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  1. Bradam

    What was the point of r+l=j

    The show told us only Targs can ride dragons, then created a plot hole when Dany tells Jon to just get on Rhagel, since at that point she still thought Jon was just a bastard Stark. Sure Drogon seemed ok with Jon, but he was also ok with Tyrion, and assuming whatever Dothraki guys that fed him daily. None of them were offered a ride. So she was.. trying to kill him? It was after that first ride and waterfall makeout session Jon then found out he was half Targ.
  2. Bradam

    Robert Baratheon - Not so bad after all

    I'm curious if Robert even knew of the debt at all. Or just the Lannister part.. Maybe he just thought Tywin owed him for sticking him with his crazy wife and was hell bent on spending all Tywin's money. Leaving Littlefinger to master of coin sure wasn't the best idea, he prolly was pulling things not even Arryn was aware off with the money. Also didn't Cersi tell Robert if he ever touched a hair on Joffery's head she'd slit his throat while he slept?
  3. Bradam

    Edmure Should Have Got It

    If anything Blackfish was pissed at the result, but he also knew the grand plan where Edmure didn't. Gotta blame someone, might as wel blame the guy everyone already knows is an idiot even if in this one particular case he wasn't solely to blame. I liked Blackfish until his completely stupid going to die for.. reasons? Instead of leaving to fight another day. Chain of command in an army also varies wildly from army to army. Every commander has differnt opinions on how much leeway his suborinates have to execute orders. Generally if the end result was postive then yay everyone is happy, but if negative results happen then the blame game begins. and shit rolls down hill.
  4. Bradam

    Edmure Should Have Got It

    Whether he agrees or not dosen't matter, his king yelled at him, so he aplogized. What was he supposed to do in that senario? Pull a "FU Rob, maybe next time tell me wtf is going on", surely that would have gone over well =0 And damnit stop making me defend Edmure, i never cared for the guy at all.
  5. We are only shown people being revived by the red god when a red priest says the rites. Berric lost his priest back on that silly Westeros hero's gone wild adventure/wight hunt. We dont know the red gods plans, never have. The red woman only saw pieces and guessed what he wanted, usually being wrong. Could many reasons he wants Dany back, or none, we frankly dont know, and most likely never will. Unless after Martians death his estate holders decide they need more cash and sell off the rights to make a sequal down the road.
  6. Bradam

    GoT and Feminism: What Happens Now?

    Isn't "Common Law"and "common law" two differnt things? Similar concepts but "Common Law"reffering to the British laws set down across thier country/colonies? Where 'common law' is just the set of laws generally accepted in any random particular area?
  7. Greyworm held the city, and was head of all Danys armies. i failed to see how he wasnt number 1 in charge. He drags out Tyrion, tells him to shut up, then... Greyworm shuts up. and the guy on trial talks anyways, tells everyone what to do.. and.. they listen. What was more baffling to me was how was Jon still alive at this point? Greyworm would have instantly executed him on discovering he killed Dany.
  8. Bradam

    Edmure Should Have Got It

    Say Edmure sat in Riverrun and waved as Tywin passed by, then Tywin manged a sneak attack on Rob's rear and routed his army. Edmure will still get blamed for not engaging when he had the tactical advantage of the river crossing.
  9. Bradam

    Arya the Explorer

    The vikings more island hopped didnt they? iceland/greenland/canada? Arya could have done something simliar/safer then just pointing due west and sailing till you starve/hit land
  10. Bradam

    Arya the Explorer

    Thats "swabbing the deck"! yee bloody land lover..
  11. Bradam

    Arya the Explorer

    so 20 dudes and one lady on a boat sailing west for months on end atleast.. hmm how will they pass the time?
  12. Bradam

    Meereen: any theories?

    Daario seemed to me like he'd make a uber-shitty ruler. Pretty sure the place fell apart days after Dany left.
  13. He did ride south almost to kings landing, then got imprisoned. Then tyrion let him go and.... he rode farther south to kings landing. so technically Brianne didn't lie. she just ommited where/why he got imprisioned.
  14. Bradam

    I really like what Drogon did but...

    Assuming Drogon is just a dumb animal he somehow sensed her mental connection to him suddenly disapeared, so he popped in for a looksie aaaaand shit she's dead. Being cradled by her upset and crying mate gave Drogon no reason to suspect her mate Jon did it, unless maybe Jon ran away in a panic or something. Being pissed off as he was the closest thing to vent his anger on was the throne. But that dosen't explain why he scooped up her corpse and flew off with it. A dumb animal has no use for a corpse unless he planned to eat it later. So assuming he's highly intelligent and knew the real deal, he understood why Jon killed his momma and agreed with it. Which is.. odd. Maybe he didn't think Jon would really kill her? He let Jon pass by earlier without much fuss. And if he knew Jon killed her and let Jon live thats also odd. Then taking her body to... not eat it? Was he smart enough to know the red god's followers could potentionally rez her? I tend to doubt it. End of the day I guess its left up to the viewers to fill in the shitty writing blanks.
  15. The all respawned after the battle, just like the dothraki did.