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  1. I keep playing things over in my head and I feel like if Joffrey was truly Robert's son Ned Stark would have made up some bullshit to disinherit him from the throne and give the Iron Throne to Stannis. I know this doesn't play with the honorable view of Ned Stark that everyone had but looking at Joffrey I could not in good conscious give the Iron Throne to him when he would just be a puppet of his mother and her a puppet of her father. It occurs to me that if Joffrey were a little older and a little more independent then Ned would have no problem supporting his claim but the fact was Joffrey was a boy who would be a puppet in his grandfathers hands. I feel that Ned understood that Stannis would not stand for a Lannister being King while he was alive and that Stannis had a very strong claim. So as to not throw the realm into civil war again I think that Ned would with very little apprehension give the throne to Joffrey. I think Ned understood that the questionable succession that he tried to force would be challenged on the battlefield by the Lannisters but I don't think he anticipated Renly dividing house Barantheon and I don't think he envisioned Rob Stark declaring himself King in the North. I know this doesn't need to be said but fuck Renly Baratheon he more than any other individual threw the realm into chaos. If Renly had stood by his brother theree would have been no question as to which house the Iron Throne would have gone to. Fuck Renly I hope he is being tortured in hell.
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