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  1. The Master of Bant

    Coal in ASOIF

    Coal mining was for most of history very small scale. The mines would not be large operations like they are today or with the Lannisters but small pits around the place so wouldn't warrant a mention as it would be rare to run out. Also coal would be very common judging from the fact that Westeros is based of the British Isles which have large amounts of coal (especially in the northern region, around Newcastle) so isn't very special To add to that, coal in the British Isles between the Romans leaving in 410 AD and the 1200s receives limited use judging from texts from the time. It was mentioned in the Anglo-Saxon chronicle as a rent of "twelve loads of coal" in 852 but received limited mention. Also it was a lot easier to go and collect wood or cut down a tree than it was to get your hands on coal from elsewhere in the country) Therefore, Coal was probably used in limited amounts around the country but not on a large scale. Also, by the 1300s it had been realised that coal was poor for your health and was banned from use in London and there was a enforced return to wood and charcoal. Therefore, in the books the POV characters are all noble so wouldn't want to have smoky unpleasant coal in their castles so wouldn't use it. Finally coal was mainly used not to heat homes but by Artisans for lime burning and metal work. This is because it releases quite a lot of energy but also a lot of smoke, which was part of the reason it was banned in 1306 in London. Overall, Coal mining is probably quite common in Westeros but would not have typically be used for homes especially for nobles
  2. This forum is to discuss the real historical events and parallels with ASOIAF E.g. Hadrains wall and The Wall