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  1. CAllDSmith

    Lord Steffon's Tourney, Another Reading

    See I was just looking at it in a way that going off the text, technically GRRM didn't make a mistake if it was Steffon's funeral tourney and Hightower named it such for that reason.
  2. I know that GRRM's official statement on the White Book mentioning "Lord Steffon's Tourney" and Ser Barristan recalling Simon Toyne being there is that Ser Barristan is mixing up his tourneys. I wonder if anyone would object to a possible different interpretation so long as Ser Barristan's mental senility doesn't become important to the plot later. Ser Gerold who would have known Lord Steffon and Lord Steffon's father for most of his life, referred to the tourney as "Lord Steffon's Tourney" Because it was his funeral tourney and Robert sent his father off with a party like he wanted to himself. This would square the references without making Selmy seem senile. And of course we also have a reason for why the entries are out of order chronologically, Ser Gerold had been shot in the sword/writing hand sometime between 279-281 after all!
  3. CAllDSmith

    The Official Count of Kings

    The italics have never be established. The bold should be self-evident.
  4. CAllDSmith

    Is Syrio confirmed dead?

    The one who killed Balon. Ghost of High Heart's dreams, plus it matches the mo. It couldn't have been Jaqen/the alchemist because he couldn't have gone anywhere to get on a ship to take him that close to Pyke. There's a difference between being a master with one sword, and being totally useless with the other. So long as he keeps moving and swings the thing like he was the practice sword, eventually he'd find Trant's weak point. He also isn't trained to use a helm as a shield but he does, and there are daggers lying about as well. Why would Joffrey put his head on a spike? He put Ned's entire household on spikes, including a septa. Why wouldn't he put Syrio's head on a spike? I'm not even saying it has to be a magical conspiracy, There are plenty of non-magical possibilities for how one of the best martial artists in the known world survived combat with a mediocre knight. Also here's the last part of the fight with the five guardsmen Killing off a character just because they've filled their narrative purpose is bad writing, again I'm not saying that my points prove Syrio is alive, but there also is not proof that he is dead. That's the whole point, GRRM is taunting us. At least the sword of the first guardsman is open on the ground from when Syrio broke his fingers. There's one buried in a third's head and there's nothing in the text that really makes it clear where swords 2,4-5 are. Some could be under bodies, but that's not really a natural place for them to have gone. There's steel in the open somewhere, and if three decades of school shootings in America have taught me anything, Syrio had an exit plan for this exact situation. When you say Jaqen do you mean Jaqen, or the Faceless Man who used Jaqen's face? I don't typically think that Jaqen and Syrio are the same. Though I do understand why someone might think "Syrio gets tossed in a black cell, changes his face into Jaqen, which scares the shit out of Rorge and Biter, and then continues from there to wherever his final goal is." I don't necessarily believe it.
  5. CAllDSmith

    Is Syrio confirmed dead?

    He pretty clearly mortally wounded or killed all of them. That was one of the big conversations about the choreography of the scene in the show, because Syrio struck at unarmored parts or manipulated their bodies to strike each other. I honestly I would not count him out. There's five usable swords lying around on the ground, he's faster than Trant even when Trant is out of armor, there's five dead or dying bodies to muck up Trant's movements, and Trant's not depicted as being particularly brave. It can't have been a quick fight because Trant would have been able to follow Arya pretty directly if it had been. Septa Mordane and Syrio Forel pretty much saved Arya by themselves through their own small parts. The problem with Syrio is "The First Sword of Braavos does not run." His win-con is stalling Trant long enough and then getting out. It's ambiguous enough that a rational human being can go either way and not be considered wrong. Evidence for: Sansa doesn't notice his head on the pikes, Trant isn't seen much for a considerable amount of time due to how Sansa and Ned's POVs work, the swords I mentioned previously and the difference in skill. Evidence against: Sansa barely recognized the other severed heads, wouldn't really be looking for Syrio or care to recognize him, Trant's armor and refusal to run. There is also the tinfoil to consider (not saying I advocate for it.) but the Syrio-Forel-Was-a-Faceless-Man-and-Stole-Trant's-Face is certainly an attractive thought. There is at least one Faceless Man running around Westeros that we have not found just yet after all.
  6. CAllDSmith

    The Official Count of Kings

    What is the in-universe reason for how the King's are currently counted? Why is it this? Not this? Or this? Aegon the Conquorer (1-37) Aegon the Conqueror (1-37) same as second column Aenys I (37-42) Aenys I (37-42) Rhaenyra (129-130) Maegor the Cruel (42-48) Aegon the Uncrowned (42-43) Aegon the Dragonsbane (130-157) Jaehaerys the Conciliator (48-103) Viserys the Unfortunate (43-44) same from here. Viserys I (103-129) Jaehaerys the Conciliator (44-103) Aegon II (129-131) Viserys II (103-129) Aegon the Dragonsbane (131-157) same fro.m here Daeron the Young Dragon (157-161) Baelor the Blessed (161-171) Viserys II (171-172) Aegon the Unworthy (172-184) Daeron the Good (184-209) Aerys I (209-221) Maekar I (221-233) Aegon the Unlikely (233-259) Jaehaerys II (259-262) Aerys the Mad King (262-283) Who is it who is determining the official count, why do they legitimize Maegor the Cruel? Is it based on who the High Septon recognizes? If not why wouldn't one of Rhaenyra's descendants de-legitimize Aegon II? As this pertains to the future, when/if House Targaryen reclaims the Iron Throne do Robert, Joffrey and Tommen continue to count or will it be reworked to account for Targaryen succession?
  7. CAllDSmith

    Bowen's next decision

    As for the first part the raiding and the raping. Plus winters would be harder and no net to catch them. I'd guess it actually happened during the Dance. The resettlement in the Riverlands pulled the resources and people away. My point was that obviously it wasn't meant to stop wildlings so that should be taken as proof by the NW that the wildings aren't the biggest problem. North is only richer in some resources. Dorne has luxuries but not huge amounts of staples.
  8. CAllDSmith

    Areo Hotah - The Most Boring Man in Westeros?

    So I personally did not like Areo as much when I first read the series back in high school. But after time to develop, being able to read world and F&B when I got back to AFFC on my reread last week I actually enjoyed his chapters much more. I have a personal pet theory that Arys was originally going to be a Prologue character, subverting the expectation that the prologue character dies IN the chapter, but that GRRM changed his mind and went with Pate (which creates an interesting question about the House of Black and White's modus operandi.) However with Areo I think we see something that is different than usual. Areo needed to be the POV for his chapter, and a POV in general, for a few reasons. 1. He's a foreigner in Dorne, and so he reacts and notes the weather in a way that would be consistent with the experience of most readers, to Doran and Arianne it's normal but to Areo/Arys it's living in a desert. We're seeing the environment of Dorne from a perspective similar to our own. 2. He's a foil to the three KG knights we know. He keeps his vows in a way none of them did. Serve. Obey. Protect. Given in a specific order just as House Tully's words of Family. Duty. Honor. are given in that order. He's also very similar to Mandon Moore in some ways. We don't see him having any friends or things he loves save his duty. 3. Doran is not mobile, that's one of the main parts of his character, he was never a great fighter and now he can't even stand. 4. There's something a little different about Areo's story than most story structures we're used to. For the moment, Areo is already self-actualized and at the point many are at the end of their stories. The "static characters are boring" rule is similar to the "show don't tell" rule in that what constitutes boring and showing vary according to the reader not the writer. (Great example for anyone who has seen the RoosterTeeth show RWBY, can anyone tell me how many of the main characters are racist or have racial prejudice at the beginning of the series?) This all ties together into an interesting situation where Areo Hotah actually shows what a KG life should be like. The vows are incredibly similar and the goals are nearly the same. I think we've hit on a pretty good point for what we can expect from the Darkstar hunt in Winds, just looking at a map it seems like the best way to get to High Hermitage involves passing near to the tower of joy and the nine cairns that Eddard left there. That's a moment for a direct comparison between the three KG that died there and Areo Hotah. There's also the possibility of uniting us with Edric Dayne and actually finding out what criteria determines who can wield Dawn (as well as who makes that decision.). This quest also provides an opportunity for Balon Swann to grow and prevent Trystane's murder. I believe that there is one other purpose to Areo Hotah going west. There are currently two armies of Dornish that we know of, one in the Prince's Pass and one in the Boneway. The one in the Boneway is certainly best poised to threaten King's Landing, taking any army that moves on Storm's End in the rear. The one in Prince's Pass is aimed at Oldtown and Highgarden. Currently we've been hyping the Siege of Meereen and the battle of the ice, but I think there's one other battle to be considered. That of the Hightower. There are certain fantasy moments, inspired by historical ones, that tug at the heart strings and some of the bigger ones involve enemies coming together in unity or the cavalry arriving. Stannis coming at Castle Black, The Last Charge of the Rohirrim, Erkenbrand/Eomer arriving at Minas Tirith. Right now Crow's Eye is pointed strait at Oldtown, and it's not a guarantee that he will just be able to stroll into the harbor, there might be a siege or he might actually be able to take most of the city. But there is something to be said for attacking Oldtown. King Samwell Dayne, called Starfire (Didn't even notice that earlier!) burnt Oldtown. Ser Joffrey Dayne attacked it during the First Dornish War. While Darkstar makes a fine point about Daynes killing Oakhearts for thousands of years, the star and sword has never been a good sign for House Hightower, so who best to show up in their darkest hour to provide aid? Someone wise once said that you have to save the kingdom to win it. It would be a mark of a good king if Aegon sent Dornish aid to help Oldtown, both to Mace Tyrell but also to the High Septon who presumably cares about a bunch of Ironborn threatening the Starry Sept. Just my thoughts and opinions. Nothign confirmed. Can't wait to read what actually happens.
  9. CAllDSmith

    Bowen's next decision

    I would say that he's not actually perfect for setting up the defense. Almost half of Jon's comments when he's in command of the Wall are "We (Bowen Marsh) should have built these things. Or done this thing." The trebuchets were set up poorly, there were many different pieces of counter-siege equipment that should have been built and weren't. He left Castle Black with a pitiful garrison that would not have been able to hold the Wall without Donal Noye's ability and Jon Snow's training and leadership. (the second factor he could not predict.) Ironically, Bowen Marsh's complaints are largely self-defeating. Jon/Stannis's policy of settling wildlings in the Gift is the answer to the problem of not having enough turnips. They also solve the problem of not having enough stewards and builders to repair the Wall, that's thousands of people able to cut back the woods and haul lumber and stone to build things. You're right about the tradition thing. At some point people who can read need to sit down with a map and look at the Wall and the map of Beyond-the-Wall. They need to ask themselves "If the Wall was meant to stop these wildlings why doesn't it go through the Frostfangs to the western shore? Why is the Gorge left unblocked? Why aren't there forts and watchtowers in the Frostfangs? Most importantly explain the Fist of the First Men, It's existence does not line up with the known history of the Age of Heroes and the Dawn Age.
  10. CAllDSmith

    Top 10 Fighters, 281 AC Edition

    Except Barristan had just been ordered to tell her the truth, and he is sworn to obey. Also one of those quotes is from Jorah. Barristan's job is not to please Dany, as shown when he protests her calling Eddard 'the usurper's dog'. To quote from the wiki: No one else alive is talking about the quality of warrior Rhaegar was. Cersei just thinks he was pretty, everyone else either didn't know him or its not really a topic that comes up in conversation. Kingswood Brotherhood and Defiance of Duskendale, he has been involved in two battles or campaigns. Where Robert has done known. The same question can be put forward to Robert. Dayne, Jaime and Barristan are on a level beyond many others, Gregor is only a great fighter because he drugs himself so much with milk of the poppy, if he could actually feel pain he would not be a good fighter or battle field leader. (Giant target.) Sandor isn't even a factor considering he was about twelve at the times we're discussing. We actually don't know the quality of Jon's fighting at this point. When GRRM wrote the Wot vs. ASOIAF cast he had Jaime say that he would have expected Jon to be in the fight. While this isn't canon ,because Jaime and Jon have never actually met, it does show how GRRM would expect Jaime to think of Jon. There is a fairly strong argument that he is currently the best swordsman on the Wall. We don't really know how hard Rhaegar trained, or what his routine was, but we do know that the man he trained under was considered a respectable substitute for Tygett Lannister (A man who Jaime fights like.) and that the men he trained with and knew from a young age are both above average knights. Jon's skill is actually a matter of some discussion due to the superhuman strength that he's shown and the warg-rage ability.
  11. CAllDSmith

    Bowen's next decision

    You're missing a step: 0. Survive the next five minutes surrounded by a giant, a bunch of wildlings, loyal brothers, and queen's men.
  12. CAllDSmith

    Top 10 Fighters, 281 AC Edition

    I'm not saying that Robert's kryptonite is mounted combat, I'm saying we've never seen him actually do well in mounted combat, at all, while also seeing Rhaegar consistently making it to the top four in tourneys, including ones with Robert present. Robert prefers the melees for a reason, he gets trounced by other knights when it comes to mounted combat and his main weapon (a two handed war hammer.) cannot be used effectively from horseback.
  13. CAllDSmith

    what's the deal with the Isle of Faces

    Howland Reed went there and spent a summer there with the green men and one of the wilding raiders that Jon goes over the Wall with wants to go and visit with the Green Men as well. They're apparently still there and some people are still going and becoming Green Men apparently, but there's a reason that it's still called the Gods Eye despite the Andals bringing the Seven and Harren building a giant fortress partially in weirwood in sight of it. The island is essentially the Well of Souls, even if you don't follow the old gods you don't step foot there unless you have a good reason. Gregor and Hoat and Lorch didn't bother going out there because the people there are probably poor, but as stupid as they were they still didn't want to mess with that place because of the stories of its power. Say the Green Men aren't all greenseers, but that they have some kind of power, they could be using that magic to make people not want to come there, or people could be scared of the curses they'd lay down on them for setting foot on the island.
  14. CAllDSmith

    Top 10 Fighters, 281 AC Edition

    Please look about to my several quotes from Barristan about Rhaegar's abilities. He makes it pretty clear that Rhaegar didn't lose the battle of the Trident because of lack of ability alone, and we can take it as a near certainty that if he had been armed with a lance Robert would have died before even getting into swinging distance with that hammer. Also, next time you're cooking steak, take your steak knife and in one quick swing cut only partway into the beef. You will find it's very difficult, Brandon did that nearly a dozen times to Petyr Baelish, who was already a skinny boy. That's why people put Brandon high in skill, because he's demonstrably skilled enough with his sword to cut someone to pieces without killing them, which is more difficult than actually killing them. Again, the title of the thread is also 281 AC not 283, not 284, not 282, 281. Robert has not killed anyone at the point we're discussing, he's not even been in a battle by this point. If we're going to judge people by feats of arms by 281 both Tully brothers, Tygett Lannister, Lord Baelish, Tywin Lannister, Kevan Lannister and Aerys have all have killed more men and won more battles than Robert has. No is saying that Robert isn't good, we're not even saying that Robert isn't GREAT, we're just saying that he is not a god, that all of the top 10 are reasonably close to each other in skill by definition and that small variables are what would determine the fight between most of them. We also know the name of one man who could kill Robert easily, Prince Oberyn Martell, since the man demonstrates that big and fast aren't things that trump his speed and reach. Add in a fast acting poison and Robert goes down. Finally, we are being very limited with who we are including in our top ten fighters here, we're only naming Westerosi when we could also be considering Syrio Forel, Areo Hotah, Strong Belwas, Khal Drogo, Mance Rayder, Qhorin Halfhand, and plenty of other people that don't typically cross our radar.
  15. CAllDSmith

    Heir to Barrowton

    The difference between Storm's End and Casterly Rock is the difference between a stag and a lion. I'm not saying that Tywin should have preferred Kevan over Cersei because of gender (I'm a fairly ardent black.) but because of the optics of the move itself. Honestly I would rank Tywin's number 2, or number 3 dumbest statement in the series as: The moment Tywin first heard of Stannis's letter he should have dropped his Lannister branding for Joffrey and Tommen hard. They're fighting a war for the Baratheon throne, with a Baratheon claim. It's bad enough that everyone from Lannisport to Deep Den is laughing about "Joffrey Baratheon", but actively acting as if you're okay with your ancestral home going to another Great House does not seem like good policy. Even if Tywin had a couple great-grandchildren by Tommen, they still aren't Lannisters and never would be Lannisters unless there were a couple big changes to the system that conservative Tywin Lannister is never going to make. Why would any Baratheon member of the royal family wish to become a Lannister? Would a Targaryen do that? Honestly there's so much wrong with Tywin's policy of treating Cersei's kids like Lannisters that besides his own prejudices against Tyrion it's what lost them the war.