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  1. MagicPen

    GRRM struggling how to show Daenerys' mental instability

    You are making definitive statements about Dany going mad, by having little evidence to back it up. Meanwhile i'm saying that there's two Targaryans ( which is not something that may or may not happen), that have armies, and that there will be conflict between them, because they both want the same thing. You clearly can't grasp the difference between them, and no that doesn't make me a smart ass, its just make you not smart. Also the only thing GRRM is struggling with, and has actually confirmed on multiple interviews is his slow writing. Slow writing doesn't mean struggling only, it can mean that, but it can also mean that he is a perfectionist and wants to get it right.
  2. MagicPen

    GRRM struggling how to show Daenerys' mental instability

    A: You're making a lot definitive statements about what GRRm does intend to do, which you know..that you have no idea what's in his head. B: And far more importantly, he is not struggling at all. Dany in the books is stuck in Meereen for one obvious reason: Aegon hasn't finished his conquest of Westeros. GRRM intends for a second Dance of Dragons to happen, now what will be the outcome of that..i don't know but a dance is what we will get. It wouldn't be much of a dance if they both landed on the same time, and started double teaming the poor Westerosi, now would it?
  3. MagicPen

    Are the starks finished?

    Some of you don't know how Westeros monarchy works. A house is not finished if it has only female heirs. Female heirs of the great houses have married trough history members of other smaller houses who took the stronger house name, and furthered the longevity of set great house.
  4. This narrative really needs to stop. It's the go to narrative to try and justify the writing this season. Jamie once posed a valid question to Ned: Would he have respected him more if he would have stabbed the Mad King in the belly, instead of the back. Keeping that logic in mind, there's no difference between burning somebody alive, or killing them with a sword. Yes there are levels of cruelty in the act of killing, and of course flaying someone alive is more horrible than let's say decapitating a person. Dany didn't kill Lord Tarly and his son out of cruelty. She killed them because they are her enemies ( who wish to kill her btw if that's not exactly clear ), who refused to bend the knee ( i know, i know its funny when she says it) when beaten. In times of war you cannot afford to show mercy to someone that wants to murder you, especially when you give them a chance to surrender and they spit on it. Now if you keep in mind that they these guys were generals, and they did this in front of their beaten army, there's no way Dany or any other ruler will have any other options than executing them. Holding them hostage would not be an option either, as they hold no value. These are the guys that have just sacked Highgarden, she cannot put them in charge or anything after the war.
  5. MagicPen

    Time to rewatch from the beginning

    I honestly stopped reading when the OP bolded out: 'she breaks her word to a slave trader'. Also no, there is not event decent build up in the show that points to Dany being evil or mad, they literally white washed her character for 6 season straight. And no in the books there's no clear signs either, as it could still go either way. Dany in the books questions her decisions, that means she has rational thinking and is not an insane person. She could develop a mental disorder later on, but the things she did have good justification behind them. Its not perfect, as she wants the damn throne, but she wants to save people as well and has successfully done it. While she is not great at governing, she is great at saving people. There is literally no justification to say that the slaves she freed were better off in chains, unless you're pro slavery.
  6. MagicPen

    Do you see any way dany lives through all this?

    I honestly hope she gathers all of them in front of Drogon, under the ruse to make some announcement, then just burns them all. Then proceeds to fly east to Mereen.
  7. Assuming Arya doesn't take all his jobs, and he gets to do at least this one. My suggestion: he tricks her to take a romantic stroll on Drogon to clear their heads, then pushes her off the dragon. Drogon then accept Jon as the new rider, since you know he is already there. Thoughts?
  8. I'm not sure what you mean? Insanity is not something you prevent, and sometimes its a losing battle.
  9. GRRM has at least hinted in the 5 books so far, of the possibility of her going mad. He still has two books left to developer her madness properly, if he wants to go that route. The show figured their build up would be: Dany burns down two members of House Tully during war times, totally means she is made bro.
  10. MagicPen

    Arya and the Horse

    I've interpreted like this: - There's an upcoming LOTR tv show. - Shadowfax is not that smart of a horse after all.
  11. MagicPen

    They did it.

    That's not the problem, they should have build up her up to this like they do in the books. People wouldn't have a problem with her going mad if it made sense. They do since they white washed her character for 7 seasons, then boom in 3 episodes she goes mad. It's pathetic writing.
  12. MagicPen


    This is the show forum, they don't care about any of that. Dumb and Dumber only care about whats COOLZ.
  13. I can't even..this explains everything.
  14. MagicPen

    GRRM vs #metoo

    I feel sorry for you. It took you over 3000's post to fail to understand that fantasy doesn't necessarily mean Disney movies. And a more serious response: GRRM like any other good author, for example SK use the fantasy element to draw people into the book, and then focus on the human drama of it. Did you never bother to ask yourself why the others being all that magical, took so much time to get over a wall? He needed to tell the story, and the story is medieval drama. Bad things have been happening to people for thousands of years, especially women. It happens, and portraying it isn't a call to justify it, or a rally call to rapists and murderers and what not. It's simply to reminded you off the world you're living on. That's what a good book does.
  15. MagicPen


    Really hope you are right, this 80's reject needs to die ASAP. They made a total mockery of Euron with this portrayal.