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  1. I don’t recall Jon launching a full-scale military incursion for Robb, Rickon or Bran. Arya is clearly a harder test for Jon’s heart than his other siblings.
  2. Arya is not "just a proxy" for Jon, he is legitimately closer to her than anyone else in his family tbh.
  3. It has to be Sansa or Brienne, IMO. "Take all that you hold dear" implies taking Jaime, and I don't see how Dany or Margaery or Arianne will do that.
  4. Dany will bring the grey plague to Westeros. Edit: Accidentally, I should add.
  5. Well that's the thing, right. The more power you have, the more scope there is to make morally ambiguous choices. Not only that, but I strongly believe that Arya will get a whole lot darker in the next book. IMO she's going to kill Missandei and steal her face, to get closer to Dany. Her language training with the Faceless Men is a big Chekhov's Gun for this. George likes to use child-killing to show that a character has crossed a moral event horizon.
  6. Feel like they're coming out with this now because of all the bad press GoT has been receiving in the past few days.
  7. Probably Lib+NDP government, or maybe even Lib+NDP+Green. Best case scenario so I'm satisfied. Also, Justin should send a bouquet of flowers to Dougie lmao.
  8. Just voted. Would've preferred to vote NDP but meh, they have no chance in my riding. It was an unexciting election overall but I prefer that to the existential elections in other countries lol.
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