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  1. I think we've done this before.

    Change one letter in the title of a movie, TV show, or book to completely change its meaning.

    For example, change Star Wars to Star Cars a show about celebrity automobiles.

    Breaking Bed (a porno)

    Jews (just when you thought it was safe to go back in the synagogue)

  2. The worst part about hosting a game is that you don't get to play.  Here's some ideas I had:


    Round 1: (Pryat Pree)


    Wasting a savage Valyrian bitch


    Round 2: (Bloodraven)


    Monstrous, terrifying piece of loathsomeness.


    Round 3 (Quaithe)


    Pretentious counselor provides generous exposition.


    Round 4 (Melisandre)


    We’ll calmly justify murdering humans.  Wildfire!!!


    Round 5 (Jojen Reed)


    Even fucking Bran verily undermines undead nonsense.


    Round 6 (Qyburn)


    Get the corpse prepared.


    Round 7 (White Walkers)


    Icy joyless yokels.

  3. Ser wins the final round to finish in second.  A free shadow ruins his bid for a perfect 1 point game.  Rocksniffer continues his trend of scoring well when he doesn't vote.  And Castellan secures the win for this game.

    Final Standings:

    Castellan 71+8=79

    Ser Not Appearing 54+17=71

    Dolorous Gabe 54+11=65

    Jez Bell 54+8=62

    Fragile Bird 48+3=51

    rocksniffer 32+15=47

    RhaenysBee 31+4=35

    Eternally_His 11

    a free shadow 1+1=2


    Thank you to all who played and I hope you enjoyed the game.  :cheers: Congrats to the winner, Castellan :cheers:

  4. Round 7 Results:

    1. Hells' lifeless resuscitations: chilling glaciation haunts mankind. (Dolorous Gabe) 1+1+1+3+3+2=11

    2. Crystal frozen bodies that render death! (Fragile Bird) 1+1+1=3

    3. Holy lolly, revenge coldly: gelid hordes march! (RhaenysBee) 1+1+1+1=4

    4. Harken! Library reveals Cold Gods' hidden mythology. (Jez Bell) 1+1+2+1+2+1=8

    5. Chilly fellows brazenly trafficking reanimated draftees. (rocksniffer) 1+1+3+1+2+3+2+2=15

    6. Cold foreigners! Baby traders! Rotten DEVILS!!! (Castellan) 1+1+2+3+1=8

    7. Cold, frigid bastards try ruining daylight. (Ser Not Appearing) 1+1+3+2+3+3+4=17

    a free shadow 1=1

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