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    Why didn't Jon simply refuse to accept banishment?

    Putting aside what the Jon wants and focusing on the question of whether it’s possible for Jon to be pardoned, I would say yes. The NW is an autonomous organization. I don’t think they have to accept a pardon if they don’t want to. However, the question, as always, comes down to power. If Sansa decides to pardon Jon, what can they do to bring him back if he gets away? They don’t have the strength to fight the North to bring him back. Enforcing the NW vows came down to the monarchs and lords of Westeros recognizing them and either executing deserters or sending them back to the wall. Sansa is a monarch in the North. If she issues a pardon, Jon won’t be touched by anyone in the North should he decide to live in the North. However, his pardon wouldn’t extend to the South. What the NW can do is ask the South to enforce Jon’s sentence by asking King Bran to pressure the North into returning him through diplomatic means or even through war. The question is how much do King Bran and the southern lords want to enforce the sentence? Since some of the southern lords wanted Jon punished, it would be a tricky political situation for Bran in the south. Sansa, on the other hand, probably wouldn’t face backlash from the northern lords. He is the hero that helped save them from the Others and then freed them from tyrant Dany, allowing Sansa to secure their independence. He’a a hero to them, and I think they would defend him. Considering what a tricky political situation it is, I don’t think Sansa and Bran would do it, at least not within the next decade or so. They need to solidify themselves as rulers first and allow people to calm down about the situation first. My initial interpretation of the last scene was that Jon left with the wildlings. Then I was convinced by the synopsis that Jon was with the NW. Then the interview with Ramin made me think that he left with the NW. It’s very vague. What I personally think will happen is that Jon will become the 1000th LC. That number is too significant for it to mean nothing. However, I don’t think he’ll stick around forever. We saw that the Stark kids’ direwolf names were foreshadowing for their endgame. A LC is not a ghost. His name is known throughout the realm. That’s why I think that one day Jon will simply disappear north of the wall to live with the wildlings. It’s a very sad ending for him either way. I don’t think living with the wildlings is Jon’s preferred way of life, but it is preferable to serving a life sentence at the NW. While he came to understand them better through spending time with them, he still rejected their way of life. After Stannis offers Jon Winterfell, we get a glimpse into Jon’s deepest desires. He has always wanted to be Lord of Winterfell and to have children. He joined the NW initially bc he didn’t have many options in life and he thought the NW was an a place where he could gain honor, a notion that he was quickly disabused of. Now he’s being sent there against his will. He looked heartbroken when Tyrion told him he will have no wife and children. I don’t think he actually wants to spend a celibate life alone at the wall. Since he doesn’t have the option of being with his family at Winterfell (unless Sansa decides to pardon him) and doesn’t have the option to start a family any place south of the wall, he will eventually end up going to the far north where he can’t be found, essentially ghosting all of Westeros. As guilty and heartbroken as he might be for killing Dany, he did it for a good reason. She turned out not to be the person he thought she was when he fell in love with her. And people do move on from their past love interests. By episode 6, I don’t think there was very much love there left. He looked horrified and angered by her actions, as well as afraid of her. His last words to her weren’t that he loved her, but that she was his queen. I think what will haunt him more is that he became a kinslayer, killed the monarch he pledged himself to, and killed a woman. It was dishonorable I’m so many ways. I think Arya was one of the last tethers holding him to the NW. If she had stayed in the North and come to visit him often, I think he might have stayed at the NW. Her leaving to explore cut one of the last ropes binding him to anything south of the wall. Sam and Bran are in the south, so he probably won’t ever see them again. All he has is Sansa, and despite the fact that they forgive (they both have reasons to be angry at the other; Sansa was equally important to winning back the north, and Jon gave it away in a moment of passion; Sansa broke her oath and reveled Jon’s parentage) and love each other, I think there’s also a lot of tension in their relationship. Plus Sansa is a monarch. She can’t come visit him whenever she wants.
  2. StarksTogetherOutrageously

    Your biggest what if?

    My biggest what-if is still what would have happened if Ned agreed to Renly’s plan. A successful North-Riverlands-Stormlamds-Reach alliance would have been formidable. Would a Renly still have been assassinated? My other what-if comes from Cat’s POV where she wishes Robb could have fallen into the arms of Margaery Tyrell instead. Once again, that would be a formidable alliance, and I would love to see what those two would be like and what they would aspire to as a couple.
  3. StarksTogetherOutrageously

    ASoIaF character poll

    1. 28 2. Female 3. Stark loyalist in general with my top two being Robb and Sansa. 4. Dany