used by Illyrio and Varys.
  5. I don't want to "make him pay." I want him to admit what he did was wrong, and mean it. If he lives, he should have to sit with that in his conscious for a long while in some capacity. I don't care if it's in prison or not. I don't want punishment of anyone in the story. I want atonement and making amends like the 12 step program advocates.
  6. Right. And I would say Ghost is more important than anyone to him. Ghost, and Val, and Tormund, and all his friends beyond the Wall sounds like the Ewoks dancing around in Jedi - not the right tone for sure... Jon + whoever is left in the NW + whoever is left of the Free Folk + Ghost (most important of all) + the North is about as "sweet" for Jon as it will get.
  7. I didn't understand why he had to go, and go to a place that was so unfamiliar to us. You had no idea what was there. It was like he took off on a space ship to a new planet and left everything behind. He didn't get to enjoy the Shire or even grow into old age in Hobbiton like Bilbo did. Later I realized he wasn't just leaving the Shire, he was leaving Middle Earth altogether. That's really sad to me. How soldiers "can't go home again."
  8. well, that's a take. Why not look at how the author felt? "Frodo didn’t live happily ever after or marry a nice girl hobbit. He was permanently wounded; he was damaged...There was a real cost to Tolkien’s world. There’s a tremendous sadness at the end of Lord of the Rings"
  9. I thought this would be the case at one point too! But now I'm willing to admit I was wrong based on new information. Which I will not mention here but I'm sure you can figure out what I'm referring to I don't think we've had a "king who never was" (IT wise) but it seems fitting for Jon.
  10. Ranger Aragorn with a Frodo ending. Bran is going to be king.
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