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  1. 3/10 The visual effects were great. I also liked the Hound's line to Arya about revenge. Felt really sad for him at the end.
  2. Also, how come Dany and Jon were supposed to be in love but that love lasted in the 7th season only?
  3. 7/10. I'm surprised that there are still filler episodes, considering that the plot has to be wrapped up in this last season. I'm disappointed that Daenerys is going "the mad queen" route, I always thought it was just a thing that Dany haters used to preach, since in both books and earlier seasons there was no any solid evidence that she would get so obsessed with the Iron Throne in the end. But her character arc and ending is what grrm's decided to do, not D&D, so can't blame them for that. Did not expect Euron's fleet to be hiding in Dragonstone and was really surprised that Rhaegal got killed so easily by state-of-the-art corssbow-things (I think that dragons can be killed only if the bolt hits their eye, but no one cares about staying true to established lore, so whatever). Overall, a slow episode but I admit it kept me in suspense since everyone is so antagonistic towards each other. But shocking scenes just for the sake of being shocking is not a very good writing is it?
  4. I noticed that too and I am disappointing the showrunners decided to make the North racist. There are three dark skinned characters in King's Landing that I can think off the top of my head - Chataya, Alayaya, Jalabar Xho. I don't recall anyone being racist towards them or having such thoughts. Sure, northeners are more isolated than the people in King's Landing and are more xenophobic and Missandei and Grey Worm look different from them and might get weird looks, but they could have handled this in some other way, for example, having those girls ask about Missandei's background.
  5. 8/10 Much better than the last episode. I loved everyone just gathering together and spending the final day before the battle with their friends. I liked the scene between Sansa and Theon, Sophie's acting in the scene was really nice. I also love Jaime and Brienne, I loved it when Brienne defended him and when Jaime knighted her later on - it was my favourite scene in the whole episode. Arya sex scene made me really uncomfortable, I am sure that she and Gendry won't do it in the books. It's also weird how Dany is made out to be obsessed with the Iron Throne even when the Others are a few hours away from Winterfell... Once she finds out about the Others, surely she would be focused on saving Westeros? But a lot could happen in TWOW to change her outlook completely, but every sane person would be focused on the Others first and foremost, I refuse to believe she will be so obsessed with the Iron Throne, especially when the dead are approaching.
  6. 6/10 The dialogue was so flat and boring, it seems that most characters don't have any personality left. A lot of reveals felt rushed, but I guess it's because there is only this season left to wrap everything up, so they decided that since the viewers already know about R+L=J, Littlefinger's fate, Sam's family fate, etc, they decided to gloss over most of dialogues or reactions from the characters. I also found it weird how Jon just climbed up on a huge dragon and flew away like no bid deal. But I guess these things are to be expected since the TV show skipped or heavily altered all the story arcs in AFFC and ADWD, and went straight to the end game.
  7. Could Doreah have been spying for Illyrio? I started re-reading ASOIAF for the first time, and it came to me that it was Illyrio who found her in Lys. Illyrio has found his wife in Lys as well. Maybe he knew Doreah better than other slaves? He obviously would have needed spies to keep check on Daenerys. Varys had Jorah to spy on Daenerys as well, but he stopped quite soon. I tried searching for theories online but couldn't find anything. I guess this has no basis, but it makes sense to me.
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