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    Daemon Blackfyre

    Why didn't Daemon Blackfyre name himself Daemon Targaryen if he hoped to win the throne? It would have given him a lot more support. He had the full right to as he was legitimized, and on top of that Targaryen on both sides.
  2. Potsk

    My theory of Bran's warging scene

    David Benioff pulls words out of his sphincter, you mean.
  3. Potsk

    What was the plan if House Targaryen died out?

    Orys was a bastard though (and only rumored to be his brother), and not legitimized as a Targaryen. They would have a claim from Alyssa Velaryon's marriage to Lord Rogar, and that claim isn't as strong as that of the Velaryons themselves
  4. Potsk

    Writing awards for D&D!

    S8E1 had tits, albeit briefly.
  5. Potsk

    Writing awards for D&D!

    Sucks that his prequel was cancelled
  6. Potsk

    Prequel Pilot Filming Begins

    I'm 99% sure that they'll cram the entire age of heroes into a span of like 3 years
  7. Potsk

    Blank pictures

    This happens to me too. More often than not, two pictures will load and the rest will remain blank no matter how many times I refresh. I tried clearing my cache but that did nothing
  8. Aren't you just fascinated with the pure genius of these two deities of television?
  9. Potsk

    Wow, I never noticed that. Vol. 18

    The first time the term "white walkers" was spoken was by Old Nan, not by wildlings. And Bran instantly knew what she meant by it
  10. Potsk

    How is it fantasy?

    I wonder what ASOIAF would be like if it went full Elder Scrolls and magic was just some casual thing you can get a college degree in. Ironically it would remove the magic of the story.
  11. As Preston Jacobs pointed out, Grey Worm is pretty stupid. He was practically the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms at that point and was better trained in combat than anyone at the Dragonpit. Why did he agree to let Bran become king, Tyrion become Hand, and Jon to be non-exiled?
  12. Potsk

    Arya the Explorer

    She was stabbed multiple times, swam through a dirty canal, ran across the free city of Braavos, jumped off a balcony, had a pretty bad fall down stairs, and after all this defeated an assassin who's light years ahead of her in experience. And lived, went back to Westeros completely fine! I don't think it's for us to question the horrible character that is Maisie Stark
  13. And Brienne had all the power to alter it but chose to let that slander on Tyrion linger.
  14. Potsk

    The Ending Was very conventional

    Not the point and not the point. I can't believe I even have to tell you this. Bran wasn't forced in because of his race or gender, so moot point. As I said, what we got isn't good storytelling either. Did you forget "forced non-white leaders for simply the sake of non-white leaders" and only see "non-white leaders" on purpose?
  15. Potsk

    The Ending Was very conventional

    Forcing a non-white leader into a story just for the sake of having a non-white leader isn't good storytelling. That isn't to say what we got is good storytelling, but the point stands
  16. Potsk

    The Ending Was very conventional

    No it's just racism.
  17. Potsk

    The Ending Was very conventional

    Why did you feel the need to note that he is white and male?
  18. That book in particular is absolutely chaotic... it says "Symon Gaunt" is Arthur Dayne's father, spells "Baratheon" as just "Bara", yet again changed Jaime's age, yet again changed the Dayne sigil, called Arlan of Pennytree "Arthur"...
  19. Potsk

    Two Questions about this Episode

    Because it's an elective monarchy. There is no Stark dynasty in the south. It's a glorified prison.
  20. I'm confused that the title is still "King of the Andals and the First Men" even though the North seceded, making strong First Men blood a minority. Wouldn't it be "King of the Andals and the Rhoynar"?
  21. Potsk

    Title of the last episode

    Season 1 Episode 10....
  22. Potsk

    Where are the sweets?

    The sweet part is that Euron had sex with the queen and is (almost) the man who killed Jaime Lannister The two-eyed pervy pirate was the protagonist all along, you see.
  23. Potsk

    Title of the last episode

    Sadly KOTOR isn't dead
  24. Potsk

    Favorite POV Character

    In ACoK, Tyrion and Theon. Edit: Didn't realize this was an AGoT thread. Well then Eddard