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  1. Because he didn't need to. He was already the de facto leader of the rebellion and had Targaryan blood in his veins. Robert was the logical and possible the only real candidate.
  2. So far almost every leader of the rebellion is dead at this point. Danny could only take revenge on their offspring which she might not feel the need to do. Jaime would likely be at the top of her list. Not only did he personally murder her father, but he did it in a way everyone agrees was extremely dishonorable. Stannis would also be a clear target of Danny's wrath. He's not only the last remaining leader of the house that usurped the iron throne but he is also actively claiming that throne for himself.
  3. Maybe the voice in the flames told him about his role in season eight. To be fair I don't think the words were important. The very fact that there even was a voice speaking back is what spooked Varys so much.
  4. The master of coin doesn't even know how borrowing money works so there is going to be an economic crisis in Westeros. The Lord Paramount of the Reach is some random mercenary with no claim to that domain and surrounded by numerous houses who do. So there's going to be a civil war in the Reach, which shall likely mean a food shortage for the rest of Westeros. The Hand of the King and de facto ruler of the Six Kingdoms is completely incompetent so Westeros shall be run into the ground. All the Lannisters are either dead or disgraced. Except for one. All hail Reginald Lannister! Lord of Casterly Rock! Lord Paramount of the Westerlands and Warden of the west! Long may he reign!
  5. There are several different interpretations about what happened between Cole and Rhaenyra. One interpretation is that Rhaenyra ultimately rejected Cole in favor of Laenor. In this case it might stem from Cole still being bitter and needing shame Laenor even after death. In all interpretation it seems that Cole has a particular problem with Rhaenyra's decadence. Reminding everyone that Laenor was homosexual and that Rhaenyra knew this, but still married and protected him helps furthering the narrative that Rhaenyra and her court do not deserve the Iron Throne. Claiming Laenor was gay also strengthens their claim that Rhaenyra's children are bastards. Cole has personal, political and ideological reasons to attack Laenor even after his passing.
  6. Quite the opposite. I'm now more exited to see where the books will go. I now see it not only as the continuation of the story but also a chance for redemption. I want to see the ending Game of Thrones should have gotten. Despite how season 8 ended I'm still invested in Westeros and its inhabitants. It deserved better and it will no doubt get something better.
  7. The people love Renly but that doesn't really signal his worth as a king. Daemon Blackfyre was also more beloved than his half brother but for all the wrong reasons. The people may love Renly but there are suggestion that Renly doesn't love the people in any matter other than a superficial PR stunt.
  8. I think Tywin Lannister would have been one think that certainly stopped her from fleeing to Essos. Its also technically his money so I doubt she could have used it to humiliate her father like that.
  9. I think that's the running theme of Daemon's life in general. He's an extremely capable and fascinating person but he's actually somewhat of a failure. In all of his endeavors Daemon speaks to the imagination but ultimately fails. He couldn't become king in his own right, he couldn't hold on to his private ''kingdom'' of the Steppestones, and he ultimately lost both the favor of his queen and his life during the war. On paper Daemon has a very large list of accomplishment but in practice these always led to failure.
  10. I'd say Fire & Blood reads more like a history book than a Wiki. That's only naturally since Fire & Blood is literary a Westerosi history book. And adapting history is hardly an uncommon occurrence. I mean the fall of the republic has no ''arc'', no character economy, and not everyone is fleshed out and yet HBO Rome still crafted a large and relatively well defined cast out of it. I'd argue that a lot of characters in Fire and Blood do have certain arcs. We see Rheanrya's sanity slipping, we have Benjicot start off as a boy crying over the fallen and growing into ''bloody ben'' and Daeron seems to trade his modesty for some sort of ruthlessness. Its not a character focused narrative but growth is present and can be depicted in an adaption. Are you familiar with the Three Kingdoms series? At times that also has the same issue with a lot of characters having huge gaps in their appearances. Most notably anyone from the third Kingdom of Wu. The show deals with it adequately enough so it can be done, even if its not wholly satisfactory. The show also includes a lot of named generals who don't receive a lot of focus but are at least present and name dropped enough to make it feel like a lot of nobles are engaged in the war. Cregan's part shouldn't be hard to expand. We know that Rhaenyra's oldest son spend some time in Winterfell and that they struck up a friendship. Such a scenario can easily be expanded into an episode of itself. Its also possible to combine Cregan's character with Roddy the Ruin and have him lead an army of Northmen into the Riverlands.
  11. Its not that they kinda forgot, but that depicting certain character traits was inconvenient for them. They had a certain end point in mind, a certain character to be the main villain and they had a Star Wars show to make...until they didn't. Cersei is incompetent and the Tyrels are one of the most powerful houses in the realm. However they also wanted to have Cersei be the main villain of the show and they wanted to give Danny a bloody nose. To make Cersei more powerful then she should logically be and to decrease the overwhelming advantage Danny has over her they just decided to sacrifice the Tyrels because that made it easier for Cersei to be a strong, imposing and suddenly extremely competent villain. The Golden company is the strongest mercenary army ever but they also just wanted to wrap the show up ASAP, so the Golden company is sacrificed to that end. The White Walkers are the main threat but they also found Cersei far more interesting so the White Walkers have to get defeated in a single episode so Cersei can take her rightful place as the main villain. To be fair the White Walkers do come off as really boring.
  12. I'm not too sure I agree with this one. If anything the worst thing they did with Cersei is do far too much with her. In season seven she suddenly became extremely competent and with the White Walkers being weak enough to be defeated in a single episode Cersei is suddenly left in the position of main villain of the show, a position she logically shouldn't have the merit to hold. Cersei's story should have ended very early in season 7. The green trial was such a typical Cersei move in that it was great at acquiring power but abysmal in keeping it. She got control over Kings Landing but the Tyrels naturally defect which should logically starve the city and deprive Cersei of half her forces. The Westerlands too should have seriously shaken loyalty considering she killed Kevan and Jaime is horrified at what she did. So logically it should just be Danny with the full might of the southern portion of Westeros and dragons casually walking up to Kings Landing and destroying Cersei who deprived herself of any advantage she could have had. But that's not what happened. Instead the Westerlands and Jaime meekly fall into line and Cersei suddenly got extremely competent. The sort of competence where she can just destroy the Tyrels, the second strongest house in Westeros in just a single episode. Tywin had to spend three seasons fighting an alliance between the Starks and Tullys. Cersei faces an arguably far stronger alliance but she almost casually wipes them out in a single episode. Tywin, supposedly the most competent man alive needed three seasons for a lessor enemy, Cersei the supposedly incompetent queen needed one episodes for an arguably far stronger alliance that had dragons to boot. Even with Tyrion's bumbling Cersei should not have what it takes to do any of that. Also I think there's more of Book Cersei present in Show Cersei then people might appreciate, at least before season 7 where Cersei gets bewilderingly capable and dangerous. In the earlier seasons Cersei was smug, deluded, far less competent then she thinks she is, constantly makes bad decisions and comes off as incredibly self centered and vain. Her love for her children is far stronger but the implication she loves them as extensions of themselves is still present in the way she almost shrugs off Tommens death. To some extend I even think that going a bit less over the top with Cersei was a good move. Book Cersei is fascinatingly vile but also a little bit cartoony, show cersei keeps most of those unstable traits but dials them back a little bit. A lot of character get a raw deal but until season 7 I think Cersei was handled differently but also mostly correctly.
  13. Probably Benjicot. Sensitive and sweet while still being impressive and competent.
  14. I'm a bit confused on this comparison. It might be over a decade since I last saw Rome but as far as I recall Noibe was a meek, unhappy housewife who's very afraid her secret will be exposed. That's quite a difference from the very happily married Elaria Sand or the completely insane Elaria Sand.
  15. I'd say House Tyrell is the house that got the most ruined. Canonically and even for a large part of the show they were depicted as one of the most powerful houses. Their support immediately made Renly a real player in the Game of Thrones, and their alliance with the Lannisters turned the war in their favor. Before the story they were also the sole house to defeat Robert in battle and they were able to recruit the largest army by a significant margin. But in season 7 it turns out that even a heavily weakened Cercei can just casually walk into the Reach and steamroll the entire region with no difficulty. Tywin spend three seasons fighting the Starks but Cersei could easily crush house Tyrell in a single episode. Golden Roses indeed.
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