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  1. Lady of Mercia

    I hate the Starks, should I keep reading?

    Which can also be called "the way the author wrote his story". How can AGOT be built upon "fan service" when he wrote all those Stark POV chapters before any "fans" had even started reading the series?
  2. Lady of Mercia

    R+L=J v.166

    You forgot one:
  3. I'd always just assumed that if it was based on an actual person, it was a vague retelling of the Ashara rumour, with the "prince" just being a bit of embellishment. I'd never really considered Lyanna, although everything fits, except the manner of her death. Which is still a secret (we assume), as none of the POV characters even vaguely speculate that Lyanna died during childbirth. We don't know what the "official" story is - what did Robert believe, that she'd been raped so brutally that she died? That Rhaegar killed her before the Trident, or she died of neglect or abuse after the Sack? That the KG killed her? Nobody seems to ever question the mystery around her death, so we have to assume that to the general population, there's no mystery. The one thing we know for sure about Lyanna's death, was that it happened in a tower. Whatever Ned told Robert, what if the "unofficial" gossip is that Lyanna threw herself from the TOJ after her Prince died? Robert seems to admit that Rhaegar and Lyanna are together in the afterlife, which doesn't really imply her death was at the hands of the man she's now enjoying eternity with. Of course there's nothing to support any of this in the text, but it just struck me while reading through this thread that Lyanna = death by tower. The problem is that George has been deliberately vague about the circumstances surrounding the entire R+L saga, so it leaves a lot of room for filling in the gaps with nonsense (like this).
  4. Lady of Mercia

    Master thread on what the Show means for the book plot

    Whatever the hell is going on with Lady Stoneheart and her Riverlands gang would take up about half a book by itself.
  5. Jon was never going to be king, not after what Dany did to Kings Landing. Nobody wanted another Targaryen on the throne, even a stable one like Jon - who knows when that good old Targ madness would rear its ugly head? The council that decided on Bran made the right choice in order to placate the Unsullied and get rid of them. Killing Grey Worm wouldn't make his soldiers pack up meekly and sail away - there would only be more horror and bloodshed in retaliation, and Westeros had had enough. I loved Jon's ending - he's back with Ghost, he's with the free folk and the first blades of spring are pushing up through the snow. I get the feeling that now there are no more White Walkers, it's not going to be so cold and grim beyond the wall. To me, Jon's ending was full of hope.
  6. Lady of Mercia

    Why aren’t people intimidated by the dragons?

    And during the Dance a mob killed a bunch of dragons in the Dragonpit. So they would know that it's been done before (even though a ton of people got killed trying).
  7. We haven't seen Willas in the books either, so it's a bit of a reach to say his being cut from the show is a loss.
  8. Lady of Mercia

    Crasters babies

    Well he still made them, as in he turned them from human babies into ice demons who can walk through fire and can't be killed by regular steel. They're not human anymore, and clearly were tapped into the same power as the NK, so when he shattered so did they.
  9. Lady of Mercia

    Crasters babies

    Craster's sons didn't become wights, they became white walkers. Either way, they're dead.
  10. Lady of Mercia

    Why is nobody intimidated by the dragons?

    What about Yara Greyjoy, Olenna Tyrell and Ellaria Sand? They all joined forces with Dany. The only lords we saw declare for Cersei were the ones assembled in the Throne Room with Randyll Tarly, and they all know what happened to Cersei's enemies in the Sept. We saw Randyll's attitude to Daenerys (she's a foreigner, and Cersei's not, so better the devil you know). There's no Warden of the West, Riverrun was the Freys' but there are none left, we don't know what's happened to Edmure and the Stormlands are apparently ungoverned. The Vale is with the North - who else is left? Minor lordlings can't just declare for Dany if their lord doesn't.
  11. Jon at the moment is focussed on Dany, as much as he's focussed on anything but the WW. But I think if Dany dies, Sansa will be his Queen. Their scenes together are usually very angsty, arguing like a married couple, giving deep sighs and answering in soft tones. Plus the hand-holding which the camera focuses on for some reason. From their very first speaking scene (after the hug, where Sansa eats soup) Jon seems transfixed by her - at first I thought he was just mesmerised by the sight of a family member. But Sophie looked beautiful in that shot, and it's almost like Jon can't take his eyes off her, then gives her a goofy half-smile when she speaks to him. (A lot like the one Edd gives her later when they're all eating together, and she says something about there being more important things than the food. You can tell he's smitten.) They also tend to shoot their scenes so that Sophie doesn't always tower over Kit (not very successfully), which of course might have nothing to do with romance, and just be giving the King a little boost in stature. Or maybe this is all in my head and I just think they look cute together. I'm almost embarrassed at the level of fanfic I've written above, but whatever. I mean I'm not saying it's likely, but if it happens I won't be surprised.
  12. Lady of Mercia

    R+L=J v.166

    You might be right, but I'm not interested in reading a series where the author is intentionally misleading us, or expecting us to write the story ourselves because he's certainly not putting any of this in the text. What's the point of subverting my expectation, if it turns out that there were big unwritten gaps in the story where the truth actually happened?
  13. Lady of Mercia

    R+L=J v.166

    Why would it though? Why would GRRM use a dream to reveal an untold secret, only to then use the same dream to reveal a different scene? Why connect the two, the fight at the TOJ and Lyanna's death, if they're not occurring at the same time?
  14. Lady of Mercia

    Who is Jon Snow?

    It was his personal diary, so it was probably amongst a bunch of private papers sent to the Citadel after his death and left to rot away with a bunch of similar old documents (which is why Sam is tasked with copying them) and might never have been opened since he died. As for the annulment, whether or not it happens in the books the same way as the show probably won't matter. Elia might have been "set aside" (the way Renly was scheming about Robert setting aside Cersei for Margaery) because she couldn't have any more children, allowing Rhaegar to take a second wife and make the third head of the dragon. We don't know how Elia felt about it, she might have been angry and hurt, but she also might have been resigned to it and even thankful that she didn't have to risk her life in childbirth anymore. If she believed in Rhaegar's prophecy she maybe even supported the second marriage. And Rhaegar's marriage to Elia being annulled doesn't necessarily mean her children become illegitimate.
  15. Lady of Mercia

    Who is Jon Snow?

    I don't understand what you're saying. Aegon at Griffins Roost is (allegedly) the son of Elia Martell and Rhaegar. Jon is not that same baby. So if the one with JonCon is the real baby Aegon, and Jon's name is also Aegon, then there are two of them and they're half-brothers.