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  1. We know from AWOIAF that Moat Cailin was once the seat of the Marsh Kings. There was also a brief aside about the Lockes of Oldcastle once being kings. One (or both) of these kingdoms may have already claimed where whiteharbor was. At least with Winterfell, the Kings of Winter had no nearby competition and could work on expanding their kingdom to the shores of the North where amost all other kings set up their capitals.
  2. I forgot to add that I disagree that Slavers Bay is better off. That has more to do with the show ending the SB story line prematurely. Just because Dany destroyed some ships and killed a couple of emissaries doesn't mean that SB isn't in serious turmoil. Still, this doesn't mean that she's crazy or immoral.
  3. I agree. People say that the crucifixations are signs that she's going down the path of madness. These are displays of her being ruthless, but that doesn't mean that she has a warped ideology or view of the world. Her world domination stuff comes out of nowhere, so does whatever was going through her mind at the wall of KL. It's too bad that they chose to radically change who this character is in the last 2 episodes, after the better part of a decade building up to something else. In the books, I could definitely see her going down the path of becoming a Robespierre type character (in terms of conviction and ways of going about it, not necessarily abolishing monarchy). This doesn't mean that they should of attempted to go down that path in the final season.
  4. Is there an official map featuring Lonely Light?
  5. Stewards are pretty cowardly, but if they follow Marsh's ideology, then they're way more afraid of the Boltons, Wildlings and KL then the remaining members of Castle Black. They're terrible fighters when compared to the others, but a lot of the Rangers would assumedly be patrolling outside, or just leaving the shield hall. This would leave them vulnerable to being locked out. If their plan is to secure the supplies needed to hold out a siege, they could use the tunnels connecting rooms in Castle Black to secure the rooms that they need. Battling in narrow tunnels would largely reduce the need of skill in swordplay. I can't see a scenario in which Bowen lasts more then 20 minutes after the assassination though. I suppose that he views himself as a martyr anyways. They may be trying to win Ramsay's favour after the pink letter. Again, I'm basically thinking of a best possible plan for Marsh, assuming he has sizable support and taking into account his resources. It could just be him and a few others that are in on it. Wun Wun would be a giant wildcard regardless of what Bowen's plan is. He'll probably smash Bowen for killing Jon, but after that, who knows? He's already killed one Queen's man. He may think that the others had something to do with the assassination as well, as they were just standing there. I beleive that Jon and the mutineers are between Wun Wun and the crowd. If the crowd start unsheathing their weapons and charge in his direction, he's not going to take well to that.
  6. It depends on his initial plan, the number of supporters he has, and if he can get away in time. Assuming that he controls a large portion of the stewards in castle Black, then he has a pretty good chance. I imagine that no one knows the place better than them. They are also the largest group in CB and assumedly spend most of their time in the Castle. The stewards could likely use the scarcely used tunnels to their advantage. Jon supporters inside of CB could be taken out due to being confused, red wedding style. If they are able to lock/barricade themselves inside of important portions of CB, then they may be able to secure themselves in. Being locked out of storage areas, and winter emerging, Jon and Stannis supporters would be unable to hold a siege. After that, their best hope would be temporarily joining Stannis so that they can later retake CB. Jon supporters north of the wall would be pretty screwed. There's a lot of ifs and variables to this idea, I don't think that it'll happen. I just thought that it would be cool to describe a potential Night's Watch civil war (Battle of Night?)
  7. I don't think that she'll necessarily go mad in the books. However, time and time again, despite Dany's good intentions, she serves as an agent of chaos throughout Essos. I imagine that we'll see her come to Westeros with good intentions of liberating the land and taking the throne, without having the self awareness to know that her war dramatically decreases the quality of life throughout Westeros.
  8. It depends on what you're looking for. TWOIAF is a great overview for both Westeros and the World beyond, while F&B takes a more in depth look at Westeros. I'd recommend F&B then TWOIAF, but it's mostly up to your personal preference. I've always pronounced it Ronwood.
  9. Aurane


    Yeah, but it looks like the animation doesn't seem to be nearly as good. It's probably due Madhouse no longer working on it. Hopefully the dialogue is good.
  10. I'm going to agree that it's probably Pycelle.
  11. Are there any areas outside of Westeros ruled by a king, besides Astapor?
  12. I'd say that Jon is the protagonist as he's one of the leading characters and fights the true threat of all of the POV characters. I think that you're talking about a hero though, which is a more permeable term. I beleive that a hero is a selfless person who faces and overcomes adversity and fights for their ideals. Jon fits these standards well. Other characters that I consider to be heroes are Robb, Ned, Stannis, Davos, Waymar Royce, Edmure, Blackfish, and Quorin Halfhand. These characters don't get as much "screentime" as Jon though. Not sure about Dany, Sansa, Tyrion, fAegon, or Jaime yet.
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