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  1. On 5/30/2020 at 8:01 PM, Castellan said:

    two groups of fighting men:

    dagger standard

    armrests broke

    OK, so these are obviously way too tough but:

    Elope, enjoy! (sad)

    Win transiently (accurate)

  2. 1) 3 - Foes invading realm. Empress, Aemon now dies believing lost orphan’ll overcome doom!

    2) 7 - Take aggressive risks getting allies. Regretting years...exhausted now.

    3) 1 - Oh lovely Daenerys, Venerable ally lingers. Your return is anticipated!

    Dolorous, if the person who sent in entry #5 included the word "exhausted" in their entry and you mistakenly left the word out when you showed us the entries (which has happened to me) then I would like to make 5 my first choice and move every other entry down one.  If leaving out a letter was a mistake made by the person who sent in the entry then I won't vote for it and the above three are my votes.

  3. 1) 5 - Prunes again, regrettably. New post infested, housing gibbering, vexatious spearwives.

    2) 7 - Pal, army’s rampant. Now promoted - impossible, huh? - garrisoning violent spearwives...

    3) 4 - Lording got wearisome. Now electing master again. Good start, Pomegranate!

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