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  1. Frankels

    Fan made songs

    We made a (subjectively) quite funny song comparing books and TV show, hope you like it:
  2. Frankels

    The best of GOT music

    definitely (but very subjectively) the best music for the show is this song: Hope you enjoy it!
  3. Frankels

    Share Your Fan Site

    Hi, me and my girlfriend we made a song, and a video about how much better the books are compared to the TV show (which is of course also great). Yes, we are freaks! Hope you like it
  4. Frankels

    Final Season Premiere Date Video

    Very excited about the new season. Of course the books are better, but the TV shows have done a good job to represent the World created by GeorgeRR. The feather? I am afraid all the characters in the crypt are going to die :( Anyway, if you are interested in a funny song comparing book and TV show look at this nice video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O1sZkB5nnkA