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  1. #FreeGhost

    The Book of The Kingsguard - Help Me Decide

    I see where you're coming from. But you have taken it upon yourself to work this out. There is a basic contradiction at play in that in the Books, Jaime has the agency between himself/Cersie, while in the Show, Cersie has the agency (a general sore spot in that D&D give her way too much agency). So what is one of, if not the richest character arcs in the books is stunted, to say the least. In the books, he rejects her plea prior to the walk of shame and has thusfar never looked back. When they had him rape Cersie in the sept, bookreaders naturally assume that D&D 'screwed up' Jaime, so any attempt of theirs to inject his complexity vis a vis his inability to break free from her is just seen as errors in storytelling. Add to that D&D's wont to contradict themselves from one episode to the next: Jaime (to Bran): "I'm not the same person I was..." Bran (corrected): "Wellll…. you kinda are though!" Jaime: "I never really cared about the smallfolk, innocent or not." Tyrion (corrected): "with the exception of the one reason behind your nickname." How do you get around such sloppiness? For my part, a character that I hated most to a character I loved became the one whose death left me shockingly indifferent. That's not a flawed character or his choices, that's flawed storytelling.
  2. #FreeGhost

    Loose ends

    Was Howland Reed still alive? Was the whole R+L=J a plot device to make Jon's eventual 'obscurity' more bittersweet? What exactly was the device used to respawn Unsullied soldiers after every battle?
  3. I'm not sure how I feel about the scene with Ser Brienne completing Jaime's chapter in the book of the Kingsguard. At first, it was "oh, at least they're giving credence to that." However, in the book canon, that Kingsguard book is central to Jaime's redemption arc. Also, it seems that they're using it t gloss over the catastrophe that was Jaime's show character. To me, this was almost troll-level insulting. Like D&D were going out of their way to drop a final 'screw you' to the book readers. Equal parts touching and insulting to me.
  4. #FreeGhost

    So...what was the final WTF moment ?

    The most disciplined army in history became the most undisciplined army in the 7 kingdoms sometime between the Battle of Winterfell and the Battle of Kings Landing?
  5. #FreeGhost

    It is not a pale horse

    Just spit-balling here, but as it's becoming more likely that Douchebag and D!ckhead didn't even read/retain the GRRM books, I'm guessing we can safely say that they haven't read/retained the Bible.
  6. #FreeGhost

    Tyrion's Face was Priceless

    This x1,000!
  7. #FreeGhost

    Varys' Letters

    Maybe Varys had his little sparrow tape the message to one of Urine's harpoons, assuming it would land somewhere north of The Neck.
  8. If anyone has hired a contractor for a big job... driveway, renovation, pool, whatever. You know how sometimes when the contractor gets about 80%-90% of the job done and then their focus drifts 100% to their next contract and it's impossible to get the job across the finish line, let alone, with the worksmanship expected in the first place? Well, I give you D&D.
  9. I honestly have higher hope for this spinoff: https://imgur.com/K964qUM
  10. Given that they cut away from two central characters (Arya and Sansa) learning the biggest (allegedly) plot point in the series, them trimming this away doesn't surprise me in the least.
  11. Dude, that's Season 8 in a nutshell.
  12. I can't say anything that hasn't been said here already. All I can add is that at this point, the only character I don't actively dislike at the moment is Qyburn, and running second would be that harlot who threw herself at Tormund.
  13. So you're saying that they actually even did at one point???
  14. #FreeGhost


    My guess is he's either brought back as a plot device... sacrifices himself in battle to save one or more major characters, or to set up the much anticipated Direwolf Bowl featuring Ghost vs. Undead Summer!