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  1. more likely he just needed a new younger body since his was wasted away hooked to the tree
  2. Will I ever walk again? no. But you will fly. errr hahah I mean be king sorry.
  3. Hasn't been invented yet there I'd wager.
  4. all that extra milk he drank paid off?
  5. i'm hoping for a Qyenton Tarrintino ending now. Jon stabs Dany, Greyworm stabs Jon, Arya stabs Greyworm, Tyrion stabs Arya, Davos stabs Tyrion, Dany chucks a dagger at Davos face while falling to her death.. boom everyone dead.
  6. Suppose the night king and Cersi are defeated but in the process Sansa dies. Arya by default becomes lady of Winterfell.. then decides to stay and rule? Or would she just bail and head off into the sunset?
  7. Id guess most who bought the books will buy the next one. Even if the show came first for them. Fans always going to want more content, and the new book,if ever released, will deliver that. Who cares if you know the ending, the journey is what matters.
  8. While their stated intentions were to show Jon as the guy who jumps on the grenade to save the platoon they didn't film it that way. Jon had all the time in the world to get on Drogon, worst case scenario maybe one wight grabs his leg? We don't know if Jon had on any armour or not but assuming he didn't he's still not swimming in those furs, plus whatever boots he has on. You are right in that debating physics in a magical fantasy realm is pointless, but it is fun imo. From the stories own canon book Dany wasn't immune to fire, it was the blood magic mixing with the dragon eggs opening magic that protected her. The show kind of got lazy and just said targs are immune to fire. With Jon the show just presents us with "fully dressed dude fell in freezing water, but got out a-ok" , no mention of magic or cold immunity or anything.
  9. The way the scene was shown Jon had plenty of time to get on Drogon and escape, yet for some weird reason he just runs off attacking random wights and ends up underwater. None of that made any sense. Not to mention fully dressed with some armour on he would have sank like a rock and/or froze to death before he hit bottom.
  10. The wights already went under water and hooked the chains to the dead dragon. What's to stop them from just wading out in the water past the wall and walking around it under water.?
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