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  1. In AWOIAF Yandel says there are some ‘towns’ in Essos that are actually bigger than Westerosi cities. Dont know if this helps.
  2. McGuv19

    Redwyne vassals

    Do House Redwyne have vassals in the form of other houses from the Arbor? The island looks pretty big so I assume there are other noble houses there. I’ve read AWOIAF and the novels and a don’t think it ever mentions other houses from the Arbor. It may just be a case of it not being relevant to the books’ plot and therefore not been touched upon. If anyone knows something about this then feel free to enlighten me.
  3. McGuv19

    Make your own Westeros House.

    House: Malstrom Sigil: Blue whirlpool in a dark blue background Seat: The Golden Port Keep: Longship Hall (formerly known as the Tempest) Words: War Is Bad For Trade Ancestral Weapon: Hammerhead (a hammer) Kingdom: Reach, in the Arbor Liege Lord: Redwyne Bloodline: Volantene Traits: Skilled traders/shipbuilders Founder: Marq Maelstrom, Volantene tradesman Origin: Marq Maelstrom, owner of a few Volantene trading galleys ran aground on the Redwyne straits. Being reasonably wealthy he purchased the surrounding area from Lord Redwyne and built a small settlement, having his personal dwelling as the ship he ran ashore in, the Tempest. He then adopted the Faith of the Seven and changed his name to Malstrom and started a family and was made a landed knight and later a lord due to the weak willed King Aenys. House Malstrom sent men forth to face Aegon on the Field of Fire during the conquest and many perished. In the years leading up to the Dance the hose had gained a reasonable military presence, commanding 8 war galleys and being able to field 500 men with 25 knights. During the Dance House Malstrom fought for Rhaenyra but managed to avoid significant consequences like what happened to the Osgreys. During Robert’s Rebellion the house fought for the loyalists due to being bannermen of the Redwynes, and participated in the naval siege of Storm’s End. Current State: Due to the Redwynes being neutral at the start of the War of the Five Kings House Malstrom were also neutral, but as of currently they have sent ships to Dragonstone. At the war’s outbreak they immediately focused their trade on ports untouched by war but in need of supplies for the military such as Lannisport, White Harbour, and Oldtown. The current lord of the house is the elderly Lord Endrew, but his eldest son is captaining a ship with the Redwyne fleet and his second son has joined the Second Sons for two years to bring home gold and glory. His only daughter is betrothed to Ser Robar Frey, currently cañtain of the guard of the keep. His harbourmaster is the crippled ironborn warrior Harras the Red. His master at arms is a former pit fighter, Gotho, from Meereen, bought by Lord Melstrom in his youth when he visited Slaver’s Bay, where he also bought some Unsullied to serve as guards. All slaves bought were also freed. The master of horse is a Dothraki named Cranosz. The head steward is Lord Melstrom’s younger brother Leobald, and they also have a Maester and a Septon, but also keep a godswood and a shrine to the Drowned God. They have recently taken into their service a Summer Islander named Rundaq, who is their captain of their archers.
  4. McGuv19

    Who builds better ships?

    Braavos Ironborn Reach Pentos
  5. McGuv19

    Poll: 10 actions of asoiaf

    1. Yes but she didn’t have to turn Astapor into a hellhole to do it 2. Depends if they deserve it (actually reflecting on this she’s about 10 or something so she shouldn’t really be an assassin) 3. Yes Robert’s annoying 4. What else was he meant to do? Sit on Pyke and count rocks? 5. Yes he was rightful king 6. No he shouldn’t have even had Storm’s End 7. Yes 8. No they are snakes 9. No Tywin was my guy 10. The Freys are snakes too
  6. McGuv19

    Percentage Poll of Possible Future Events

    Dragon Politics and the Slave Trade 1. 50% don’t care 2. 50% may be the only way to halt Dany but equally Euron’s lies could be what defeat him 3. 50% maybe 4. 0% never 5. 75% yes but killed by Vic 6. 100% George isn’t that cruel.....is he? 7. 75% some but not all 8. 100% they don’t have any other choice 9. 50% What is the Battle of Fire 10. 100% I can totally see that 11. 25% probably not 12. 25% either Shiera, Shiera’s descendant, or a Farman Northern Politics and White Walkers 1. 25% hope not 2. 100% No he’s coming back as a slug 3. 0% sounds stupidly extreme 4. 0% Bran can stay and rot for all I care 5. 100% I always thought there was something strange about that boy 6. 50% doubtful 7. 25% if he does his term will be for as long as it takes for the rest of the watch to find their daggers 8. 100% sure why not 9. 75% this isn’t the end for Theon G 10. 0% Ned’s bones will get to feed Barbrey Dustin to her dogs KL and Riverlands 1. 75% someone will eventually 2. 100% House Darry will rise again harder and stronger 3. 0% piss off walder 4. 25% my boy Thoros is too smart, but SOMEONE has to avenge my favourite character Ser Burton Crakehall 5. 0% Help me I’m being held on this forum against my will 6. 50% depends if Gregor (sorry ROBERT) is up to it 7. 100% Tyrion is also the reason for house keys and my tv remote going missing 8. 25% wont even make it to Massey’s hook 9. 0% that gravedigger is looking shifty 10. 0% Arya is above that Dorne and the Reach 1. 100% the Bloodroyals shall never be cowed 2. 50% Who? 3. 25% Alleras won’t dare deprive Sam the Slayer of his chance to prove himself 4. 25% Yandel will scare him off 5. 75% probably In conclusion Bronn had better become king or I’ll be having some strong words with George.
  7. McGuv19

    ASoIaF character poll

    1. I have always been here and always will be here 2. Male 3. Tyrion 4. Arya
  8. McGuv19

    Percentage Poll on various theories

    1. 0% Bit anticlimactic, entire war for Westeros and all the survivors end up running away 2. 75% Could be a very distant cousin, hard claim to disprove (or prove) 3. 75% Aerys was very paranoid about Rhaegar but may just have disinherited Rhaegar’s children 4. 25% About as likely as her going to Valyria, except it would be even harder to get to Westeros from Asshai 5. 50% Either that or she’s a defendant of Shieta Seastar (or we’ll never find out) 6. 50% Could be, couldn’t say for sure 7. 25% Probably going to be a continent in the way if she tries 8. 0% I doubt he was a warg 9. 75% Jon’s a warg, so probably yes 10. 0% I don’t think so
  9. Harrion Karstark. He got captured after Duskendale (I think) and is still in Lannister hands, as Arnolfs plan was to marry Cregan to Alys, and declare for Stannis to goad the Lannister’s into executing Harrion, making Alys lady of Karhold with Arnolfs son Cregan as her lord
  10. Why would the Ryswells go extinct? Lord Ryswell has 3 sons and none of them are fighting. I can see about the Dustins though as Barbrey has no kids.
  11. McGuv19

    Best fighters in each region

    For the river lands it should be Ser Hosteen Frey instead of Black Walder. In the novels Hosteen is mentioned quite a few times to be a fierce fighter, and also the best warrior out of all the Freys.
  12. McGuv19

    Minor/offscreen characters you want to see more of

    Whatever happened to my boy Hal Mollen? I know Lady Dustin said he and Ned’s bones would be stopped from going North of Barrowton, meaning they haven’t reached Barrowton yet, but maybe they’re hiding at Greywater waiting for this to blow over?
  13. McGuv19

    ASOIAF Jokes

    Well it only took one Kettleblack to screw Cersei
  14. So I was reading AWOIAF family trees at the back and looked at House Stark. Cregan Stark’s son by his second wife (who was also a Stark), named Edric, married Cregan’s granddaughter(Serena) by his third wife. So Edric basically married his niece! Secondly, we have Cregan’s other son Jonnel, who married Serena’s sister. But that’s not all! Let us take Lord Beron Stark, he had 7 kids. 2nd son Willam married and fathered Edwyle. 7th son Rodrik married and fathered Lyarra. Then Edwyle fathered Rickard, and Rickard married Lyarra! This is also the same Rickard burned alive by Aerys (Ned’s dad). So to recap we have two cases of uncle marrying niece (or half niece or whatever), and one case of woman marrying her cousin’s kid. And Cregan’s wife was a Stark too, but it isn’t made clear if she is from main branch or not. This is only in the past 11 generations of House Stark as well, so R’hllor knows how much incest there has been before then. Thanks for reading
  15. McGuv19

    Cool ASOIAF knowledge and trivia for a quiz

    The Butterwells were also forced from their land but not destroyed