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  1. 21st Century Moose

    Why did the project fail?

    Unrealistically high viewer expectations, the two-year gap between s7 and s8, the two shortened last seasons, the sprawling nature of AFFC and ADWD which necessitated changes, and the lack of source material all contributed to what we ended up with. I hesitate to use the word "fail" here because in the end it did actually succeed in bringing the thing to a conclusion; just not the conclusion that some might have wanted. In fact a good chunk of what's actually happened bears all the classic and oh-so-predictable marks of nothing much more than the internet hate machine going into action, and I believe that history will be kinder to what was achieved by this show.
  2. 21st Century Moose

    GRRM and the 3 twist.

    Yes, plus: ever since she set foot on Westeros people have been counselling her to not be the Queen of Ashes. This was discussed back in s7e2; she could have taken Kings Landing in a day but chose not to. Now she finds herself betrayed by the very people who had been advising restraint most.
  3. 21st Century Moose

    Unpopular opinion

    I'm not sure that GRRM is capable of "brilliant plotlines" himself any more; do people really want episode after episode of not much more than Tyrion drunk in a boat, wondering where whores go, and Dany mooning about in Meereen?
  4. 21st Century Moose

    Unpopular opinion

    10 episodes this season would have been just right; there were storylines in there that needed time and space to evolve and grow, and 10 would have done it. I think the first 2 episodes are probably fine as they are, but the rest of it definitely needed the extra.
  5. 21st Century Moose

    Unpopular opinion

    Yes, this. People can say what they like about how the story is being told, but the fault for not liking the story lies with those who had seriously messed-up headcanon about Dany and Jon getting married, ruling happily-ever-after together, and filling the world with little Targ babies.
  6. 21st Century Moose

    This Is How It Was Supposed To Be [Spoilers]

    Your flaw is in looking for a rational or strategic explanation for her actions. There was none, she snapped, she flew into a rage. Remember Viserys in s1: "now you have awoken the dragon!" - that's exactly what she did here.
  7. 21st Century Moose

    The Last of the Disappointments?

    So you missed the part where the dragons were shot from the side and the ships came round a corner at the end of a cliff? Where the ships were, you know, hidden? Because that part seemed really obvious and difficult to miss.
  8. 21st Century Moose

    Can we talk about why everything is so dark...

    I've watched it three times, twice on my phone and once on my laptop. While it was certainly darker on my phone than on my laptop, I seriously couldn't say that it was too dark on either device, and I could quite clearly see what was going on all of the time. I did watch fullscreen on both so that may have helped. I expect that if you were watching in a window, with a lot of white or other brighter colours around it, then you'd have a harder time seeing it, but that's contrast, not darkness, and that's coming from other screen elements, not the show.
  9. 21st Century Moose

    Episode 4 preview

    Personally if I was Bronn I'd be hightailing it to the Free Cities roundabout now. Getting mixed up with the Lannisters is not something that's going to end well; as Bronn himself observed: "that fucking family".
  10. 21st Century Moose

    Name of the battle?

    The War for the Dawn
  11. We have to assume that there was always a way for him to get past the Wall, that the spells in the Wall were never enough to hold him back on their own. Otherwise what's the point of having a Nights Watch? You could just leave the Wall completely undefended and it would have done it's job just as well. You'd probably still want a token force there, just for observation, but a token force would have been sufficient. So the fact that the Nights Watch existed is evidence that the Wall on it's own is not enough. That the Wall also needs to be actively defended, that if it's not actively defended there is a danger of the NK/WW getting by it, so that there must have always been a way for them to get by it. What that way was, don't know. Outside of the NK/WW, probably nobody knows, unless it's buried in some book in the Citadel. But it must have been there.
  12. 21st Century Moose

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    You're expecting good strategy from Cersei?
  13. 21st Century Moose

    ULTIMATE SEASON 8 SPOILERS. Want to know how it will really end? [SPOILERS]

    The time for pulling crazy shit out of your arse that nobody's going to be able to challenge is passed. The ending isn't years away any more; in two days we will know how a lot of stuff goes down; in a mere twenty-three days it will all be done, and the crazier theorists will have to eat some serious crow.
  14. 21st Century Moose

    The forging of Lightbringer

    I think people looking for a forging of NewLightbringer are reading far too much into things, and will probably end up disappointed. OldLightbringer was forged three times, and tempered in water, a lion and Nissa Nissa before it was complete. If we look at what the prophecy actually says about NewLightbringer, it doesn't say any of that. All it says is that a warrior is going to draw it from a fire. That's it. No water. No lion. No Nissa Nissa. None of that is prophesied for NewLightbringer. So, the probability is that NewLightbringer already exists, possibly that it's one of the Valyrian Steel swords. At some stage during the battle there will be an incident involving that sword and fire. Perhaps dragon fire? Someone's going to pull the sword out of the fire and that will be it - NewLightbringer will be complete. Valyrian Steel tempered in dragon fire? Sounds about right to me - I can easily imagine that having an effect on the NK that normal VS wouldn't.
  15. 21st Century Moose

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    The army of the dead may be waddling at 2 miles per hour but they don't tire, they don't rest, they don't sleep. They'll be waddling 24 hours per day, so will easily make almost 50 miles per day. We were only shown what happened at Last Hearth, but Tormund did remark that anyone left north of Winterfell was part of them now. That includes Last Hearth, Karhold, the Dreadfort and Deepwood Motte. So they were either spread out wide and thin across the North, or the full army was zig-zagging about quite a bit.