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  1. ie, Robb, Balon, Joffrey, Renly, or Stannis, which of them did you hope would succeed and which do you think would be/would have been the best outcome for the realm at large? For me factors include the personal qualities of each king, what their cause was, and the positives and negatives of their success, both short and long term. For example, Renly was the most liked king among the smallfolk and imo would most likely have been able to restore peace the quickest had he won. However, if he ascended to the Iron Throne, in the long term this may create a problem, as it would set a dangerous precedent, with the heir seen as the most capable taking the throne rather than the oldest, which could create more succession wars in the future. Personally, the king who I supported the least is Balon, since he really should have learnt a rebellion was not the way to go back in Greyjoy’s rebellion, and also how he wanted to revive the Ironborn’s reaver culture and raid Westeros again is hardly sustainable. Also, to me he seems to make poor decisions, as he refused to attack Lannisport because Tywin was “too cunning by half”, which didn’t really make sense given that since he literally wants to secede from the 7K, he would definitely be on Tywin’s hit list regardless of attacking Lannisport or not, albeit near the bottom. Anyway, what are your 2 cents on this? Was Robb right to rebel? Should Renly have tried to jump the order of succession? And is there anyone on this forum who actually respects Balon?
  2. On the Castamere page in the quotes section Tyrion: The Crag is not so far from Tarbeck Hall and Castamere. You'd think the Westerlings might have ridden past and seen the lesson there. Tyrion: Mayhaps they have. They are well aware of Castamere, I promise you. —Tyrion Lannister and Tywin Lannister I think the second ‘Tyrion’ speaking is actually Tywin.
  3. In ACOK Big Walder is talking with Little Walder about the Frey line of succession. (Bran I, ACoK) Who is Aegon? I know in line after Petyr was Aegon Frey (Jinglebell), but he doesn’t have any children. The only other Aegon Frey is Aegon Bloodborn, son of Aenys, also childless. So is this just an error on Martin’s part or am I missing something?
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