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  1. I don't like Victarion Greyjoy at all. Totally agree he's not very bright. He's monster in battle but not a great leader at all. Great captain but no skills to be a real ruller. He can only be a very usefull tool for Daenerys. He can not be anything more to her. I hope in the Winds House Greyjoy finally will realise that they can only be vassals of Daenerys Stormborn. Hope Victarion will use his loyality and battleskills in her service. Otherway he has no place in the story.

    You can not compare Victarion to Drogo. Drogo us undisputed leader if his people. Victarion has no balls to oppose Euron openly. 

  2. In the ASOIAF books Daenerys won the most remarkable battles. She adapted to the dothraki customs and become a leader. She became mother of dragons. She managed to gain the unsullied army. Astapor. Meereen. Become a dragonrider. Managed with treason, deceases... She has an unbelievable wusdom for her age. She is strong charachter and capable. She is strong enough to make srlf-sacrificies. At her age any of the men you list look like tumb-suckers to Daenerys Stormborn. She's my personal number one battle commander. After her I would point Robb Stark, Tiwyn Lannister, Randyl Tarly, Robert Baratheon. At Blackwater battle Stannis proved he's iron not steel.

  3. On 1/13/2019 at 12:18 AM, Platypus Rex said:

    As GRRM has said in an SSM, these kinds of creatures are bound by the missions they had in life.  And, as you say, Beric's mission was not particularly useful to the dark force that animated him.  That's why it abandoned Beric at the first opportunity., and entered Catelyn's corpse.  

    Couldn't agree less. Beric gave his spark to Catelyn because he promised Arya to back het to her mother. This zombie theory I don't think it fits. Lady Stoneheart is not a zombie. Beric was not a zombie. They are tortured spirits with mission which they have to complete to rest in peace. 

  4. On 2/12/2019 at 11:06 PM, The Bastard of Walton said:

    I think Bran Wargs into the Past & makes a pact with them. He promises the Night King a "Prince/Princess of Ice & Fire" in exchange for a prolonged period of peace.

    Since then, he has to carefully manipulate the next 8000 years or so so that Jon or/& Danys child are born.... A Prince/Princess of Ice & Fire. 

    Bittersweet.... The baby is given to the Night King to save the realm of men or Jon Kills Dany forging Lightbringer.

    Bran finally realises he is pulling the strings all the way. He is playing the ultimate game of thrones


  5. On 2/6/2019 at 7:22 PM, Vaith said:
    • House Targaryen - Aegon V Targaryen / Daenerys Targaryen
    • House Stark - Sansa Stark
    • House Lannister - Cersei Lannister
    • House Arryn - Jeyne Arryn
    • House Martell - Arianne Martell
    • House Greyjoy - Asha Greyjoy
    • House Tully - Catelyn Tully
    • House Baratheon - Stannis Baratheon
    • House Tyrell (are we forgetting them? ;)) - Olenna Tyrell

    Olenna is Redwin if Catelyn is Tully ;)

  6. On 11/29/2018 at 7:16 PM, Frances Bean Corbray said:

    House Stark's forgotten secret weapon, the real meaning of Winter Is Coming, and how The North Was Won.

    The Night's King was scrubbed from history not for being an abominable outlier but for being too flagrant & obvious about Business As Usual.

    It is the song of ice and fire.  Dragons are Fire Made Flesh, and tied to the blood of Old Valyria (currently surviving only in House Targaryen).  The Others are Ice Made Flesh, and tied to the blood of the First Men (ever running strongest in House Stark).

    The Last Hero was a diplomat, not a warrior.  The Others cannot be beaten. They can only be asked Very Nicely To Please Stop.  And only a Stark can do it.

    I like this. We know many lands around 7kingdoms even far Asshai and so on. But why no one ever described what lays north. I think Others exist from the very beggining. Others and the children of the forest are in some manner creators of the realm. Their powers are the powers of nature, the knowledge for this powers. I believe the answer is in the times before forging of the pact, before the arrival of first man. Maybe children have the answers and can handle the others because i believe children and others are the opposite sides of a coin. I agree others cant be killed or destroyed. There should be a wise way for their returning north. Since age of heros first men, andals, rhoynars, valyrian, all of them fight for land, power, crown. The battle with others should be a battle for existance for life. It will show whats truely important. Back from the very beggining. People should remember old times. North must remember.

  7. In Medieval ages a lot of women, even noble, died during childbirth. The delivery is very hard, extreme and painful and can be very dangerous even nowdays. I think in the case of Lyanna she just wanted the baby and she never protected herself because she wanted to conceive and give birth. And moontea maybe helps but I think it is an old and unsure way to prenvent conception. I doubt it is 100% sure, I doubt even it is 50% sure. If just drinking some tea is enough nowdays no women should pay for operations.

  8. 2 hours ago, Alexander Leonard said:

    When her father was killed, she swore to fight the enemy to the bitter end, which means she was prepared to die and she did not fear death. By taking her as wife, Orys put himself in grave danger. She could assassinate him at any time and then commit suicide, to avenge her father's death.
    Rhaenys liked to be surrounded by singers, dancers and poets but Aegon lacked such talents. That's why I think she might not want to marry him.

    I know a lot of women who loves singing and dancing and if they have to choose between Justin Timberlake and Vin Diesel, the first has no chance. Trust me I'm a woman. And this about Argella is too much drama. Killing and commiting suicide is like a soap opera scenario. 

  9. 10 minutes ago, Eltharion21 said:

    I agree that they both were horrible in slightly different sense. 

    Though I feel Viserys doesn't get enough of flak for creating two branches of family, arming them with weapons of mass destruction, not doing enough to enable proper succession. He ruled for 26 years and in that time didn't had any major problem to  resolve other than succession, he had all the power to stop future rift that caused death of dragons and almost ruination of dynasty.

    While Aegon and Rhaenyra were possibly manipulated to conflict though that doesn't excuse any  of their cruel actions. It still makes their position at the moment of death of Viserys more complicated in my opinion and war at that moment is harder to stop , then while power was concentrated mostly in one place.

    Viserys made his choice for the succesion of the throne. Just Aegon II didn't accepted his father's will. Both Aegon II and Rhaenyra desired the throne. What makes them the worst rullers is that they used the worst means to take and keep the throne. After them the kingdom is a wreck. House Targaryen lost his pride and glory losing most of the dragons. With no dragons Targaryens are not the same half-gods and it is just a matter of time to be displaced from the throne. It is something realised about a century later from Aegon V. 

    A proper ruller sacrifices himself for the good for the kingdom. The bad ruller sacrifices the kingdom to protect his ego.

  10. Argella is a daughter of Argellac the Arrogant. She has her father arrogance. She prefers to sacrifice all her people instead of give up. So to give up and marry Orys is not her choice it it the choice of her people who give her naked to Orys. What Orys did is to make Argella his wife and to treat her with respect. His act is to win the respect of her people on the first place. To have the stormlords on his side with no bloodloss. He acts wisely. Taking over Stormlands is huge success and I don't think it was possible without Orys marrying Argella. 

    I don't think there are serious clues about feelings between Orys and Rhaenys. The love and attraction have nothing to do with similarities. There is no love and attraction between Aegon I and Visenya. And I don't think that they have many things in common. They are skillful warriors and so what. 

  11. On 1/7/2019 at 9:46 PM, BrainFireBob said:

    To me, always seemed like Aegon I was gay. Orys being his childhood by, Rhaenys acting as beard and hiding his favorites among her crowd, and Visenya not knowing and insisting he do his husbandry duty one night in 10. Hence avoiding her when Rhaenys dies. No more excuses

    And if it is true, what are the signs that Orys is gay ot bisexual? I think none. Aegon I is not gay. He married Visenya because it was his duty as she was the older sister. If he was a gay one marriage is enough and he is free for relations with other men. But he marries Rhenys because he desires her. But most of all he desires the kingdom he dreams for, that's why in some manner he acts distant. And Visenya is like Stannis with tits. Her duty is in first place. No place for love or other feeling for the weak.

    About Maegor. The throne is metafore. I think Maegor's killed not incident or suicide. Maegor is not a man of doubt so I don't see him surrendering. No way to kill himself.

  12. 18 hours ago, Eltharion21 said:

    That sounds plausible, though seeing how she was corrupted by Daemon and found other paramour rather fast in Breakbones, I wonder if she would done same to any other knight or lord in her service if her "White knight" wasn't chosen as her sworn shield. 


    Viserys spoiling his daughter could also be added to his failings, instead of having her being part of the small council or having some sort of job or duty besides bringing up children.

    Realm has also fallen apart in war only a moments after his death, he had most power to stop it, while he let many things pass or under the rug, probably because he loved his entire family too much.  

    He seems to have inner struggle also with him realizing the issue that caused his deteriorating health,  that caused him to die earlier, though I doubt he would change much if he lived longer.

    Allowing creation of two opposing blocks armed with super weapons in one kingdom is one of worst policies in Westeros history.

    I think the question was who is the worst ruller, not the worst father. I think both Aegon II and Rhaenyra are worse rullers than their father Viserys. My personal favourites for  worst Targaryen rullers are Aegon II and Rhaenyra. I cannot choose. Both are unprepaired and lacked ability to rule a kingdom. For a proper ruller the right question is "can he"/she rule", not "does he/she got ancestral right for the throne". Aegon II and Rhaenyra both caused a great disaster.

  13. On 2/3/2019 at 3:54 AM, Euron III Greyjoy said:

    If only Catelyn could've lived longer to give Sansa some of these lessons.  

    If Catelyn was as wise as Doran. But she wasn't. First, she was easily manipulated to believe Lannisters killed Jon Arryn. She started this Stark-Lannister "war" giving tottaly wrong advises to Ned. Her ego distracts her. She judges Jon Snow bad and insists him to join the Night Watch. And he is true-hearted and would be helpful to all his brothers and sisters. Jon Snow was the right friend and "hand'' for Robb, not Theon. Catelyn hated him only for being bastard. Catelyn lacks the ability to make right decisions. Like sending Jaime and Brienne... She failed Eddard as she failed her son Robb. She can not be a player in the game of thrones. And the same for Sansa no matter how much people like her. If Sansa survive this game of thrones, it will be not because her mother wise councel, but for the hard lessons she learned herself.

  14. 14 hours ago, jthurman14 said:

    Good catch on 'lost everything'.

    As you state Brienne should know her former fellow RG by sight. She also knew a lot of young knights as she was shopped around by her Father, participating in Tourneys, and the joke/bet on who could 'win' her hand. (Or was it her maidenhead??) 

    Question: Did Brienne fight in tourneys before the one where she beat Loras??

    Bitterbridge is her only tourney I think. Bryce Caron takes part in the tourney of the Hand Eddard Stark and is defeated by Jaime. I think Bryce Caron is at Bitterbridge also. It's interesting the conversation between Ser Shadrich and Brienne about tourneys and melee. Bitterbridge is a melee type of tourney. And Brienne defeats all her oponents. 

    In fact one of the engagements of Brienne is for Bryce Caron younger brother but never happened because the boy and his parents died. This is how Bryce Caron becomes lord ot Nightsong. And I think it is mentioned Brienne never met this boy or his relatives. So it is possible Brienne doesn't know Bryce Caron closely. Philippe Foote kills Bryce Caron in single combat or it is said so. Then Philippe Foote becomes lord of Nightsong. And he is withness Tyrion murdered Joffrey. Too "good" to be true.

    And about ser Morgarth and ser Byron. Tyrek Lannister is a squire of Robert Baratheon and accompanies his king in the final boar-hunt when the king is fatally wounded. Also ser Preston Greenfield from Roberts seven. Tyrek dissapears in the day of Myrcella's departure and Preston Greenfield's  unrecognizable body is found later. The two witnessess of Robert's death gone in one day. It's just a theory of mine but Littlefinger is very helpful hiding Cersei's secrets. Because for Littlefinger Cersei is ''easy bite" and he prefers dealing with her not with Stannis, Renly, etc.


  15. I think Jayne Westerling future is in the North. I don't think that she will continue the travel with her mom. And Jaime's future is too unsure. I don't see him married. I think Jaime's future is connected with Brienne but not in a sexual context. He needs to believe in what's good and just again and Brienne is his connection with the values he desire to save. 

  16. I think most of you seriously underestimate Littlefinger. I seriously doubt he will accept so closely people he doesn't know or he doesnt't trust. The idea that The hound is ser Byron is absurde. In the books I think only Melisandre and Mance have such transformation and Howland Reed even a crannogman is not a magician. To transform The Hound in Tyrek Lannister... It's not the kind of fantasy of GRRM. Too "fantasy" I suppose. 

    I think Littlefinger knows who ser Shadrich, Morgath and ser Byron are, because he's "hired"them. If ser Byron is Tyrek Lannister I suppose Littlefinger has "a finger" in his disappearing from Kings Landing. And maybe Morgath is some knight that helped Tyrek to escape from Kings Landing and that baby-wife he was mocked for. And having Tyrek Lannister close is useful for Littlefinger in his "game of thrones". Sansa is just a child her head is full of songs and fairytales and she usually sees only the obvious and as a child she is naive. So I think it is possible for her not to recognise Tyrek with no Lannister signs and after two years. I think the three hedge-knights are not there to save Sansa from Littlefinger but to serve Littlefinger.

    About ser Shadrich I also have doubts thet is possible to be Howland Reed. When he meets Brienne he says that he was at Blackwater battle on the wrong side and lost  everything. He's not a tourney knight but he's a skillful warrior in battle. He's a knight. He has the behavior of a nobleman. When I see the list ot nobleman knights from tne Battle of Blackwater on the side ot Stannis i see the name of Bryce Caron. Bryce Caron the orange. In the book there is no description of hif physical atributes. But he has orange hair, so is Shadrich. He took part of few tourneys but win none. After Battle of Blackwater he was "killed"by the unknown Philipp Foote and Foote was awarded wit all Caron lands. So Bryce Caron lost everything, just as Shadrich said he lost everything. Bryce Caron lands are in Stormland marches near the border with Dorne. It is similar as Shady Glenn. You connect mouse with bat and Harrenhall and House Whent. I think the mouse is metafore of a man who lost everything important and significant and who become no one. So for me is possible Bryce Caron is alive and in service to Littlefinger. Littlefinger has the power to set free and use a captive. I think it  is possible Bryce Caron is not killed but captured. And this Philippe Foote is just a strawman a puppet of someone other's interests. Maybe Littlefinger's. The waekness in this theory of mine is that Bryce Caron was one of Rennly's seven with Brienne and I'm not sure how she didn't recognised him. But may be there is possibility that she doesn't knew him close.