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  1. Aurane

    Strongest Lannister Vassal

    Marbrand>Crakehall>Farman>Brax>Lefford I'd say Marbrand. They're located near some key gold and silver mines while also being off the coast and away from reavers. They have Addam who's one of the more influential commanders. They have marital ties to the main branch of house Lannister. Farman wasn't featured much in the War of 5 Kings, but they seem to have significant naval influence.
  2. Aurane

    Edmure Should Have Got It

    Westeros would probably be better off if Bran was just a puppet. The pairing of his powers and him being 'beyond humanity' is a pretty uneasy mix. Westeros could easily spiral into a surveillance state, with Bran valuing the protection of life far more than personal freedoms.
  3. Aurane

    Edmure Should Have Got It

    It's hard to compare him to Bran, since I have no idea what Bran is or what his goals and values are. He basically got elected because Tyrion thought that magic was pretty neato. Edmure does have certain attributes that would make him a solid choice. What Westeros needs now moreso than ever is stabilization. I think that his family ties to the Starks and Arryns would be a pretty good start. He also admitted smallfolk into Riverrun which is pretty good. Edmure isn't gifted, though. My main issue is his lack of willingness to follow orders, which may be amplified with becoming king. I think that his heart is in the right place, but he would just need a strong Small Council to help him.
  4. Aurane

    Edmure Should Have Got It

    Isn't Robyn the amongst the most experienced Great Lords now? He's definitely the Longest serving lord of a great house. If he's matured, he'd probably be the best choice. House Arryn would probably be the best choice to rule. They usually don't go to war, lack the fear of being invaded, and have relatively fewer grudges against other houses. This would make them a good choice for a fair neutral rule. It would also be thematically interesting with Jon being dead at a funeral at the beginning of the show and Robyn a split second away from being crowned at a coronation. I'm not sure if I'm saying this ironically, but screw it, it doesn't matter. Send property gains taxes and arbitrage pricing theory though the Moon Door!!
  5. I forgot to add that I disagree that Slavers Bay is better off. That has more to do with the show ending the SB story line prematurely. Just because Dany destroyed some ships and killed a couple of emissaries doesn't mean that SB isn't in serious turmoil. Still, this doesn't mean that she's crazy or immoral.
  6. I agree. People say that the crucifixations are signs that she's going down the path of madness. These are displays of her being ruthless, but that doesn't mean that she has a warped ideology or view of the world. Her world domination stuff comes out of nowhere, so does whatever was going through her mind at the wall of KL. It's too bad that they chose to radically change who this character is in the last 2 episodes, after the better part of a decade building up to something else. In the books, I could definitely see her going down the path of becoming a Robespierre type character (in terms of conviction and ways of going about it, not necessarily abolishing monarchy). This doesn't mean that they should of attempted to go down that path in the final season.
  7. Aurane

    Prediction for finale

    Whoops, my mistake. I wonder if that's purely a northerner policy. I guess that it makes no matter.
  8. Aurane

    Anyone Going To Watch The Prequel Series

    I'n skeptical of the Long Night prequel. The show pulled the rug out from under it. The GOT long night lasted an episode with 2 episodes of preparation. I'm pretty sure that Karl Tanner got more screen time then the Night King. Given the info that I've seen on the proposed Valyrian prequel, I'll absolutely give it a try. It reminds me of HBO's Rome which is one of my favourite TV shows. I'll end up checking out both prequels and the other proposed one when they air. I'd like to see these prequels succeed so that we may get a reboot of GOT somewhere down the line.
  9. Aurane

    "The true enemy... brings the storm"

    I'm fairly sure that that quote is just referring to the Long Night as an unpreventable force of nature. Fire and ice likely represent a great number of things in ASOIAF. In regards to Jon, I think that he represents the unification of ice and fire, (not just because of R+L). He's able to lead using both level headed pragmatism (ice) while also adhering to morality, passion and a sense of honor(fire).
  10. Aurane

    Small Questions v. 10106

    Is there an official map featuring Lonely Light?
  11. Aurane

    "Bittersweet" can't happen in the show

    I see what you mean. The story and tone seem to be all over the place, so it's hard to tell what they're going for. I would consider it bittersweet for Jon to kill Dany in order to bring in an age of peace. Jon's storyline will probably end on a sad note, but that's not necessarily representative of the overall story. We'll probably see most of the other characters get happy endings.
  12. Probably not. A martyr is someone who dies for their convictions. The Lannisters surrendered, and she got killed anyways. She may be remembered as a victim, but a martyr is a stretch.
  13. Aurane

    Isle of Faces

    According to the wiki, the last time it was mentioned in the show was season 1. Even then, it doesn't mention it's history. I doubt that it's going to play a part in the last episode. https://gameofthrones.fandom.com/wiki/Gods_Eye
  14. Aurane

    Is Young Griffs invasion filler?

    No, fAegon is probably going to unseat the Lannisters and cause another series of military conflicts in Westeros. There's going to be a huge shift in power dynomics as he and Euron weaken the Tyrells and destabilizes the Westerlands. With all of this going on, it'll be easier for LF to invests upon his claim to the Riverlands and invades the North. It'll help Stannis gain traction in the North, depending on how long that he survives. After that, we're likely to get a second Dance against Dany.
  15. Aurane

    "Bittersweet" can't happen in the show

    It depends on your opinion on bittersweet. If it ends with Jon killing Dany, then it would be mildly bittersweet imo. I'm doubtful that this ending will mirror the bittersweet ending of the books.