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  1. Azure means blue. Tourmaline is blue (among other colors), is it not? Amethyst is clearly purple. I mean, what is your source that amethyst is bluish purple? Amethyst is purple, a simple google search yields no mention of blue. the only link I found that even mentioned blue is this and it is a minimal reference to shade range., https://www.gemselect.com/english/gem-info/amethyst/amethyst-info.php
  2. I've just started a podcast, "The Bard's Truth," which can be found on most podcast apps soon!  It is currently available on anchor.fm/bards-truth and Spotify (Search "The Bard's Truth).  The first episode is titled "Kingblood, Magic, Elitism, and 10,000 Years of Sex in Westeros."  Please give a list, a share and a like!  

  3. Hey all  Happy to be here!  I've been active on reddit for a couple years, but only lurking here from time to time.   I am looking forward to getting into some deeper discussions here.  I am currently in the process of posting 6 finished essays on Direwolves.  I really hope you enjoy them!

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