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  1. McGuv19

    Craster’s Father?

    Now it all makes sense!
  2. McGuv19

    Craster’s Father?

    Wondering who Craster’s father is/was. Craster is the bastard of a man of the Night’s Watch and a wildling woman of Whitetree. His father abandoned him, and his mother was chased iff when she tried to bring him to Castle Black. The quotes are referring to the black blood of NW members, however they remind of the ‘black line’ of House Hoare, and there was a Lord Commander Hoare, except he was around during the Conquest, as he is known for staying at the wall with his men while King Harren was roasted by Aegon the Conquerer. However Craster could still be descended from the Hoares. Whoever Craster’s father is, they would be around 70 or older I think. My guesses are Lord Commander Qorgyle or Ser Wynton Stout. I wonder if Jeor Mormont knew?
  3. McGuv19

    Is Euron actually a red herring?

    I agree in that Euron won’t be an endgame character. I don’t think he will succeed in taking Oldtown, much less the entire Reach, though I do think he will destroy the Redwyne fleet, making the ironborn ships much more valuable as the only sea fleet in Westeros, aside from Manderly’s and maybe Salladhor Saan’s. I think that Euron has never been to Valyria and doesn’t even know for sure how the magic items he has work, which will not end up going well for him.
  4. McGuv19

    How did the Nights Watch get so weak?

    The NW should be so when you have served for however long you can ‘retire’ if you want and get some land in the Gift with which you help support the NW. As an incentive to perform well when you are actually in the watch it should be the best watchmen get the choicest land. This would attract a lot more people, especially hedge knights and second sons who otherwise wouldn’t get any land or anything at all. This would also make it difficult for wildlings to raid, since the Gift would be populated by hardened former watchmen.
  5. McGuv19

    A Single PoV from a Secondary Character

    A POV from one of the Lord’s Declarant (Bronze Yohn?) would be interesting to see if they still plan to depose Baelish. A POV to see what the Iron Isles are like with Euron in charge would be nice, since none of the Greyjoy POVs will be coming back there anytime soon. Or someone else around the ironborn, like Rodrik Harlaw? Garlan Tyrell battling the ironmen could be good. I also think that the Florents penned up in Brightwater will surprise the Tyrells and attack them and join Euron so the POV of a Florent might be interesting. I don’t think the Florents’ story is over, since they had an entire section for their house in the appendix when they only appear about as much as the Royces or Blackwoods. Maybe a POV from a stormlord fighting or having been defeated by the Golden Company, or one of the company soldiers? (An Estermont?, Franklyn Flowers?) A Robett Glover POV might be alright, and we could see exactly what Manderly has been doing since the Red Wedding, though that might be giving away too much. Also, Galbart Glover and Maege Mormont were meant to meet the crannogmen and direct Robb’s army round Moat Cailin, and we still don’t know what happened to them, likely they are hiding at Greywater Watch. A Brynden Tully POV could be interesting, he could be doing so much. Free Harrion Karstark from Maidenpool? Go to tye Vale? The North?
  6. McGuv19

    Island lords

    House Velaryon were powerful, but only because of towns like Hull and Spicetown, and the wealth the Sea Snake Corlys Velaryon brought from the east, not because of land or resources on Driftmark. They are just well situated in the narrow sea and wielded much influence at Targaryen court. If we look at the Velaryons now, forced to survive without the Targaryens propping them up and having lost a war, they are merely ‘codfish lords’ to people like Renly, and even their liege, Stannis, regularly bemoans how little men or resources the lords of the narrow sea contribute. So House Velaryon alone really isn’t really super powerful. House Redwyne have a near monopoly on the wine market, and have a massive fleet which can be used for trade in peacetime, so it makes sense for them to be rich. House Estermont and House Mormont are poor compared to practically any other house of note. Much of the Estermonts’ influence I think derives from their blood ties to Robert and his brothers, and the Mormonts are among the least influential of Winterfell’s bannermen. In the Middle Ages, did the lords of islands also maintain lands on the mainland? Would the ruler of an island even be able to maintain any high-level of influence or wealth? See the King of England, Richard the Lionheart and his lands in France as of 1190 (called the Angevin Empire).
  7. McGuv19

    Lem Lemoncloack is secretly...

    I think they meant the White Bull, Gerold Hightower.
  8. McGuv19

    Why doesn’t Dorne have a navy?

    I agree with you, and also, given the blood between the Reach and Dorne, surely somewhere along the line the Redwyne fleet would have attacked Dorne from the sea. Seeing as Dorne can field so few men and has no naval defence it should be an easy thing to raid Sunspear or the Greenblood.
  9. Since the burning of the ships by Nymeria was 700 years ago shouldn’t Dorne have at least some form of fleet? There are quite a few major castles along the coast (Salt Shore, Lemonwood, Wyl, the Tor, and obviously Sunspear) and more along rivers, so I would think that at least of these castles would have ships for defence. Or Dorne might just not have the funds or inclination to support a navy, Or House Martell may not have any ships because of tradition or out of respect for Nymeria? Anyway I would like to hear the community’s thoughts on this, and apologies if this has been discussed elsewhere.
  10. McGuv19

    Neck Will be the New Wall

    The Neck wouldn’t be a great place to defend from a Northern threat because the crannogmen’s poison arrows wouldn’t do any good against the Others and Moat Cailin is super easy to take from the north. But I suppose if the men built new fortifications then it would actually be a pretty good line of defense. If the fight against the Others is indeed everlasting then the Dornish Marches perhaps could be the Westerosi’s last line of defense. The rivers in the Riverlands could act as natural obstacles but since the Others and the cold come at the same time they would probably just freeze over. The only other natural obstacles to the Others I can think of are the Mountains of the Moon and the rainwood maybe.
  11. McGuv19

    Baelish's plan to the Throne

    Yes and he has already reconciled with half the Lords Declarant, and made friends with Lyonel Corbray and Nestor Royce.
  12. McGuv19

    The Red Wedding Was Justified.

    You make some good points but in my opinion they do not justify killing dozens of nobles and thousands of men-at-arms just because one man chose another woman’s honour over your daughter’s hand in marriage, and killing all those people while they were under your protection as your guests, having eaten your bread and salt. A different way to bump off Robb would be to do what Lord Manderly did to Rhaegar, Symond, and Jared Frey (I don’t mean eat them, I mean wait until they have left and then kill them). And if you did that you wouldn’t have the blood of thousands on your hands and be despised by all the realm, instead you would only have killed a few men, buddied up with the throne and the Lannisters, and not have had to endure a costly war for independence.
  13. McGuv19

    What happens if Euron sacks Oldtown?

    You are right as I didn’t consider the Hightowers giving weapons to untrained smallfolk. Also I am just reading on the wiki that during the Dance the Hightowers fielded well over 9,000 men, likely not including vassals or the city watch. Combine that with assistance from other nearby castles in the Reach (not Horn Hill as Samwell believes it is lightly garrisoned and not castles along the Mander as they are being raided by ironmen) and increasing the size of the city watch to 4,000+(which Oldtown would be able to support as they are wealthy and likely not in massive debt like the crown) I would now say 15,000 actual soldiers and ~15,000 peasant soldiers. As for navy it is mentioned Baelor ‘Brightsmile’ Hightower is building ships and Gunthor is building up the harbours defences or at least has charge of the harbour. The royal fleet of King’s Landing before the Battle of the Blackwater was about 50 ships, facing off against Stannis’ 200. Since the Hightowers control a sea port city also on a river (like King’s Landing), are actively building ships, and are extremely wealthy I would estimate at least 75-100 ships (Stannis was building ships from Jon Arryn’s death to the Blackwater and I would say ships from the lords of the narrow sea made up about half of Stannis’ 200, the other ~100 being from the Stormlands, the Reach?, and Myrish and Lyseni sellsails). The Hightowers may get more ships (about 25) if the Redwyne ships left at the Arbor join them. My verdict now is that it should be a comfortable victory for Lord Leyton if the ironborn attack head on (which I don’t think they will because Euron isn’t an idiot) because he has the defensive advantage, the numbers advantage, and the bonus of his navy being an extra line of defense. With any luck Hightower’s ships alone would sink 25-75 of Euron’s ships and kill 950-2800 men. If Euron defeats Hightower’s fleet (drawing them into the Redwyne Straits and encircling them?, like how Stannis beat Victarion at Fair Isle) then he could take Blackcrown, Three Towers and Sunhouse at his leisure if they don’t have too many men defending them since they are on the coast. But I don’t see how he could take Oldtown unless it is by stealth or sorcery. Perhaps Euron could intercept Cinnamon Wind and interrogate Marwyn, who may have knowledge of a magic or weakness of Oldtown.
  14. Jon Stark just sounds weird to me.
  15. Oh yeah didn’t think of that, thanks. ‘Dornish snake’ ’Sand Snakes’ House Wyl’s sigil is a snake coiling around a leg.