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    How are they gonna get outta this one??

    I'm just going to quote this one section so this doesn't get too long. This would be a decision that would be very hard for Cat to do. I can't see Stoneheart having the capacity to do it. I really don't see the character of Stoneheart as being multi-dimensional as needed for this story. We've seen characters like the Mountain that have almost no depth, so it's not like George doesn't use this type of character to provide situations that the fleshed out characters have to respond to. Cat had multiple dimensions, but now she's been reduced to the worst of her. I think she is here to provide a counter-point to other characters. Like with Brienne. She created a situation that forced a very difficult choice for another character. I think she will do this again, but it'll be for Arya. I don't see her having anything to do with Jon as I can't see her doing the right thing. I would have trouble seeing Cat doing the right thing were she not Stoneheart, but I'm very biased against her, so that might just be me. You're right that I hadn't really considered the possibility that Cat was more than just her vengeance at the pain she got from losing her family and her life. I basically attributed her emotions as pain and loss with regards to her children, and hatred and vengeance towards those who were involved with the Red Wedding (or involved with those involved). While her giving up her unlife to save Jon would be a very full circle thing, it doesn't fit with what we know of Cat. She's never really been forgiving, and she's never been big on owning up to her mistakes. I don't see how that will suddenly change now that she's Stoneheart. I don't think it would fit her character to have this sort of redemption moment, when nothing she's done has put her on any sort of redemption path. Lastly, and correct me if I'm wrong, didn't Cat hate that Robb named Jon his heir? I thought she was strongly opposed to that. But I don't really remember that particular event that well. While honoring Robb is something she would be big on right now, I think her method of doing that is avenging his death and betrayal. Doing the one thing she strongly was against would show character growth, but I'm not sure that's what's on the cards for her story arc. Again, I believe she is going to be a catalyst for other character's growth, while not growing herself. And man do we need the next book.
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    Percentage Poll on various theories

    0% - I wish there was like a 10% option. I strongly doubt that a full exodus will happen. I don't like it narratively, but just because I can't see how to do it well doesn't mean George wouldn't know how to do it well. 25% - I could certainly see it, but I'm not sure on why George would do it. To tie in the Starks sacrificing children to the Others as a thing? Maybe. I feel like this could be a 50% from me...really unsure exactly where I fall, but do know that I'm way more likely to be 49% on this than 50% 0% - There's no reason for it to have happened. Aerys named his successor, he didn't disinherit Rhaegar. This is something that would have come up by now if true. 0% - Another I wish had a 10% option. I think it's very unlikely. I could see her projecting herself there, either through a dream or a candle, but I don't think Asshai has answers for Dany. Asshai seems like it has answers for characters in Westeros. 0% - Are you sure I can't use a 10% option? Actually this is the one I'm most confident on the 0%. If Quaithe IS a Farman, I think a Farman would have been introduced in the series proper, not in a spin off book. 25% - It's definitely doable, even with us not knowing her eye color. It's unusual for Tyrion not to comment on someone's eye color as he does it a lot. So an exclusion of color seems like it could be hint that the eye color is telling. It could also just be that they were unremarkable. I want to hear more about Ashara as much as anyone, but I'm not sure this is the way it's going to happen. 0% - If this means her taking the LONG way to Westeros than hard no. If it means she has to go to Asshai or Old Valyria for a quick second and then go to Westeros...maybe. I would bump to 25% if it means a quick trip east before committing to Weseros. 25% - This is another one I wish we had a lower % I could choose, but I think this is a bit more likely for thematic reasons. I don't think it's likely, though it would be a bit touching if true. The big issue is how would we ever find out? It almost seems like something George would have to confirm outside of the books. 100% - I think this is basically confirmed. Unless this theory is that Jon's soul STAYS in Ghost? I would put that at about 25%. But if it's just that Jon's soul entered into Ghost at the end of ADWD, alive or dead, than I am completely sure that's where we are at. 25% - I could see it. The betrayal of blood and Stallion that Mounts the World does make some sense, and we really don't have much evidence that he died. However we have even less evidence that he lived, and the logistics of stealing Rhaego is just too daunting for me to buy this theory. Who did MMD make this convoluted plot with? Her captors? While the ideas behind the theory are good, the practicality of it happening aren't. Wow, I just realized how low I am on all these theories. But I did enjoy rating them, really wish the %s were more flexible though.
  3. Bhain Shadowien

    How are they gonna get outta this one??

    I'm sorry, but this has to be the dumbest suggestion I've ever seen. Cat hates Jon. Stoneheart isn't a forgiving character, she is the embodiment of Cat's wrath and fury and is against anyone who was against her family. She doesn't consider Jon family. She saw him as a threat to her son's rule. There is a 0% chance that Stoneheart does anything nice for Jon. Hope this doesn't come off too harshly at you. I'm attacking the idea itself not you.
  4. Bhain Shadowien

    Poll: Is Sweetrobin the Son of Littlefinger?

    I'm going to say Hard No. It's an interesting theory that does have a bit of weight, and Lysa constantly reminding everyone about Jon saying, 'The seed is strong' sounds more like she's trying to make it true, but the wording she uses when talking to LF before she dies is just too strong an obstacle, I think. This also seems like one of those situations where if it is true, we won't read about it in the books. That opportunity has come and gone.