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How to download anime series on KissAnime?
KissAnime is one of the most famous sites where you can watch and download Japanese animations for free. 
Nowadays, the Japanese animation industry has gained many achievements. With lively characters, meaningful lessons, and interesting situations that often happen in real life, it stands to reason that anime often is a good choice for every parent to teach their children about the right and the wrong. Besides, anime is a place where the kids can nurture great dreams. Due to all reasons, there are more and more anime series created out there. Despite the fact that people can watch these movies on TV or video-sharing websites such as YouTube, DailyMotion or Vimeo, users are not really satisfied with the number of movies that these websites can provide. That’s the reason why most people try to hunt an online website or application that only focuses on anime to enjoy unlimited films. That’s where KissAnime comes in. 
What is KissAnime?
Simply, KissAnime is a worldwide anime specialized website that you can watch anime in high quality for free. Today, there are countless animation sites, but KissAnime is probably standing at No.1 thanks to its high-definition quality, good usability, and fast download speeds. 
Key features 
Japanese search is possible. (If two titles are the same, the top is the dubbed version and the bottom is the subtitled version)
It can play with a high image quality of 720p and 1080p. (You can switch from the setting button in the lower right of the player.)
Loading speed is quick, and there is no broken link.
KissAnime also can play in PC, smartphone or tablet.
Contents are categorized clearly. 
Regularly update latest episodes. 
For further features, please go to https://www.top1apk.com/kissanime-download/.
What are KissAnime’s alternatives?
Besides KissAnime, there are many famous destinations where you can find exclusive anime series. Here we would like to introduce some:
GoGoAnime: It is an animation video sharing site that opened in 2016. The server is in the United States and mainly used to upload Japanese animation. With an intuitive interface, even newcomers can learn to use at ease. It works well on multiple devices including smartphones and smartphones. Visit https://gogoanimes.co/ and you will see its advantages immediately. 
AnimeShow: Like GoGoAnime TV, it is a reputable site that makes it easy to find anime movies. However, this is also true for KissAnime, but pop-ups and advertisements display frequently when clicking the video playback button. You can give it a shot at http://www.animeshow.tv/.
How to save KissAnime's video download
One of the reasons KissAnime is popular is that you can download and save movies directly from the site. Here, we will show you how to download directly from KissAnime's site without using the software.
Direct download from the site
Visit KissAnime from your browser and search for videos.
The site will automatically analyze your keywords before clicking "SEARCH". All suggestions will be displayed under the search box. Just simply choose one if it’s suitable with your need, or click on “search” button if it’s not.  
For each search result, you will see “Dub” (a dubbed version) or “Sub” (an English subtitled version) attached behind the movie name. For those who don’t know Japanese, this feature is handy...
Note: As of December 2018, Kiss Anime is running two domains for Japanese and for Latin characters. As KissAnime frequently transfers domains, it sometimes occurs that the site is closed. In that case, if you follow us on Twitter or any other social network to find out the new KissAnime domain immediately.
Next, when you find out your favorite video name, just click on it and scroll down to see a series of episodes in line. Choose the episode you want to download. 
When the movie playback screen opens, right click and choose “Save the video with the name”. Choose your SD card, and the video will be saved in MP4 format. 
How to download directly on your smartphone
Up to this point, we have introduced the method of preserving videos on PC. Actually, even with a smartphone, it is possible to download directly from KissAnime with the same operation.
From the browser, go to KissAnime and search for the video you want to save. The operation until opening the movie playback screen is the same as PC. Pay attention so as not to carelessly tap advertisements as the screen is smaller than a PC.
Here is the download saving method on the smartphone. Scroll to the location of the playback screen. Press and hold on the screen. "Open in Browser" and "Download Movie" are displayed; then just choose the former. 
How to download and save KissAnime videos using third-party apps 
Although this Latest movie watching app assumes that you can download videos directly from the site, sometimes, it does not allow you to choose download or resolution of the video. 
This is unavoidable, but it is stressful when you are urgent to save videos at once. So it’s time to try Keepvid. It is a free application for smartphones that can save not only videos and music but also images and PDF to your smartphone. There are both for iPad & iPhone and Android. Simply go to Top1apk.com to download Keepvid apk. It does not take much of your mobile space and bring huge benefits. It completely comes to you at no cost. 
Wrapping it up! 
In conclusion, Kissanime is a massive library of both the latest and oldest anime series served to fans. It not only gives you a chance to watch anime online but helps users save loved videos on their device. If your friends haven’t heard about KissAnime yet, feel free to share this article with them.