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  1. Karneol

    International Thread 3

    This would fit in with this article I found: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-brazil-amazon-germany/germany-to-cut-35-million-euros-in-funds-to-brazil-for-amazon-preservation-newspapers-idUSKCN1V00RZ How can the world really improve the current situation in the Amazon?
  2. Karneol

    Do you like Feast and Dance?

    I like the Feast more, honestly. First because I absoulutly enjoyed Cersei regency and imprisonment. And second because I hate the Wall and Dany
  3. Karneol

    International Thread 3

    Can somebody please explain me what Trumps opinion on China is? For a non-American his swinging between Tariffs and Tolls and "I kiss your ass"-tweets is very confusing.
  4. Karneol

    German politics. Flinten Uschi defying the laws of gravity

    I think we need to change the scapegoat for this development. Most still blame the farmers, the industry or the goverment. But without any change in the behaviour of the consumer more eco-farms, optional price raising or new laws would lead to more misery rather than sucess.
  5. Karneol

    German politics. Flinten Uschi defying the laws of gravity

    Does somebody know the Johannitage in Triesdorf? It's a convention for everything related to agriculture. As someone who visits it quiete often I would like to challange the Greens to open their own little stall there. It would be very entertaining
  6. Karneol

    German politics. Flinten Uschi defying the laws of gravity

    https://www.tagesschau.de/multimedia/bilder/kandidaten-spd-vorsitz-101.html To my suprise there are still persons who willingly (?) want to be SPD-Vorstand Also there are elections in 4 weeks in Sachsen and Brandenburg, on the 27th of October in Thüringen. https://app.handelsblatt.com/politik/deutschland/umfrage-afd-vor-landtagswahlen-staerkste-partei-in-ostdeutschland/24868890.html?ticket=ST-2490536-7Kt4J4KoJC3oK36X3eQM-ap3 Obviously the AFD will be the biggest winner in the east. The CDU will have to ask themselves a major question- do they want a coalition with the AFD? Will the Green Wave be? Espacially Sachsen where are lot of jobs are depending on coal their climate plans are very unpopular- and I have not mentioned their views on refugees yet.
  7. Karneol

    International Thread 3

    Under "normal" circumstances I would have said they would get away with Hong Kong and Taiwan (but only under heavy sanctions or some dirty deal with the US) But with Trump every choice could lead towards a US-China war. It's not a secret at all that Trump hates China and by refusing to attak he would lose much of his supporters.
  8. Karneol

    What should be done... about climate change

    Make public transportation more available and attractive: Yesterday my class was visiting Frankfurt. We did go by train but not because it was cheaper or faster, no because the enviroment.I think a lot of teacher/ principals would have choosen the bus. And that's the problem. You can't just put PT everywhere and charge are really high price. Also the bus would be more comfortable and less problematic in 40°C. Every German knows what I am talking about (ACs are failing, coordination is non-existant etc.). Two examples: On the ride to Frankfurt the second train we jumped on was a ICE to Kiel. Ten minutes in there we got the announcement that this train would stay in Frankfurt because it had multiple technical deffects. When we ride home we only took RBs. This was a mistake as we discovered 3 minutes before departure that our train would be waiting on another part of the train station. We ran to a the the very end because a) our train was parked behind another train and b) it was fully overcrowded.
  9. Karneol

    German politics. Flinten Uschi defying the laws of gravity

    I think the FDP " spricht mir aus dem Herzen" https://m.faz.net/aktuell/politik/inland/kritik-an-akk-nach-ernennung-zur-verteidigungsministerin-16288708.html But she is just another unqualified member of our goverment -sadly to get a job in the goverment you only need the right connections rather than skills.
  10. Karneol

    German politics. Flinten Uschi defying the laws of gravity

    So apparently either Jens Spahn or AKK will succeed von der Leyen. I really don't know who I would like to see more as the new secretary of defense. And that's not because I love them so much ...
  11. Karneol

    Backstory for minor houses.

  12. Karneol

    Planetos Timekeeping

    This referers to daylight not to how long a day is
  13. Karneol

    Annulment vs. 'setting aside a wife/marriage'

    Another thing is cheating: If the wife of cheats she would be death or a silent sister. Obvious. But would the marriage be still valid? Or would it be an annulment (because the vows were not fullfilled) and the children would be declared bastards?
  14. Karneol

    Backstory for minor houses.

    Can you please link it? I am interested but didn't find it
  15. Agree with you It would be really cool to see the "background" Tyrells (Willas & Garlan) becoming more important than the louder and more attention striving ones (Margaery, Loras, Olenna & Mace). I could even see Garlan or Willas getting a POV. This video points out we are missing one from the Reach: