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  1. If you ever saw the cult movie Two-Lane Blacktop, the picture just ended by the camera running out of film. That would have been a wiser way to go for this series.
  2. When Dany executed Varys, I would have loved if we got to hear the same voice Varys originally heard in the flames when his removed parts were thrown in the fire by the sorcerer. Do you think it was Bran speaking to him all those years ago? Wish it would have been revealed.
  3. greel

    Bran did it!

    Apart from relaying the killing dagger to Arya, Bran has been used for little more than awkward stares in the first five episodes this season. I've read that the writers don't want to dwell on magic which is at the core of his character. I believe Bran has told another character that he now spends most of his time in the past. Do you think he will be used in this last episode to reveal other secrets or forgotten history? His ability to warg must be limited by distance and/or target or why didn't he warg into Euron and slit Cercei's throat? This would've solved the problem of the final war, saving a city and it's people. The story may have written too much power into his character. What do you think becomes of him? Is he Bran the Builder who will rebuild the broken kingdom by becoming king?
  4. greel

    [Spoilers] Episode 805 Discussion

    I guess all the good scorpion sharp shooters that hit the dragon last week stayed home for this battle... Were they even used from the wall or just decoration?
  5. greel

    Bronn's true identity?

    Okay, enough holes have been poked in my crazy theory. I yield...
  6. greel

    Bronn's true identity?

    Bronn could have been the catalyst bringing Shay into Tyrion's tent which brought Tyrion to kill his own father in the end. Bronn already knew of Tyrion's story with Tysha, before the drinking game with Tyrion and Shay. Maybe Bronn is just playing the Lannisters off each other trying to get his lands (castle) back, before killing them.
  7. greel

    Bronn's true identity?

    Remember when Bronn was asked by Tywain Lannister about his father, but Bronn said "You wouldn't know him". Seemed unusually secretive to me. Also there was a scene before the Battle of Blackwater Bay, where Bronn was leading a song of The Rains of Castamere.
  8. Could Bronn's true identity be a surviving member of the family Reyne? He acts like someone who came from wealth , but it was taken from him. Now he is driven by gold and secretly has it in for the Lannister family.
  9. It seems likely the next episode will all be taken by the fight for KL. That leaves a single episode where they can make some use of Bran. Did they put all the effort in taking him beyond the wall just to sort out Jon's parentage? He has been nothing but LUMP this season.
  10. Does this mean Winter is over, lasting a single night?
  11. The zombies seemed terrifying enough in battle scenes, so why did they need the white walkers? They didn't seem to be necessary.