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  1. https://www.reddit.com/r/freefolk/comments/dp4tol/winterfeld_bran_the_broken/ Loved Costanza's take on Brandon ( what's a three eyed raven precious LOL ?) The Broken's story and plan .
  2. MelisandresBurningPanties

    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    i can't leave him out since his world and what inspired him to create it and what it is - a medieval continent , not a 20th century one- which inspired the series is the same : westeros , with all the people , laws, customs , and structure that should exist in such a society. The tv people , by inserting such idiocy as you say do it a great disservice. Characters no longer feel as real organic characters , people have complained... well one of the reasons is this , i think. that and the corny , unsophisticated dialogues.
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    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    Indeed 21st century soap opera ladies and dialogues in a medieval setting surely must be magic too.... Martin has said and explained endless times of how much his story is based on real history. and how he is writing more historical fiction than straight fantasy. Westeros is not a land in a vacuum filled and surrounded with anything the author chooses... it has a grounding and has been saluted in the beginning for this precise choice of doing fantasy feel like a historical real gritty world. Not Spice Girls in Westeros. So its a medievally inspired story , landscape , with laws, customs, weaponry, medicine, legal systems, feuds, monarchies , no modern schools and road systems ...but the people should behave , exist , speak and act like its the 2000's? You can surely see how that makes no sense... Aragorn should have banged eowyn after the first cup they shared like a real ladies man then ... or perhaps she should have pushed him to the walls of theodens' hall and banged him right there.... how did Tolkien miss this ? None of those elements which constitute the fantastical icing on the cake , so to speak, negate the fact that G.Martin has studied , read a lot of history, and historical fiction for the purpose of writing these novels that are inspired precisely on medieval history , not little red riding hood and the seven dwarfs : the feministic version/ teenaged / girl power version.
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    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    right.... and next they should shave their legs , eat vegan green food, say LOL, wear bikinis down in dorne and go to the women's book club behind the citadel ... in a european based historically inspired medieval setting women, men, elderly people, farmers, lords, dukes, merchants , and young folks should speak, act , behave in accordance with their times and place. not according to the simplistic , feministic or modern sensibilities of the audiences or writers who live today.... If there is any retro induced neo feminism in GOT , in quite an immature and sophomoric / teenage ridiculous way, it is because of the lack of historical adherence and truthfulness from the creators,a lack of understanding and knowledge of History , who undoubtedly have a very 21st century , big city, teenaged, post 60's , artsy sensibility and consider it must also be like that in a fantasy/ historical story based on the dark ages and medieval england...cause GIRLSSZZZPOWAAHH!!! But since this is the same series that portrays a female child reprimanding and asserting her "authority " over elderly seasoned grown men... High Lords even ! As something normal .... it is hardly a surprise that some less educated audiences think this is a genuine representation , when it is anything but. Much less so for spoiled princesses and damsels such as sansa who know nothing of command, military life, breastplates and lances, battles, sieges, maintaining holdfasts and castles... nothing. Just castle gossip, dreaming of princes , eating lemon cakes , and wearing dark costumes while keeping a bitchy/ hard tight lips face. A Joan of Arc and Machiavellian intriguer in the making indeed. If there was any genuine medieval societal structure in GOT who was active, well represented and an interested party of the story , instead of a bunch of extras whenever D&D need them to serve as background noise for their "actors " scenes ,( in season 7 there's hardly anyone around the red keep and the royal family , in a court setting , LOL ) it would be an entirely different series and Forbes wouldn't say GOT ...kinda sucks now.
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    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    my post wasn't meant to suggest that there's a massive underground conspiracy afoot. rather that such an important character that influenced much of the outcome of the present story , is not mentioned at all now that the end has arrived... Like the previous poster mentioned , that he didn't wish to attend the premiere after feeling unappreciated lost and without direction is no surprise ... what is and has been a bit of a surprise for me for the past 2 3 years is how little attention any media interviewer gives to this issue...almost as if they just want to ignore it ... plaster it in front of the DDS , confronting them about it would have been more interesting... Still, one wishes that he had actually showed up just as a fuck you to the DDS ...
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    Season 8: News, Spoilers And Leaks

    So.... plenty of HUHHA! hype! Snaps! fancy folks walking along red carpets and all the attention given to them.... One wonders.... plenty of long gone major characters 's actors showed up in NYC , sean bean, charles dance.... Where's Stannis' actor? Why wouldn't he be there when an actress who played and invented whore , was there. Funny how he's so ignored by media , social media, the actors the writers...