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  1. Podspackage

    Tyrion's Loyalty

    I think that Varys is looking at Jon as the best choice for the Realm, he is the only one out of the candidates for the throne who shows he has not got selfish ambitions and will put the people first, which is what Varys claims is right, so in this sense it is logical that Varys would see Jon as the best leader out of them all.
  2. Podspackage

    Death scene: Jorah Mormont

    This death scene was perfection, the way he will have wanted to go, protecting the queen he loved.
  3. Podspackage

    Who is Going to Die

    After Greyworm saying he will go to Narth and the kiss farewell think be is gone the next episode!
  4. Podspackage

    Jon's dilemma: What would Ned do?

    What he did then was keep his promise and protect Jon, and think he would try to keep protecting him by telling him not to take the iron throne as that would put him in more danger, if Jon said he wanted to claim the thorne though sure he would support his claim and help him take it.
  5. Podspackage

    Jon's dilemma: What would Ned do?

    Think Ned would be advising him to deal with the threat of the north before having thoughts about anything else, but sure Ned would be telling him he can't carry on with a romantic relationship with his aunt, and tell him to support her claim to the throne as an advisor and to rule the north for her, don't think Ned would want Jon to become the king even if he does have the better claim. one question i do have about Ned though is why did he never tell Cat about Jon? i could understand in the early years as they were pretty much strangers to other, but as the years went on and it was clear Cat was loyal to the family and could see Cat was still really struggling with the thought of Ned having a child with someone else why he didn't tell her.
  6. Podspackage

    Choose your allegiance - green or black.

    if i was choosing i think i would pull a Walder and wait and see which side was going to win then declare for them!
  7. Podspackage

    Tyrion and Cersei's agreement

    Think now that Cersei has already broke the agreement with Tyrion that what ever was said will now not come in to play.
  8. Podspackage


    Is Qyburn going behind Cersei's back and asking Bronn to kill Jamie and Tyrion if they make it out of the north alive without her knowledge? we know Qyburn is loyal to his queen but does he see her brothers (more so Jamie) as her weakness and is arranging for them to be taken out. Cersei had opportunities to kill both Jamie and Tyrion at the end of season 7 but didn't, so why the sudden change now?
  9. Podspackage

    [Poll] How would you rate episode 801?

    Gave this a 7/10 was a strong episode with plenty of politics happening and building to tension between characters, Brans look over to Tyrion could be quite telling, although could be a red herring too. Didn't like the dragon scene, should have meant much more for Jons first flight and Danny should have been looking on and thinking how is this happening, sure only Targaryens have been able to ride dragons since the doom, just felt a bit underwhelming.