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  1. flaydagawd

    Favorite Bastards

    Bloodraven and Daeron II's entire line
  2. flaydagawd

    Ranking the best warriors at the start of asoiaf

    I'll go by accomplishments and deeds that I remember here - 1. Jaime Lannister - Cut down a bunch of men at the Whispering Wood whilst trying to get to Robb Stark - Was able to match Brienne while being chained and after months of captivity probably not being properly fed 2. Barristan Selmy - Past deeds in the War of the Ninepenny Kings, Duskendale, vs the Kingswood Brotherhood - Killed a bunch of men trying to apprehend him WITHOUT a weapon 3. The Hound - Won The Hand's Tourney, beat Jaime in the jousting - Fended off The Mountain without trying to kill him 4. Oberyn Martell - MERKED The Mountain (revenge drive aside) 5. The Mountain - Big mtoherfucker who is probably the benchmark for fighters in Westeros Westeros is superior to Essos and nobody from there gets into the top 10 imo, the level of fighting is far better in Westeros, change my mind
  3. flaydagawd

    Last One Standing

    Samwell as he's probably the one writing this 'Song of Ice and Fire'
  4. flaydagawd

    Poll: Is Quentyn, Called 'Frog', Still Alive?

    As much as I'd like for there to be some elaborate twist that makes sense that we can mark out for, Quent is most likely dead, poor guy
  5. flaydagawd

    Ranking the best warriors at the start of asoiaf

    1. Jaime 2. Barristan 3. Oberyn 4. Sandor 5. Gregor
  6. flaydagawd

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    I think 'Lord of the Crossing' is at least following a a gimmick (maybe he is just a Frey fan) and is trying to work us all. Some of these others tho...
  7. I'm guessing polygamy. It's the best way to make Jon the legitimate heir to the Iron Throne (if Aegon is fAegon). She probably didn't have a choice either.
  8. Pardon me but I'm not sure about the timeline here. So Rhaegar 'kidnaps' Lyanna then takes her directly to the Tower of Joy? If this is the case then she probably knew NOTHING at all. I don't think Rhaegar would have allowed it. Not because he was controlling but because he wanted to spare Lyanna the details. He probably lied to her and said that everything was fine. She probably didn't believe him but what else could she do? Obviously he returns to Kings Landing and probably tells her that he's going to answer for his 'crimes' and leaves the Kingsuard at the Tower but he never comes back? The Kingsguard probably don't tell her anything either.
  9. I remember someone saying on here that the 8 graves that were dug in Dorne were for the 5 of Ned's companions, 2 on the Kingsguard and...Lyanna. People want to believe Arthur Dayne is alive and considering everything it makes sense. Like why the heir of Starfall thinks highly of Ned. Also signs of Lyanna's pregnancy would have been apparent so burying her in Dorne would also make sense. It doesn't make sense that Lyanna wanted to be buried in the crypts of Winterfell so it's probably another lie Ned told Robert.
  10. flaydagawd

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    As a human being there should be 0% disagreement with Jon's decisions. Would have him do everything plus have him look for a reason to hang Bowen Marsh earlier.
  11. flaydagawd

    Nymor's letter to Aegon

    How come Rhaenys being alive is widely accepted? Just curious. It's said that she fell from Meraxes which I imagine would be a pretty high drop.
  12. flaydagawd

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    Seems like there's so much bias against Jon that people are willing to overlook how heinous Ramsay is
  13. flaydagawd

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    No he didn't because that's Bowen being a traitor and stabbing his Lord Commander. If you're gonna use in universe rules to call Jon a traitor then be consistent. Beside why should we as sane readers who actually live in a sensible...ish society throw mud at Jon who is a child by the way, for wanting to go and avenge his father and help his brother? He's doing what normal people would do in that situation. We as readers aren't bound by Westeros' code of honor and shouldn't be otherwise we'd still be saying Jaime Lannister did the wrong thing by killing some psychotic king (but he swore a vow!), thought this should be said. Why should we care about treason when we know the Lannisters to be absolutely horrid people who deserve to have the throne ripped away from them? Aye he went out and he was close to Mole Town when he intended to desert, and then he decided came back. Shows personal growth and strength in that moment to uphold his vows. Let me ask you something, you know the Boltons, especially Ramsay aren't good people right? More than that, they are flayers, torturers and rapers. So why would you expect Jon to do nothing when he hears his sister who would be about 12 at this point (though age shouldn't really matter) is forcefully married to some psychopath? You love to make a point about protecting all well guess what? Ramsay was demanding a whole bunch of hostages in the Pink Letter, are you expecting Jon to give them all up? Is that the right thing to do? Tell me from a reader's perspective now rather than the rigid in universe perspective. Because the question here is who is the true protagonist (or the 'hero' of the story) and being a protagonist isn't about following the rules of the rigid in universe society, it's about doing the right thing. Most people think Daenerys is the true protagonist and yeah she has done the right thing for the most part. But she hasn't had that many tough choices like Jon has had. It's easy to say Jon's feelings don't matter as a reader because it's a fiction and we don't put ourselves in their shoes. But even when you talk about the larger scheme of things (which is The Others), Jon is the only one who's preparing for that as well. And he can't prepare for it while a psychopath like Ramsay threatens guests (and the Watch itself if he doesn't hand over those guest) at the Wall or while traitors like Bowen Marsh are stabbing him. I mean if you're support Ramsay and Bowen Marsh in this situation that's fine. Maybe they're your favourite characters or something.
  14. flaydagawd

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    I suppose you're right. The warrior culture in Westeros is very rigid and wouldn't look at the vow the way a reader like myself did. Perhaps when the story finishes (if it ever does) the Westerosi society will look back and think how progressive Jon was. I feel it could be heading towards that after they deal with the Long Night and everything or even during. Maybe they'll even absolve Jaime for killing an obviously insane, bloodthirsty king. Anyway who's your true protagonist? " R'hllor doesn't seem capable of thus far" But wasn't Beric resurrected by Thoros a few times? And Stoneheart later resurrected by Beric giving way with his life? Magic is limited but it's becoming a big part of the story more and more and GRRM doesn't have a problem of using it sparingly. With Mel...and Shireen being at The Wall everything is already in place for Jon to jump right back up. But it's not gonna be rosy of course. Jon will have to deal with the moral dilemma of Shireen (possibly) being forcefully sacrificed so he could come back. He certainly will have to deal with Mel in a manner that doesn't want to along with the traitors in the Watch all of which will scar him mentally, a trope that is certainly an ASOIAF specialty. Again, there's nobody that's close enough that makes sense for him to warg into. Tormund? Edd? Ser Alliser?
  15. flaydagawd

    Does Asoiaf Have a True Protagonist? *SPOILERS*

    I'd say that part is more vague and open to interpretation. Like the characters do a lot of interpreting themselves and they act like their interpretation is what binds them but 'win no glory and wear no crowns' can simply mean winning no glory (whatever that means; I suppose competing in tournies because you're literally winning glory) and wearing no crowns (don't become king because kings require a coronation which involves being crowned). They'll have their own interpretation but really only the literal parts of the vow can be upheld. Otherwise if the whole vow is figurative then people can just add as many rules as they want can't they? (which would be terrible and it's a good thing that isn't the case) Hell, the things you've just mentioned can fall under Jon being 'the shield that guards the realms of men'. Arya and Stannis (when did he 'break' his vow regarding Stannis?) are within the realms of men, Winterfell is within the realms of men. Jon wouldn't be wrong because his vow actually says nothing about NOT helping out and in fact he is upholding his vow. And if whoever runs the Watch (which IS Jon) has a problem with certain things being done that they feel is against the vow then the vow should be updated shouldn't it? Looking at it from a reader who lives in the real world perspective how can we fault Jon for his actions? 1. He's doing a morally good thing trying to save his 'sister' 2. You could look at it like he is upholding his vow being 'the shield that guards the realms of men' 3. The vow while sounding cool and sacred is silly anyway. I mean as the author I think GRRM has tried to write his 'heroish' protagonists as the most morally impregnable in OUR eyes. Not the eyes on the in universe people as we've seen that they can and are unreliable as hell when it comes to their judgement. Which means Jon, Dany, possibly Tyrion although he's been shaky since Dance are probably the 3 most 'heroish' characters. IMO Anyway in regards to the last part about Jon's body, who could he warg/resurrect into that would make sense? Hodor probably won't happen and I along a lot of others I assume wouldn't want it to happen. Death will most probably pay for life here. Melisandre will be involved. Jon gets his old body who the hell wants to see him interact with Dany, Arya, Bran, Sansa, Tyrion and whoever when he sees them in somebody else's body? Plus the legal problems won't be problems because his watch ended when he literally died as per his vow.