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  1. if your premise is after what is said and done in the rogue prince the answer is obviously no. it got impossible after rhaenyra and alicent brought their children into it and made it their war too, something a mother would never do! the hatred these people transfered and weaved to the core of their children because they wanted to have power threw any chance of peaceful transition right out of the window. that was the whole point of alicent marrying viserys. they wanted that crown its not like she married viserys out of her bigheartedness! and who better than viserys? a king with no male heir. there were ways to prevent it. if viserys actually had more kingly brain than heart and could see how fragile her daughter position is as heir considering how he got to be king! so being the smart king he is he made even worse by his second marriage. other way was for viserys to draw up laws to be put in effect if and when alicent bore him a son or sons so rhaenyra's position will be safe and clear even after that. but alas all he did was turning a deaf ear towards alicent persistence without getting suspicious and blind eyes towards what was happening right in front of him. another way was that lady alicent kept her legs closed or if she didn't want that she should have drink moon tea. but we know she married for greed and popped out children left and right as soon as she could. nobody asked or pressured her into having children, the matter of heir was settled, everyone knew it,she knew it going in but that didn't stop her and that's saying something very obvious about her! and before someone says viserys is at fault... well i'm right with you there, he is! for marrying her and not taking her as paramour and because of his stupidity over such a simple thing, dance happened. because he didn't want to bother himself with anything. and anyone with a grain of intellect and observation skill could see that so did alicent and her father. rhaenyra was cruel yes but she was not the one who started this mess. she was a child back then and the adults of that situation took advantage of the inferiority of her gender when it comes to the throne and her father gullibility which was not her fault. i have a more intersting question for you. do you think alicent and otto would have pushed for viserys marriage if he already had a boy heir? my money is on NO.
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    Hi i noticed some mistakes in https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Years_after_Aegon's_Conquest#cite_note-Rtsotd.7B.7B.7B2.7D.7D.7D.7B.7B.7B3.7D.7D.7D-3 Year 10 After the Conquest Main article: 10 AC In 10 AC the Dornish War took a darker turn when Rhaenyra and her dragon Meraxes were shot down by a scorpion at Hellholt. should be rhaenys *** In 13 AC the princess Meria of Dorne died, and his son and heir Nymor Martell sent his daughter Meria to King's Landing with a sealed letter for Aegon deria martell *** Year 42 After the Conquest Main article: 42 AC During year 42 AC the Realm was in turmoil, caused by the rise of the Faith Militant. When he received news that princes Aegon and Rhaena were being besieged at Crakehall, king Aegon fell sick, and died a few days later. king aenys *** Year 49 After the Conquest Main article: 49 AC It was a year of peace and plenty, with the celebration of three significant marriages: Rhaena Targaryen wed Androw Farman, lord Farman's second sond son