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  1. I liked this episode and if it had come earlier in the season I would have given it a higher rating, but in the last two seasons episodes 8 were Hardhome and The Mountain and the Viper.  It's probably unfair but I expect episode 8 to be amazing and this week it was just good.  5/10 largely because of my inflated expectations.

  2. The show's been pretty schizophrenic this season so far.  Every episode has had some really good scenes and some really bad scenes and I've based my rating on which I thought there was more of.  This was the first episode this season where I didn't think there were any really bad scenes, but it also was a pretty dull episode without a lot of great scenes.  I gave it 6/10, it's a perfectly fine episode without much to complain about but I hope it's a set up episode for some spectacular stories later in the season.

  3. I gave the episode a very generous 7.

    D&D used the episode to clean up a lot of the messes they'd created in previous seasons.  The Dornish story line in season 5 was cartoonishly bad?  Kill everyone in Dorne.  Have you changed your mind about whether to include the Greyjoys in future seasons?  Burn the fleet Daario bought for Dany.  But I think the story lines for Jon, Sansa, Arya, Jaime, Tyrion. & Dany are still strong.  I'm looking forward to the return of Bran next week.  Every season has a slow first episode, this episode suffered from the need to clean up issues from previous seasons, but overall I think it's still solid.

  4. No mention of Euron or Victarion.

    I know. There's nothing in the books that Euron does that a living Balon couldn't also do. And with Daario buying Dany 93 ships "because I heard you liked ships" there might not be a reason for Victarion to join the story. Throw on top of that that Asha/Yara already tried to rescue Theon and there's no need for a Kingsmoot. I think D&D have decided to cut the whole Greyjoy storyline. I hope I'm wrong because Euron's one of my favorite characters.

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