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  1. Just to throw in my two or three cents on the Criston Cole vs. Jaime Lannister thing - I agree with Lord Varys that they are not much alike at all. If anything, their stories can be seen as opposites more often than as parallels. Just look at their characters. Cole is portrayed as always being a very serious and somber character whereas Jaime doesn't take anything seriously until late in the game. Cole's story is a one of rising to the Kingsguard through his prowess. Jaime's story is one of falling to become Kingsguard - his appointment is seen as a step-down by Tywin. Cole is intensely loyal to Rhaenyra until he's not (possibly because his love is spurned), whereas Jaime is loyal to no one, except perhaps Cersei although he has no problems with unrequited love. Then we can look at their actions. We don't know Cole's motivations for sure, but we know for a fact that his actions in crowning Aegon starts a war. He soils his vows in doing so. Jaime also soiled his vows when he killed his king. But the action itself is completely different. Cole crowns a king and Jaime kills one. Jaime did so apparently to protect the people of King's Landing from death by wildfire. Whatever Cole's reasons for his actions, all the plausible reasons given are of a personal nature. He's not protecting anyone, only serving his own ambition or desires.
  2. If Joff looked like Robert, I think Robert would have shown more love towards his son. We can see there is a coldness, and Robert knows that Joff isn't his subconsciously, even if he won't admit that to himself. I have to think that Robert treats Joff differently if he looked like himself, just as Cersei would likely not dote on him so much if he looked like Robert rather than like her and Jaime. So I think he would have had a completely different upbringing and would probably have a different personality.
  3. I assume he was at the Eyrie or the Gates of the Moon when he received the news that Brandon was dead. He certainly had the means to send a raven or two to Winterfell and White Harbor or wherever else. Although, if he had sent a raven to White Harbor why not have them send a ship or three to meet him somewhere?
  4. It's been mentioned that there is a winter town near to Winterfell. Do we know whether this town derives any benefits from the famous Winterfell hot springs? I haven't seen mention of hot springs outside Winterfell itself. However, often where there is one hot spring there will be others in the area. Does the Winterfell winter town have some nearby that makes it particularly vital as a winter town? I am guessing that all the larger castles have some sort of winter town in their vicinity and that places like Barrowton and White Harbor are significantly more full during winter as well, but perhaps these don't grow quite to the degree of the Winterfell one if that is the case.
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