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  1. Karneol

    The Drunk Thread: An All The Vodka Dinner

    I was at aparty. Brought another girl with me. She couldn't walk a straight line after that. Ifeel si guilty. Should have watched her.
  2. Karneol

    Is Young Griffs invasion filler?

    Let me give my theory more details: We know that Varys, Illyrio and mostly Jon hide the boy as safe as possible and only reveal his identity if it's necessary: There's a big fuss about that in both of Connington's chapters. One the other side we have Viserys who makes no big deal about his last name. Viserys is watched by Baratheon spies and is wished dead by most of Roberts loyalists. Meanwhile Aegon doesn't have that kind of pressure, he has never to fear for his life. My idea is that Varys and Illyrio used Viserys as a red herring for Robert. They would follow him and don't look out for other Targaryen/ Blackfyre claimants. Of course they coudn't reveal Griffins true name to the golden company: Varys knows how easy people talk and how easy other people listen. The solution is to write Viserys name instead of Aegon's and when the time comes replace Vis name with Aegons or don't pay the money
  3. Karneol

    Is Young Griffs invasion filler?

    What if Viserys was the filler? We see in ADwD how hard they try to hide Aegon. Illyrio and Varys could have used him as a red herring for Robert and his loyalist. While Robert is doing every thing to get rid of the aparent male heir meanwhile Illyrio could use his name for contracts he is making for Aegon like the GC.
  4. Karneol

    There's Something about Leaf

    Reread this yesterday and was instantly reminded of this thread. What bout Euron beeing also approached by Bloodraven because he also has GS abilities? What about both don't answer this call and abusing or ignoring their abilities?
  5. Karneol

    Is Young Griffs invasion filler?

    Did anybody believe his "for the realm besides the show? Varys is one of the most selfish and mysterious characters Littlefinger meets Aegon. This is going to be interesting. Littlefinger will not be against him in the beginning: Aegon has a to high chance of winning and LF tries to keep himself all options. But Varys will definatly play Aegon against him. I'm supporting this theory about Varys & Illyrio pushing Viserys: Viserys conquers Westeros and becomes Viserys III. He will be as mad and cruel as his father. Suddenly the young, beutiful and likeable son of the beloved Rhaegar appears. If you are a peasant who would you fight for: A mad usurper and his forgein wildlings or the rightful heir and a army with Westerosi roots?
  6. Karneol

    There's Something about Leaf

    This gives me Guardiansof the Galaxy vibes. I agree with you: We don't know their true agenda yet and that's why it is to early to put them in the evil box. IMO we will have to wait for the next Bran chapters to find this out
  7. Karneol

    Strangest Possible Ending

    I think if this would played in Chernobyl we would already have Jeor Mormont after seeing the wights turning into Putin and riding on a bear to the lands of always winter to defeat the NK in a judo battle.
  8. Karneol

    Strangest Possible Ending

    Agree with that Dany invading Lys, turning into Hitler and burning all Non - Valyrian inhabitans and instaling a regime of terror with Tyrion as Goebbels, Selmy as Goering and Varys as Himmler.
  9. Karneol

    Predicting and Gambling

    Dany will never see Westeros.
  10. Karneol

    Is Young Griffs invasion filler?

    I don't see Cersei preparing for Dany even if she rules the Seven Kingdoms and there is clear wird of a big army coming from Essos. She basically ignores everything three miles east from the Westerosi coast She won't take Aegon seriously like the Tyrells. Because in opposite to the Tyrells she doesn't take anything serious save for her prophecy. GRRM will do these events but to distract the Tyrells because Cersei can distract herself.
  11. Karneol

    Jon Connington

    Jon Connington's survival chances are very low. He has a not very harmless disease and is in a camp which doesn't count to the favourite candidates for the IT. I can see him trying to escape the faith of passing out because of grey scale by visiting the Citadel and meeting Sam like it has already been suggested. I don't like this plotline. I don't see him ever leaving fAegon and changing camps so quicky. My idea for his plotline would be dying by fAegon's side, not seeing the obvious fraud (unlike a lot of other people) and trying to make up for letting Rhaegar down in RR. He will be fAegon's Davos. Only a little bit more snobbier and more protectiv.
  12. I think it's because of their culture. Iron is said to be harder than bronze and than copper. From what we have seen and heard of the IB they seem to be more brutal, stubborn and blunted than people from the other 7K. His name is goodbrother
  13. Karneol

    Let's speculate about Illyrio's chests

    I could imagine a lot of letters Letters for friends of Illyrio, for people who get money from Illyrio and people who get blackmailed by Illyrio. Something like don't "mess up with them or I will take you off my payroll". Letters for Dany: "Hey your last husband is dead but do not worry I brought you a new one" Letters for Belwas and the other ones who look after Dany with new instructions. This is the middle age: Cellphones are not invented and trustworthy messangers for such dangerous letzers are a rariety
  14. Karneol

    Filling pages with words

    I never used these technique's: 1. I never had problems with writing long text. The last big essay I wrote was 8 page's long (expected were 5) 2. I'm from Germany and we never had a word quoteat least in German). But in English we are starting to write short essays too. We are "forced" to use the first thing for idk what reason. Another thing about this English essays is that you start to see who really developed his English. You see people with fifth-grader-English (a phrase we use for other students with a very simple English) struggeling with getting to 150 words. One the other side there are people like me who could write 200 words without any problems because we watch English YT videos for example. I'm trying to get one of the first ones to use the second technique which is hard because of his very limited vocabulary.
  15. Karneol

    Names for new Targaryens

    I get why she would choose Daario but how do you get to Samantha?