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  1. Because it's the shoehorned book ending they didn't do a good enough job building up to. instead they provided yes kween fanservice for years since running out of books to copy. haven't people figured this out?
  2. Sure you Dany fans can believe whatever you want. My entire watch party enjoyed seeing her skewered on our 60 inch TV. And if this is the only ending we get (likely, george is old), I'm fine with this, while you have to choke on it for all of eternity lol. And lmao about Benioff being a Stark fan. He made Bran and Jon memes of their book selves in favor of dragons and "yes kween" CGI. Where are their bonds with their direwolves? Their skin changing abilities? Jon and Arya's bond? Bran's entire character? Yet Dany gets 24/7 fire immunity even if that isn't even a thing, defeats Khals and the Slavers in 5 minutes (they have to be stupid so Dany can have another yes kween moment). Even if Benioff detoured the story to screw Dany over, it surely isn't because of their love for the Starks.
  3. George isn't writing a story that will fulfill your hopes and dreams for Dany or his "second favorite character" (where'd he even say this?). He probably doesn't care about whether we think it's wretched or whatever. This world is built on realism, and that's how George wants to separate ASOIAF from generic fantasy stories where the heroes get happy endings and live happily ever after. Sometimes wretched things just happen. That's reality. That's life. Getting his head chopped off was a wretched ending for Ned. Are you complaining? say what you want about the people who wrote the show. George told them his ending. You and I, we don't know anything. they do.
  4. Oh I have faith George will earn his way there. Just saying Daenerys is still going to die in Jon's hands or via his actions. How and why? Wait for ADOS. my comment is making fun of Daenerys fanatics on this board who somehow (I can't fathom why) think Daenerys is the main hero of this story who can do no wrong because she is some abolitionist angel. Or that she has to win and be a hero for this to be a good story (this is ASOIAF not Frozen). Or that her possibly becoming a villain or force of darkness is some cheap thing that CaN'T hAppeN" because it's sexist (she's a human who happens to be a woman, what happens to her can happen to any human regardless of their gender. No one complains when a man goes rogue when almost all tyrants in history and literature are men). I'll laugh hard at your meltdowns if George also skewers her in the books LMAO
  5. I don't see a happy ending for Daenerys. Can't wait til Jon skewers her.
  6. Any Dany fans who don't see this by now are in for a rude awakening. you know, I think they are better off not knowing the book ending. He's probably gonna write her death and downfall more brutally in the books anyway. At least they didn't mutilate her in the show. Who knows about George lol.
  7. When Jon skewers the villain Daenerys Targaryen in ADOS, people will lose their minds. Can't wait! Just 59 more years to go til the series is complete guys! oh wait, y'all probably gonna be dead by then.
  8. Can't wait til ADOS comes out and George still kills Dany in a more brutal way, probably by Jon stabbing her in the heart after she goes bonkers. The "iT'S diFFeReNt iN tHe bOoKs! daNy wiLL be ThE hEro!!!!" fans will lose their minds LMAO
  9. She is A main character, not THE main character. You're basically reading a complex story and disregarding other characters hoping for the victory of one character who's destined for a tragic end, because she really isn't the hero of this story. Like it or not, the Starks are the heroes of this story, heck Bran probably is the main character if we're going by what GRRM has planned for him. You can say whatever about how the HBO version sucked and complain about what is and what isn't in the books or whatever. It's still not looking good for Daenerys either way.
  10. You're a really annoying Daenerys fan (that or you're a troll). You're always here blabbing about your dislike for Jon/Starks and boner for Daenerys. Like it or not the Starks are protagonists in this story. You're missing more than 75% of this story by skimming their chapters. So no, don't keep reading. Pick something else to read or write your own story with a victorious Daenerys or whatever warped version you want to write. You're not gonna get a Targaryen restoration (that you did not get from the tv version) by reading the books. If it didn't happen on TV, it sure as hell ain't happening here where her and her family are portrayed in a much more sinister light than the show. Save yourself massive disappointment, because you won't get your dream story from someone else's vision.
  11. Yeah that's not white saviorism is. What you're referring to is white supremacy. White saviorism is like the manifest destiny bs the US used to preach back in the day to justify them sticking their noses in the politics of the other white countries' colonies. Like oh these brown people are so uncultured we gotta save them! Or the memes about white girls going to Africa to "save the children" when in reality they only spend 2 weeks there for their instagram accounts.
  12. Not Tyrion's fault y'all got tricked into believing the book/show's white feminist propaganda. And since I'm damn sure book Daenerys' story ends in a similar/parallel way, I think George RR Martin is a genius fucking writer. He fooled y'all!
  13. Doubt it. For instance Dany going berserk last minute, Jon killing Dany and King Bran are too controversial and far too risky for today's audience to be something D&D pulled out of their asses on their own. These were so poorly shoehorned in I'm pretty sure they put that in there because "George said so".
  14. Thank you! At this point disputing the actual endpoints for the main characters is just wishful thinking (particularly these resurrection fanfics made up by Dany fans). This is what George plans for us all. But since he's never going to finish the books the wishful thinking will go on forever. Can't wait!
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