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  1. A.Targaryen

    Opening Titles and Ending Hints

    I’m sure we all noticed the change in the opening credits in 801 this evening. I just wanted to call attention to a specific panel on the dial-type thing from the opening. I’m referring to 0:54 in the opening as provided by HBO (below). On the Panel (from left to right): a lion, a hanged wolf with knives sticking out its body, and a decapitaed wolf (possibly the lion) with its cut head held by a swordsman. Its possible also that the first lion is eating a trout, the animal on the sigal of House Tully. I To me, there are a few possible theories, both historical and for the future. 1. This panel depicts the Red Wedding. The strong lion, a decapitated wolf — the signs point to a fight between Lannisters and Starks. The hanged wolf also appears to be at The Twins, the location of the event in question. 2. The panel isin’t historical: though GRRM and the show runners love the animal subtexts hidden within each house’s sigil, there’s also another story with a lion: the Azor Ahai Prophecy. We know of a man killing a lion in an attempt to build a sword (Lightbinger) that could end the Long Night. Perhaps Jon will need to build a new lightbringer in order to bring the dawn. 2b. There’s also something to be said about the rest of the prophecy. Regardless of who the new Azor Ahai will be (if there is one at all), the forging of Lightbringer could also involve a human sacrifice. The story tells that Azor Ahai drove the sword through his wife’s heart in order to build the world’s strongest weapon. Could Jon do that to Dany? Visa versa? Questions: Am I even looking at this right? Did another season do something like this? What else could the pictures depict? Let me know below!
  2. A.Targaryen

    Little Questions That Don't Fit Anywhere Else Part 3

    I do like this bit here about joining the Royal Family vs. being born into it. I’d have to look back in Game and Feast for how others refer to her, just to see, but I’m pretty sure Cersei uses her maiden name in the same way Kim Kardashian does. She’s the most beautiful woman in the 7 kingdom’s - especially with her husband dead she’s got no reason to use the Baratheon name.