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  1. Jon did want Dany to wait, so I guess that makes sense? You're right, it seems like a weak plan. Retrospectively I would have liked more time spent in "Knight of the Seven Kingdoms" actually going over the battle plan. Given that none of the "farewell" scenes actually precipitated characters dying, it would have been nice for them to actually draw together what the whole plan was going to be. Planting Arya/Ghost in the God's Wood, for example, might have been smart; or at least someone who could quickly take out the Night King. Ditto for the front line defense: just seemed like they could have keyed in on what all these military guys wanted: which would lead to more tension when it fell apart.
  2. I don't know if this taking a small point too far but I do think the lack of description with the Night King's abilities to be a little frustrating. He's invulnerable to fire, seemed to be able to whip up weather patterns, can raise the dead easily and seems to be able to magically imbue weapons with magic. I get "fantasy blah blah blah" but a little hint at his history beyond being simply stabbed with obsidian would be nice.
  3. It definitely seems like you would hold the Dothraki in reserve to give a counter when you need to retreat. It seemed they had planned for falling back either way so why send them out so early? It was an incredible visual but made little sense. I'm mostly confused on baiting the Night King. What were they supposed to do once he went in the godswood with Bran? Didn't seem like they had a solid way of dealing away with the NK at that point.
  4. I think this is the case of the episode in a vacuum being very tense and enjoyable, but the larger context of it feels like a let down. I gave it a nine because it felt incredibly tense and had some amazing visuals but I felt the ultimate resolutions were much more neat than I thought they would end at.
  5. Magnamax

    Who is Going to Die

    Grey Worm basically said the equivalent of "Three Days Until Retirement," so he's probably done. Not sure on Missandei...
  6. Magnamax

    Symbol at the Last Hearth

    I don't think the NK would be a Targaryen, but more along the lines that if NK=Bran he may be broadcasting that he is coming after Daenrys or something of that nature. It's possible that he's some far off Targaryen but I don't think that makes sense in terms of the history of Westeros.
  7. Magnamax

    Symbol at the Last Hearth

    I had just thought about this the morning after the episode. They're used the spiral and other symbols before, but it could certainly still relate to the Targaryen sigil. This could potentially fit with a bunch of theories on the Night King.