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  1. Yea, it's as if some here are wishing and praying for the downfall of our nation...hell, their nation. Quite odd, indeed. You could just hop on those planes before you shut them down. *eye roll*
  2. Yes. And, Maithenet is as not trying to fight/argue with you. WV gets a bad rap for so many reasons. I might have gotten a bit defensive, I'm sorry. Yes, I get your point totally. From what ive seen, almost all Trump supporters do not take this seriously. He has them brainwashed and Fox News leaves out all of his idiotic statements, which is why they think he is responding just perfect to thia situation. Let's all be grateful for Dr. Fauci. He has corrected Trump's statement moments after Trump has spewed his lies on these updated from the WH. It's fascinating. I love the time when Trump referred to a "Deep State", and Fauci basically smacked his forehead when he made the statement. I understand your original point. I do. But, I just had to come to the defense of my state. I'm 100% sure that it wasn't Justice's choice to do what he did, when he did. I'm sure a much smarter person made the choice and forced his hand. Thank god for whoever that was. Anyhow. I wish everyone on this board the best. Stay home. Stops the spread of this. And, we'll come back stronger than ever. Wether in months or a year or two. And, if Trump would be re-elected, I'm giving up on those I know who would vote for him. Im to the point that even speaking to these people is not even an option for me anymore. The level of ignorance they display...is something I cant wrap my head around.
  3. @Maithanet, I agree. I'm just defending my state. I know that most of our state is stupid rednecks that will always vote for Trump. Just, I know my state, did alot better than most. I agree with you, just defending my state. Though, most of the hillbilly, gun toting rednecks would just let it run its course and not worry about killing the elderly.
  4. Well, as I stated, WV shut down way earlier than most. A "soft" order was issued weeks ago, believe the 17th and a complete shut down was issued Monday night. And we are a red state, I dont see the correlation. Business and schools have been shutdown here since March 17th. That also came with advise to stay at home. Monday a stay at home was issued. Its being taking serious by most. Even if people are Trump supporters, they're staying home. They just like to make it clear that Trump is the hero in all of this. They forget/ignore all the B.S. he said about it being a hoax. Those who support him will always do so. Nothing will change that. Yes, they are very uneducated, the stereotype is true. But, I see no sense at all in making it a red and blue state though. The reason NY, CA and WA was hit so hard is that they are hubs of international travel...thats it.
  5. One, who gives two shits what state voted for whom? Two, West Virginia shut schools and businesses down very early. I find it completely hilarious that people are trying to correlate shutdowns and such with who they voted for. Nonsense! This and so much more is why we stay divided as a country. Let it go. Come together. Who cares about red and blue states? This political contest is actually disgusting, and shows that even in times of a crisis we cannot let politics take a back seat and come together and beat this. Roughly 40% are Trump supporters through and through. I'm surrounded by them, you cannot sway them. Ive tried. Was talking to my uncle last night (Trump supporter) and asked him about what he thought about Trump saying this was a hoax about a month ago. He got defensive and said I watch too much MSNBC and Trump never said that. LMMAO! Point is, if 2 million people die, Trump supporters will blame Pelosi or someone they find convenient. But, correlating outbreaks to red and blue states is fucking ridiculous.
  6. Thanks for link. Yes, that explains how people think about this. Its a out of sight, out of mind sort of thing. And, Jim Justice.....WOW! You should of heard him address our state last Sunday. I think him and Trump are brothers. Complete nonsense is all I heard, and spoken like Trump. Want to know what his main concern was? He was upset that he had to cancel our state basketball tournament! I am truly suprised that he shut schools and businesses down as early as he did. Oh, Justice also ran as a Democrat to get elected, then switched to a Republican after he was...
  7. Ahhh, ok. Sarcasm doesn't translate so well over the written word....
  8. I'm confused about this statement, are you excited? My state has been ahead of most about taking this serious. One of the first to shutdown and abide to social distancing. I'm sure there are more cases than 39, I know we lack in testing. Also, most probably get sick and just deal with it, rather than running to the hospital. That's our nature. I love that the governors are basically ignoring Trump's idiotic statement that he want the churches packed on Easter. I say to myself that it'll will be the end of Trump...I am not so sure. I say that because people are stupid. Alot of people just don't believe in the severity of the issue, thanks to Trump. I have so many family and friends who say, "Aw, its just like the flu, I don't see what all the fuss is about." It is so nerve racking, and I've giving up on trying to convince or explain any of it to them. They do not care. But, when it does take someone close to them, I'm sure then they will. Was watching MSNBC last night and they had a guest (I am assuming a Dr., but was a bit in my cups so not really sure) that said they believe the spread will slow significantly when it warms up. I was kinda suprised by that. Everything I've heard has said that it wouldn't. She said that the heat will kill the virus on surfaces and such, and person to person would be the transmission of Sars-Cov-2 during the summer months. Has anyone else heard this? I had been hearing the exact opposite. I work for a company in a neighboring state, we make composite decking boards. I am an essential employee...cant go without composite decking boards in a time like this. Its mind boggling, it shows the greed and stupidity of so many right now. It sad.
  9. Very, very excited for A Little Hatred. Abercrombie is in my Top 5 favorite authors. And, I just love th humor he injects into his novels.
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