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  1. The_Antiquarian

    Dear Ran! Help on Contacting Member!

    Greatly appreciated for what you've done! Thank you.
  2. Hey Rebecca! May I request some changes to the listing; On the WANT listing, I would like: Letter S: Any non-ASOIAF works with Letter S PC: Looking for ALL PC copies except Rogues, ACOK, and ADWD You can effectively delete S want list requested by Leto since I own the set now. Once again, thank you!
  3. The_Antiquarian

    Dear Ran! Help on Contacting Member!

    Hello Ran! I have sent you several messages after we last conversed more than two months ago, but I believe you were not able to read them because your mail inbox was full! I wanted to briefly ask you again regarding us being able to contact old non-active members. This venerable forum was THE HUB when it comes to collectors trading/buying/selling specific books and it would be amazing if we can get ahold of their contact info so we can pursue the deals! By any chance, would it be possible to get a contact info for the fellow member named Dramatic Exit? Greatly appreciated! Arnold
  4. Happy New Year everyone. Since the group's inception, we have garnered more than 200 members and have discussed many topics related to GRRM's works. We have also covered proofs, manuscripts, 1sts, signed, and limited edition works. There are many art connoisseurs amongst our ranks who have graciously shared their artwork collection. This is not reserved only for rare books and artworks collectors. Others have also shared minted coins by Shire Post and prop replicas collection. If you guys want to find more about collecting GRRM's works, our door is always open!
  5. The_Antiquarian

    A Feast for Crows Subterranean Press S/L

  6. The_Antiquarian

    A Feast for Crows Subterranean Press S/L

    Hello Steve, Please join us at FB group solely dedicated to the collecting side of GRRM's works. I bet someone has a spare for sale and we also maintain a list where you can contact buyers/sellers regarding selling/purchasing GRRM's works! https://www.facebook.com/groups/472004276741162/
  7. When it comes to anything related to GRRM, no one can beat your foresight. I apologize for the error
  8. It would be an honor to have you!
  9. Welcome! A new venue for all rare books aficionados to meet, discuss, and share our passion for all works by the modern day literary god, George RR Martin is open! George RR Martin Rarities This is the very first Facebook group solely dedicated to sharing news, buying, selling, and trading of rare books by George RR Martin and everyone is welcome to join. We already have several of the most established and well-respected rare books super-collectors amonst our ranks including our finest Becca69, Pat Robinson, Yegor Malinovskii, and Kris Webster! Emulating the much venerated Stephen King Rare Editions group by Kris Webster, our Group will focus solely on collecting rare books including 1) limited & lettered editions, 2) 1sts, 3) signed, 4) proofs/Arcs, and 5) original illustration artworks featured on GRRM's works. An all new up-to-date compilation of wish list/sales list is also available in the group, so if you are looking for a book to complete your matching set or have rare books for sale, please join the group!
  10. Hello Mike! My suggestion is for you to use search function on the forum, seek the members who have to e matching numbered/lettered set, and message them directly. Or you can use www.camelotbooks.com to find matching set. They currently have two matching numbered sets I believe? You can directly email them for the set ([email protected]). Email Kim and she can help you out. Please do say hi for me (Arnold) if you do message Kim!
  11. The_Antiquarian

    [WTB] Armageddon Rag Lettered Edition (Any!)

    Surely, someone must have a lettered edition of this book! Please message me! Happy belated Halloween btw, everyone
  12. The_Antiquarian

    [WTB] Armageddon Rag Lettered Edition (Any!)

    Hahaha your story about obtaining a lettered edition of Legends inspires me to keep searching... no matter what it takes... no matter how long it takes...!
  13. The_Antiquarian

    [WTB] Armageddon Rag Lettered Edition (Any!)

    Just a friendly bump and a reminder! Someone must have a lettered edition besides our good friend Pat here!
  14. Congratulations!!!That would be considered as near-fine. That's something to pass on for generations!
  15. The_Antiquarian

    Comprehensive list of ASOIAF book prices in 2006

    The speculative review has been an invaluable resource when I first started collecting GRRM's work (and is still valuable!).