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  1. Rose of Red Lake

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    It also looked bad for her in Book 1 when Robb was declared King and Dany tries to go to war early on with just the Dothraki. I think she's going to screw herself by trying to expand an empire across two continents. As for Kraznys, he definitely played a deceptive role for readers. She deals less and less with stock one-dimensional villains as the story progresses but people still expect it to work like a typical heroine vs. baddies tale.
  2. Rose of Red Lake

    Dany and child murder

    She killed their families and if any relatives are alive, she'll kill them in the future. The cupbearers were afraid to help Quentyn as he lay dying, and Dany will eventually create a lot more burn victims which will horrify them. The kids sitting in a circle spinning a dagger seems like heavy-handed foreshadowing that several will be future Theons.
  3. Rose of Red Lake

    If the books are ever completed would you love a movie ?

    How about ...a complete series of books?
  4. Rose of Red Lake

    Will be Littlefinger get busted by Illyrio?

    You know what, I could see this. I don't think the Stark girls are quite experienced enough to solve the dispute between the IB and the Crown and LF's complicated role in that. We know Dany isn't going to hit the books either.
  5. Rose of Red Lake

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    I can't feel sorry for Dany after a certain point. It's more of a twist to make readers sorry they ever wanted her to go to Westeros in the first place. “it was not the plains Dany saw then. It was King’s Landing and the great Red Keep that Aegon the Conqueror had built. It was Dragonstone where she had been born. In her mind’s eye they burned with a thousand lights, a fire blazing in every window.” I guess she burns down Dragonstone too.
  6. Rose of Red Lake

    HBO to order pilot for a Dance of Dragons spin-off show

    How about a Lifetime movie. "What Happens When People Think They're Gods When They're Not: The Story of Westeros' Most 'Nuclear' Family" Or a mockumentary, Arrested Development style. "Now the story of a pompous family who lost everything, and the young king who had no choice but to rule the realm after they destroyed each other."
  7. He has a particularly painful memory of Robb pulling rank on him. So you're wrong.
  8. Rose of Red Lake

    The character assassination of Daenerys

    Nobody is saying the Yunkish is the wronged party. That's an ad hominem argument that attempts to turn anyone who criticizes Daenerys into a slavery sympathizer. What Daenerys wants to do is always unnecessary overkill, and involves the MOST amount of casualties, and is also the most harsh. You know who else went with the most harsh option? Joffrey. Tyrion had to tell her the obvious, you don't have to burn cities, we just have to attack their ships and threaten their leaders.
  9. Rose of Red Lake

    The character assassination of Daenerys

    Whatever happens to him, it needs to affect a POV character. Sam is the most logical. Sure, he could die because of fAegon but that seems like a lost opportunity to have Sam react to Dany's decision, which would definitely involve Dickon if she killed them.
  10. Rose of Red Lake

    Baelish's plan to the Throne

    I think his motives are to advance purely for the sake of it. I'm sure he sees himself as a person who simply keeps climbing, to whatever end, it probably doesn't matter to him as long as he can, and I think he gets a lot of satisfaction out of being "everyone's friend," who bothers to solve problems and handle the practical matters while the nobility can't be bothered. He thinks he can use the right mix of bureaucratic rationality, financial instruments of mass destruction, and chaotic allegiance. That said, I dont see the author allowing him to be king in the story because he's basically Steerpike with a more involved backstory.
  11. Rose of Red Lake

    The character assassination of Daenerys

    The betrayal didnt start with Randyll, he just sided with the people who weren't invading the country with Dothraki. I dont really care if Dany kills him but its pretty clear that he's not going to be a stock villain, because in the books he's rebuilding Maidenpool and making it safe for the small folk, and they are grateful. Dany will surely put a stop to this heinous traitor's madness.
  12. Rose of Red Lake

    Anyone else annoyed that Tyrion is hand again?

    He did give some good advice that centered around Dany's perception problems. He was trying to help her look like a savior, not a scary mass murderer. It's just kind of hard to manage that while launching an invasion. He was in an impossible spot. But in the grand scheme of things, no one blames the advisors, they blame the monarch. No one really cares what Aerys' 5,000 Hands did or didn't do.
  13. Rose of Red Lake

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    Agree on that ^ above and also the entire plot centered around the climax Jon killing Dany, because his sisters chose him over her, and Dany was a threat to them.
  14. Could be a combo of the pressure of high expectations to live up to Tolkien and hence the perfectionism, and the pressure of the show. I thought he seemed quite defensive when someone questioned if he deserved the Tolkien title on his blog, pointing out that people wouldn't give a shit about everything he's accomplished so far if he doesn't finish the books. GRRM said F&B was his Silmarillion. But Tolkien earns his legendary status for the main novels, that he finished.
  15. Rose of Red Lake

    Anyone else annoyed that Tyrion is hand again?

    Another issue is that he has nothing stopping him from being the heir to CR? They should have had Dany turn it to rubble, at least then the question of whether Tyrion inherited it or not could be closed. Because he really shouldn't. But I can see how GRRM's favoritism might play a role in this nonsense.