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  1. Who is the top 3 fighters in each region after aGoT and after aDwD The wall and the free folk GoT 1.qhorin halfhand 2.mance rayder 3.benjen stark North 1.Greatjon Umber?? 2.Jorah Mormont?? 3. Riverlands 1.Brynden Tully 2.Jason Mallister 3.Black Walder Frey Westerlands 1.Jaime Lannister 2.the mountain 3.the hound Vale 1.Yohn Royce 2.Lyn Corbray 3.?? Crownlands Stormlands 1.Barristan Selmy 2.Balon Swann 3.Brienne Dorne 1.Oberyn 2.sandsnake? 3.Darkstar? Reach 1.Garlan? 2.Loras? 3.?? Iron Island 1.Victarion/Euron 2.Harlaw?? 3.?? Essos 1.Khal Drogo 2.belwas?? 3.???
  2. There are a lot of topics about military size, so I'd like to make a ranking for each region considering military size, wealthy and land control. So I'd like to start with north because they're the region that we most know about. 1. Manderly It's pretty easy since they rule the largest harbor in the north , control some silver production and land with fertility 2.Starks I think they're tue second because I belive that the tallhart and glovers are not only vassals, they're more likely managers of the stark, I mean they're masterly house, and when Ned Stark want to put some archers in Moat Cailin he asked to these 2 masterly house. He could have asked for ryswell or dustin since they're near, or even manderly. So I believe they have a diferent relation. 3. Boltons They're king , they opposed starks and managed to survive for so many years I mean they should have a lot of pety lord and good influence in the north to rebel against the lord paramount. 4.Dustin Control the second largest city in the north, are near the south, I think that they're not so powerfull as the boltons because there are a lot of rocks in their land , but it's pretty close. Maybe they have similar military size but I think that the Boltons have more influence. - Karstark/Umbers/Ryswell/Mountain Clan I think they're pretty similar in power, and it's hard to say who is the stronger one. Keep in mind that the mountains clan are all united as one, but I think the're less powerfull because the other houses are better equipped 9.Hornwood Good lands in south, was they had men to help robb, to fight for rodrick and also after ramsay murdered lady hornwood, I believe that they increased bolton force. 10.Cerwyn I Believe they control less lands if you compare then with the hornwood, but they also fighted for Robb and Sor Rodrick, don't remember with the're mentioned after that 11.12.13 - Flint of WW/Reed/Locke The flint control land close to the hornwood so I belive that it's kind fertil The reed have a diferent life style but they're king once and they have a very good defensive land I belive they have a pretty similar maps ,I think the Lockes have more potential of power but I believe that the manderlys are so strong that they steal they're influence, the same happen with the flint of WW. I mean with you're a pety lord would you prefer have Manderly protection or Locke protection. 14.15 - Flint of finger/Mormont In wiki says that Flint of WW are the strongest flints. Mormont are in extreme north,living in island , I don't believe they have fertil land and the winter may be to harsh