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  1. I think all of the suggestions are plausible, but I really hope that there is some deeper purpose to her resurrection. I have to be honest, I'm not a fan of this part of the storyline and as things stand I feel like it just diminishes Catelyn's arc. Her literal resurrection is simply superfluous to everything in her immediate storyline and just seems so unnecessary. The same results could be achieved equally well without the magical aspect. In fact, a barely breathing Cat left for dead and remaining mentally broken even while her body heals could be far more poignant. Cat being of so little importance and consequance to the Freys that her body is just dumped without even checking for signs of life. Her clinging to life by sheer power of will for the sake of avenging her children. A broken Cat emerging, driven purely by vengeance. I believe that GRRM writes everything he does for a reason though, so I have faith that it will all become clear and that there will be a purpose in the upcoming books that actually necessitated a physical death and resurrection. I can definitely get behind theories of her passing on her life-force to revive another character, although I agree that her path seems more destined to cross with Arya than Jon . . . and I'm not sure that I would want to see both Jon and Arya killed off only to be revived from the dead.
  2. I'm jumping on the Tyrell bandwagon too. We really seem to be lacking a POV in their camp and would love to see more of their political maneuvering, plotting and family dynamic. And if I can only have one POV, I'm going to go for Butterbumps. He probably sees more, hears more and knows more than anyone gives him credit for and I'd love to listen to some of the things he's overheard and/or been party to.
  3. I think Weasel, the poor little crying girl Yoren picked up with his group, deserves a mention. I don't think we'll ever find out what actually happened to her.
  4. Top 3 : 1) Theon - It's just an absolutely superb piece of character writing. You have this thoroughly unlikeable person, but GRRM gives him a depth and complexity that leads you down the path of beginning to feel pity and eventually genuine sympathy for him. His descent into madness and then starting to find himself again is brilliant. 2) Bran - Probably my favourite character arc from a pure story perspective. So many creepy, dark elements to it and it gets increasingly sinister the more it develops. The only reason I haven't placed it as my number one is that it's not my favourite to actually read. I guess I find it hard to relate to a 9 year old child's perspective on things but I would have loved to see more of his story unravel through a secondary POV instead. 3) Sandor - I really enjoyed the journey from a 2-dimensional monstrous villain to the revelation of his humanity. Definitely in the camp hoping to see more of him in the future books.
  5. 1. 45 2. female 3. Theon 4. Davos Favourite / least favourite are tough choices for me because there are loads of characters (some likeable and some downright awful) that I love/hate for very different reasons. I've decided to go with the one I think is the best written and the one that I least enjoy reading.
  6. - Sam in Oldtown and the events that are converging there - Bran - love how dark his story is getting and can't wait to see more - Jon - aftermath of the attemped(?) assassination and hoping that debate about his parentage will be put to bed once and for all - Sand Snakes - Probably an unpopular choice, but I'm really interested to see where their storylines are going
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