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  1. MagicPen

    Can Aegon I conquer Europe in the 15th century?

    They would have a shot if they land in Scandinavia, which at that point still had a very large population of people following pagan ways. They would re-ignite the viking age. Then it will all come down to how they integrate their newly conquered lands into their new kingdom. Their best bet i think is to promise to remake the old Roman Empire, honey and money for everyone.
  2. MagicPen

    Hardhome moment (as told by the NK)

    Picture this: Zombie Ned vs Jon Snow. Zombie Ned: i treated you as my son, and now you bed this Targaryan? Jon: ... ***Ned throws his head at him***
  3. MagicPen

    Last One Standing

    Jon, he is the hero in this story..admittedly not really good at his job, but a hero nonetheless.
  4. MagicPen

    Brienne the Beauty: An Unforeseen Queen?

    That would be out of the left field, but possible. The question i have is this though, who will be her King? Can't be Jamie if we are going by the Bittersweet angle. So Tyrion?
  5. MagicPen

    Small Questions v. 10106

    Was there ever a king in Westeros that had ambitions to conquer parts of Essos?
  6. MagicPen

    Poll: Is Quentyn, Called 'Frog', Still Alive?

    Dead, there's no reason for GRRM to keep him alive. OT: maybe we should make a new poll with the title 'Dead Starks or Martell's, which does George prefer more?'
  7. After he killed Domeric? I for one struggle to find a logical explanation to this: - The absence of definitive proof, wouldn't stop a man like Roose. Ie he wanted Ramsey dead, he would have killed him based on suspicion alone. - Because he is without a male heir? And is keeping him as an option to legitimise in case he doesn't get more sons? That would be rather short sited for a man as smart as Roose. He could simply legitimise any bastard out there, and claim him as his own. I don't think anyone would have any trouble believing it, and if they did they would keep their mouths shut, due them probably not wanting their skin turned inside out.
  8. So from what we know, the Starks in the past, especially the distant past when they were Kings of Winter, they ruled with an iron fist, their description went so far as saying they have wolf blood in them, due to them being so vicious with anyone that dared cross them. Now to be able to achieve this, in my book this would imply that they had a much superior force than the houses around them. But from what i gather, the Starks before the events of the books, commanded the north mostly due to respect, not because of the strength of their standing army (not counting their bannermen) Is this a wrong assumption to make? There's text evidence of their banermen's 'numbers', but i can't find any regarding House Stark numbers.
  9. MagicPen

    Small Questions v. 10106

    to be edited.