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  1. Some of these changes between the books and the TV series may be due to the change from a written medium to a spoken medium. As https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Others in "A Wiki of Ice and Fire" points out, the difference between "the others" in its ordinary sense as "not us", and "the Others", is clear in printed text, but not so easy in oral speech, and the TV series refers to the Others as the White Walkers. Regrettably, I have not watched much of the TV series. (I have read the books plenty.) What word does the TV series use to mean wights, to distinguish them from "whites" in speech? For meanings of the English word "wight" as it changed over time, see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wight . How is the difference between the Others, and others, handled in the books as translated into languages do not have distinct lowercase and uppercase letters? (Hebrew, Arabic, Persian, Urdu, Hindi and other Indian languages)
  2. For many small brains to link together and become a hive mind, needs reasonably fast communication between them. Compare the length of time that a swarm of bees needs to decide where to fly to, after scout bees have found possible hollows to build honeycomb in and have come back. Unless there is a hidden advanced technology like the Star Trek Borg have. With 2 more books to come, there may yet be a top leader of the enemy, which GRRM has not yet seen a need to write about in what has been published.
  3. I was recently admonished for bringing the movie (GoT) storyline's Night King into a discussion about events in the timeline of the books (SoIaF). But in the book continuity someone will have to lead the Enemy's army of wights etc and organize its equipping and supplying and provisioning. Is there any clue as to who or what that will be?, when the book WoW (Winds of Winter) comes out - I have seen various theorizations on Youtube about when that will be. Will there be a Night King, like in the movie? Or will the leader be the chief of the Others? Or what? The Enemy's armies need a leader, else there will be chaos among their ranks.
  4. Sorry. I was bringing a character from the movie timeline into the discussion.
  5. Wights are described as having very bright blue eyes. Is that so of all wights, or only of the Night King's wights? Beric Dondarrion is described as having changed into a wight, but by Thoros of Myr and not by the Night King, and he retained the loyalties and aims that he had when living. If I was talking about wights, rather than writing about them, to avoid people confusing "wights" with "whites", I would be tempted to pronounce "wight" as "wikht" as in early mediaeval English.
  6. Is there anything in GRRM canon to say whether wights need to breathe air (or oxygen) to stay active and move about and fight?
  7. What GRRM canon is there about the layout of a sept? Some GOT / SoIaF -derived videogames include ability for the player to build a sept, but such septs as shown in the game seem to me to be much influenced by European cathedrals without reference to GRRM and are not reliable as canon. (Search for the word "sept" is much swamped by "Sept" meaning "September".) Canon bit of information that I have found are: (1) A sept built on the Iron Islands had been demolished by the Ironmen, leaving only a seven-sided foundation. (2) Weddings take place between the images of the Father and the Mother, which therefore must be on adjacent corners of the heptagon. (3) There is singing in septs, presumably of hymns. (4) At intervals there is a Festival of the Maiden, where only virgin women and girls are allowed admission. If each of the Seven gods is an equal representation of a One God, as seems to be stated, that may mean that each of the 7 images and altars in a sept must be equally related to the others and so must be in a perfect circle (or heptagon). That causes a problem providing an adequately wide door to the sept, and (1) seems to prevent making the sept 8-sided with the 8th side being for the door. I have not yet found canon info even about which of these is true: (i) The Seven images are at the corners, or at the middles of the sides, of a heptagon, and face inwards. That constrains the amount of space that there is for a congregation, and for weddings (which attract a big congregation) would put the images of the Father and the Mother a long way apart. Compare most real churches and Hindu temples, which are rectangular with the sacred images at one end. (ii) The Seven images are all together in a small circle and face outwards, at the centre of the heptagonal building.
  8. This Youtube video ("The Best Way To End Game of Thrones!? - Top 10 End Game Theories! Game of Thrones Season 8") by Talking Thrones, describes ten main ideas for continuation or alternative ending to the TV series, that people (discussers and fan fiction writers) have had. That Youtube video copied this information from this page on a website called ScreenRant . It listed these 10 fan theorizations about what might happen:- 10: Targaryen restoration: Jon and Daenerys marry and rule Westeros as king and queen. 9: The Night King wins: the Night King kills all of the main characters and destroys Westeros 8: Daenerys goes back to Meereen 7: Jon and Daenerys die, their child inherits the throne 6: Jon Snow becomes king: but without Daenerys 5: Jon and Daenerys give up their claims and leave Westeros: they go east to Meereen or beyond the Wall with the wildlings 4: The Iron Throne is destroyed, Westeros is ruled by a Great Council 3: Gendry becomes king 2: Cersei destroys King's Landing with wildfire 1: Westeros is divided into seven separate kingdoms once more; and perhaps Jon and Daenerys rule the Crownlands, making 8 kingdoms
  9. Is 'Lajasar fini arthaso' correct for "the Army of the Fallen"? The main query is: Have I used the genitive plural of "fin" correctly? (Literally: army -- of those who -- fell) (To remember the meaning of "fin", I suppose that think that: "fin" is the relative pronoun, and when I scuba dived, my fins related me to the water.)
  10. It is recorded that the First Men entered Dorne from Essos from where Tyrosh is now, dry-shod on the Arm of Dorne before it was broken, walking or riding on seabed which then was land, between the Stepstones which then were inland rocky hill areas, and reached higher land. The main account seems to say that they then had to endure the long drought of Dorne before they found the Prince's Pass. But https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Sea_of_Dorne says that The World of Ice & Fire, Dorne: The Breaking. says that "some maesters, such as Cassander, believe the Sea of Dorne was once a smaller inland sea separated from the narrow sea by salt marshes". That would have let many of the First Men go straight north dry-shod from the east end of Dorne to the east end of the Stormlands, a shorter and better-watered jouney.
  11. In "Fire and Blood" I have read plenty about Targaryen royalty flying about on dragons. But when the dragon was big enough to carry two people, the only people who got to ride pillion on a dragon was a personal bodyguard, in canon stories, as far as I remember. I would have thought that dragons would have been used more often this way, to ferry important people about in a hurry and safely over the heads of dangers on the ground.
  12. Is there a list anywhere of how WoIaF / GoT personal and place names are represented in translations into other (real world) languages?
  13. For some sets of rules, see http://www.aappleyard.com/cyvasse/cyvasse.htm I welcome all comments.
  14. What has happened recently with working out sets of rules for cyvasse? And in playing the game? Some people have worked out sets of rules. I have reformatted them tidily as .htm files with tables in.
  15. My own attempt this way was influenced by (among other things) seeing a Youtube video extract of GoT, showing Dany on Drogon teaching Jon Snow to ride Rhaegal in the North, which got me hoping for (and writing about) a lasting romance between Jon Snow and Dany, leading to the two becoming the new King and Queen of Westeros.
  16. "shadow fire" may mean a thin ghost-like attempt at making fire.
  17. I have had vague ideas of the ironmen, caught between many things, having in the end to bend the knee to the king of Westeros and obey his laws and become Westeros's navy.
  18. But Fire and Blood does not say specifically that the Targaryens did nor bring dragon-controlling horns with them.
  19. Ref. https://awoiaf.westeros.org/index.php/Jaehaerys_I_Targaryen :: In Fire & Blood, King Jaehaerys I and Queen Alysanne were flying back on their dragons (Vermithor and Silverwing) home from Oldtown to King's Landing, with 3 planned night stops (Horn Hill, Nightsong, Blackhaven). On the way they got a message that their mother Queen Alyssa was dangerously ill at Storm's End. They fly there, with night stops as needed, and reach her bedside in time. The time from when the childbirth emergency arose to their arrival, would include the time that it took the message to get from Storm's End to wherever Jaehaerys was en route. If it was by raven, presumably a message raven could not fly faster than a dragon, and it would have had to stop to find food and to perch to sleep overnight. Plus the already-discussed problem of a message raven finding a moving message-recipient. That is several days for Jaehaerys and Alysanne to reach their mother's bedside; that seems a very long time for Alyssa to have survived a very prolonged labour with medical knowledge and technology as it was then. To shorten that time, we could assume that: (1) The message raven, and then the king's dragon (Vermithor), continued to fly for part of each night. That depends on how much better than men, ravens and dragons can see by night, and how much the night seeing was helped by moonlight or hindered by dull heavy cloud cover, and in its turn, for the dragon flight, by whether Vermithor could fly high enough to get above overcast cloud, and if so, by whether his riders had a source of high-altitude oxygen, a substance which is not stated in the books to have been known of back then. (2) The message was not carried by a raven, but travelled instantaneously (or at the speed of light) by some magical or technological means which is not stated anywhere else in the books, unless "glass candles" are meant here.
  20. I have the book Fire and Blood by GRRM, and it does not seem to go into much detail about how the Targaryen kings (before the Dance of the Dragons) controlled their dragons. I have the book Fire and Blood by GRRM, about the earlier Targaryen kings, and it does not seem to go into much detail about how the Targaryen kings (before the Dance of the Dragons) controlled their dragons. The books seem to treat Victarion's possession of a dragon-controlling horn as unusual; but I would have though that the Targaryens when still living in Valyria, like all the Valyrian dragonlord families, would have routinely had sufficient store of dragonhorns, and that they would have brought all theirs with them when they evacuated from Valyria to Dragonstone, and also the knowledge how to make more of them, and held onto them afterwards.
  21. Would dragons be able to operate in severe arctic conditions like Stannis's siege of WInterfell happens in? I read somewhere about sailors in the Shivering Sea encountering ice dragons; would the Night King be able to ride one of those, and not have to kill Viserion to get a flying mount?
  22. It seems that Victarion's horn comes under the heading of https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chekhov%27s_gun :: "if it appears, it should be used, for the story to be good". It is likeliest off-topic to go off into the fields of fan-fiction here, but the proliferation of GoT / WoIaF fan-fiction (including around a dozen Youtube videos) that has been written by people who were unsatisfied by how GoT ended, and/or got tired of waiting for WoW and DoS, and took the pen into their own hands, is likely somewhat a guide to how people expect the story to lead. I have the book Fire and Blood by GRRM, and it does not seem to go into much detail about how the Targaryen kings (before the Dance of the Dragons) controlled their dragons.
  23. In the book version, Victarion has led the whole Iron Fleet round to Slaver's Bay trying to catch Dany and her dragons. But he will find that she and her dragons are safely airborne and away, and the dysentery epidemic called the Pale Mare waiting for him. Likely he will have to go back home, pursued by an angry Essosi fleet, to the Iron Islands, just in time for both to be caught up in the final battle against the Night King. How severe a winter can the Night King's power make? Will Victarion come home to find the Iron Islands solidly frozen in and joined to the mainland by pack-ice?
  24. This Youtube video is about languages in what used to be Yugoslavia. It mentions a real city and called it "King's Landi' - uhh - Dubrovnik".
  25. This page https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/A_Game_of_Thrones_(disambiguation) lists various GoT / SoIaF -related videogames. Which of them are multi-player? Which of them are still running? What has happened to them? The videogame described at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_of_Thrones:_Winter_Is_Coming was much advertized on Youtube a while ago. Has anyone here played it?
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