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    Rules of inheritance

    Thank you all!
  2. MaxwellBridge03

    Rules of inheritance

    If a lord had one daughter from his first marriage and one son from his second marriage, who would go first? (as in "are the children of a lord and a lady's offspring considered a single line, or are all the children of one lord (no matter from which lady) considered of the same line?")
  3. MaxwellBridge03

    Heredity laws of westeros

    I was wondering how does heredity of noble titles and lands work in westeros. Because after Jon Arryn is dead, and seeing that Robert Arryn is very weak, the lords of the vale consider marrying Lysa Arryn to someone so she can give a strong heir to the vale. But how could that be, considering she has no arryn blood and not even vale blood as she is from the riverlands?