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  1. The later seasons of GoT certainly didn't deserve their glowing reviews. I think that's part of what's going on here with the mediocre critical response - the last season took the shine off the franchise in a major way and critics aren't going into it with rose coloured glasses anymore. Ultimately you can't escape the fact that this entire show is building up to characters whose destiny it is ... to stand around uselessly during the Long Night? Get stabbed in the back by your lover without accomplishing anything useful? The gore and violence of the prequel are all in the service of nothing, which adds an extra layer of nihilism.
  2. Would George really be OK with HBO retconning the ending of his own series, before he even gets to write it himself no less? Are my expectations of him too high by assuming he'd have a problem with that? Also, re-introducing the White Walkers after it was established they all died during the Long Night is getting dangerously close to "Somehow, Palpatine returned" territory. At this point I'm half-expecting the Night King's return to be announced on Fortnite.
  3. Hah, I'd wait to see that his next blog post isn't praising the writers of this and imploring us to watch to be sure about that.
  4. Soo, is this like a tacit admission that the book series will never be finished (assuming George signed off on it)? Otherwise, why work on a sequel based on a character who is still dead in the actual canon? I'm incredibly disappointed by this, to be honest. This franchise has turned into nothing more than a cash grab.
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